The Register: Fisheries and Holm (continued); Gilcrux

Pages 29-30

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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[Fisheries continued.]

75. (C. pp. 54, 55; Hesleyside MS. 1).—William f. Gillecrist de Alneburch [Ellenborough] confirms the grant of William de Sceftling concerning the fishery of Alne [no. 65]. Witnesses— Patrick de Wyrkington, Adam de Neuton, Robert de Karlaton, Walter de Ulvesby, official of Carlisle, Robert de [or Dec' i.e. dean of] Brisekirke [Bridekirk ?], Richard de Alneburch, etc. [Walter de Ousby was official c. 1230–39. Adam de Neuton in West Bromfield dates (Wetherhal, 168f.) 1236–60. Robert de Carlaton witnessed 1225–30 and as Sir Robert 1239–47 (Wetherhal passim), Richard de Ellenborough 1208–36; giving date c. 1235.]

[This charter and those following to no. 78 are in a late hand, probably Bishop Nicolson's.]

Holm (continued).

76. (C. p. 56).—Richard de Heriz, with consent of Alice his wife and his heirs, grants to Holm abbey the fields between the Wavra and the Crumbroc inclosed by the new dyke, as Wavra now falls into Crombroc, and renounces all claim. Witnesses—Adam f. Arnald his kinsman (cognatus), Ketilbern, his provost (prepositus), Adam de Blencogo and Richard his son, Radulph f. Melbt. [perhaps Melbeth the physician who is named in the Distributio Cumbriae as owner of Bromfield. Date soon after 1150.]


77. (C. p. 57).—John f. John de Yreby grants to Holcoltran abbey all claims in land which William f. Orm his father's uncle (avunculus patris) granted them in the land of Gillecruce. Witnesses—Sir Walter de Ulvesby, archdeacon of Carlisle, Sir Gilbert de Feritate, rector of Bounes, Thomas de Morisceby, rector of Ulvedal [Uldale], Robert, vicar of Gilecruce, dean of Allerdale, William Francigena, Walter Bonekil, etc. [William f. Orm (f. Cospatric of Workington, according to John Denton, Accompt, 39) was rector of Gilcrux. Walter f. Robert Bonekil owned Gilcrux (nos. 104–106) and is named in 1256 (F.F.); John Denton (Accompt, 48) says that the daughter of Adam f. Lyolf, who held Uldale, married Bonekhill, and the family 'granted forth Gillcrouse to a younger brother Robert Bonekill,' whose sons were Thomas and Walter. Walter de Ousby was archdeacon from 1239 to after 1267.]