The Register: West Seaton, Flimby and fisheries (continued)

Pages 25-26

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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[West] Seaton (continued).

62. (C. p. 42; D. art. 70).—Thomas f. Cospatric, with consent of Grecia his wife and his heirs, grants to the abbey 8 acres in Seton, on the south and west of Aykegile, next the 32 acres belonging to the abbey. [Date after that of nos. 55 and 55a, but before the death of Thomas in 1201.]

Flimby (continued).

63. (C. pp. 42, 43).—William f. Symon de Schefteling quitclaims to the abbey his grange of Flemingby within the bounds named in the charter of Sir Thomas f. Cospatric. Witness [from H. 1]—Robert de Korkebi, sheriff. [Simon de Sheftlings, according to the Distributio Cumbriae, received a moiety of Dearham from Alan f. Waldeve. Sir Robert de Corby was acting sheriff (C. & W. Trans. N.S. xiv, 241) in 1212.]

[Fisheries continued].

64. (C. p. 43).—Patrick f. Thomas f. Cospatric grants to Holm abbey for the fishery in the Derwent four perches of land at the head of the fishery towards the Derwent, with Wytherhoke, and at the other head of the same fishery 20 perches with Wytherhoke. [Canon James Wilson read 'wickerhoc' and suggested the meaning of 'wicker-hooks'; but the dialect word might possibly be a survival of O.N. vidar-hüggst, right of woodcutting. Patrick dates c. 1212–50.]

65. (C. p. 44; D. art. 71).—William f. Simon de Schefteling grants to Holm abbey a fishery on the sea at the mouth of the Alne [river Ellen] and leave to have a fishing-boat with appurtenances on the sea there, and to land wherever they please on the land of Alynburgh [Ellenborough]; also a toft by the shore for fishing. [No. 63 suggests a date c. 1212].

65a. (H. 2).—John de Danthorp, knight, confirms the charters of William de Sceftling; one granting the grange of Flemingby [no. 63] and the other [no. 65] a fishery on the Alne. He quitclaims all rights in Flemingby by bounds named in the charter of Cospatric f. Orm and his son [no. 49]. Sealed on Friday after St. Luke's day [Oct. 18], 1276. Witness—Sir Robert de Hampton, sheriff of Cumberland.