The Register: Fisheries (continued); Caldbeck

Pages 27-28

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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[Fisheries continued.]

67. (C. pp. 47–49).—Thomas f. Gilbert de Culwenne, having seen the charters of Cospatric f. Orm and Thomas f. Cospatric, of Patrick his grandfather and Gilbert his father, regarding tenements and fisheries, etc. with the Kuegarth [cowgarth?] and the Wytherhokes, the diversion of the Derwent, the toft on the shore etc. confirms them to the abbey. [See no. 64. Date c. 1290.]


68. (C. p. 50; D. art. 84).—William f. Patrick de Caldbeck grants to Holmcoltran abbey ten acres in Caldbeck in the ploughland (cultura) called Eskeheved [Hesket?] by its true bounds, as Roger de Lindeby held it of him. [Roger was lord of Thackthwaite in 1250 (F.F.). The date of this is a little later than the next.]

68a. (H. 1).—William f. Patrick de Caldebeck grants to Roger de Lindeby ten acres arable in Eskhevid; service, one pound of cummin at Carlisle fair or 2d. Witnesses—G. de Louther, archdeacon, etc. [Gervase de Louther was archdeacon (C. & W. Trans, N.S. xi, 95f.) 1228–34.]

68b. (H. 1).—William f. Patrick de Caldebeck grants to Holm abbey half an acre arable in Eskhevid on the west of the ten acres already granted to the monks. Witnesses—Thomas f. William de Craistock [Greystoke], William de Ireby, Robert de Hampton, Alan Bouche, etc. [Thomas was baron of Greystoke 1217–47. The date is later than that of no. 68, but as Sir Alan Buche occurs 1200–40 probably not later than 1240.]

69. (C. p. 50; H. 2).—Alan f. Alan de Caldebecke grants to the abbey ten acres arable in Caldebec in the field called Brounrigg, namely on the south side of the 4 acres which the monks got from his father. [Brownrigg is a mile W.N.W. of Caldebeck church. This Alan dates (P.R.) 1228–38.]

69a. (H. 2).—Alan f. Henry de Caldebeck grants to the abbey five acres in the ploughed field (cultura) of Brunerigg, next the forest of Clechihouhevid within his fence. [This Alan was the father of the grantor of no. 69, dating before 1228.]

69b. (H. 2).—Waldeve f. Waldeve de Caldebec grants to Holm abbey three acres and one perch arable in Caldebeck at Windskalis, next on the east to Sighrechcroft, and common pasture for 6 oxen, 6 cows, 2 horses, 20 sheep, 6 swine and a boar, with the young of all these up to two years of age.

69c. (H. 2).—Waldeve f. Waldeve de Caldebec grants to Holmcoltran one acre and one perch in Windskales, Caldebec.