The Register: Holm

Pages 28-29

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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70. (C. p. 50; H. 2; D. art. 6).—Final Concord in the king's court at Carlisle, Monday before the feast of St. John the Baptist [June 24th], 1 Richard, before William de Stutevill, Osbert de Longo Campo and others, justices, between Holm abbey and William de la Ferte who, with consent of William his heir, gave up all claims he had made against the abbey to the wastes owned by the king and included by the beck running under Kirkbrid and thence going upwards by the bounds named in the charter of king Richard, for 100s. of silver paid him by the monks. [See no. 209; date 1190.]

70a. (H. 2).—William de la Ferte, at Carlisle at the assizes St. Botulph's day [June 17th], 1 Richard, with consent of William his heir, quitclaims to Holm abbey [as no. 70], before William de Stotevill, Osbert de Longo Campo, William f. Aldelin, Peter de Ros, archdeacon of Carlisle, etc., the king's justices [1190].

71. (C. p. 51; D. art. 49).—Richard f. Anketill, at Carlisle on St. Botulph's day at the first assizes held in the reign of King Richard [June 17th, 1190], with consent of John his heir, gives up to Holm abbey all claim to waste lands owned by the king and included by the beck which runs under Kirkbrid, outside the outer dyke of the monks, and falls into Wathenpoll [the Wampool] and thence upwards by the bounds named in the charter of King Richard; before Sir William de Stutevill, Sir Osbert de Longo Campo, Sir William f. Aldelme, Sir Peter de Ross, archdeacon of Carlisle, and masters Roger Arundel and Geoffrey Hageth, the king's justices [1190].

72. (C. p. 52).—Richard f. Osbert grants to Holm abbey all Eyntrepot towards the west along the Waver, as far as the place called Sceplending [Ship-landing]; and from Eyntrepot northwards between the wood and the moss as far as the dyke leads to the monk's moss. [Probably soon after 1150.]

73. (C. p. 52; D. art. 50).—Richard de Heris and Alice his wife grant to Holm abbey meadows between the Waver and the Crombok, inclosed by the new dyke as Waver now falls into Cromboc. [Crummock beck. Chancellor Prescott (Wetherhal, 88n) considered Richard to be son of William de Heriz who witnessed no. 260. Date soon after 1150.]

74. (C. p. 53).—Anthony de Lucy grants the abbey pannage in his wood (boscus) of Allerdale between Michaelmas and Martinmas, as they have it elsewhere in Englewood from the king. [As the Carlisle MS. is of the late 13th century and this seems to be part of its original text, the donor can hardly be the Anthony of no. 50d., of the 14th century, unless it was an early deed of his.]