The Register: Lekeley (continued)

Pages 31-32

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Lekeley (continued).

83. (C. p. 60).—Henry f. Artur, with advice and consent of Godit his wife and of his heirs, grants to Henry f. William and Gunnilda his wife, daughter of Henry f. Artur, Lekeley with all appurtenances except the land in Lekeley given to the nuns of St. Mary in Lekeley, free of encumbrances except the forinsec service which they must pay, namely as much as belongs to that land out of the fee of one knight for the whole land between the Eske and the Duden. He also grants shielings where it may seem useful to them in Crokerbech [Crookley beck] and common pasture; also right of pasture in his forest (foresta) with leave to go as far into the forest as they like, provided they can return home of nights to their own land. If by chance their beasts stay out for a night in the forest, without making it a habit, they can return home without plea or claim against them. If this gift cannot be made he will give land of equal value. [Before 1210.]

84. (C. p. 61.)—William de Milnum f. Henry f. Artur confirms [no. 83. William is said (St. Bees,, 87n) to have made an agreement with one of his tenants on Oct. 25, 1202; but his father appears to have lived until 1210.]

85. (C. p. 61; D. art. 73).—Gunnilda f. Henry f. Artur, widow, grants to Holm abbey all the land in Lekeley which Henry her father gave her on her marriage, free of all burdens except forinsec service for the due proportion of one knight's fee; and shielings in Crocherhe, etc. [as in no. 83. The shielings were perhaps the ancient enclosures still visible 1¾ miles east of Bootle on Crookley beck. Date after 1210.]

86. (C. p. 62).—John de Hodeliston, with consent of Johanna his wife, daughter and heir of Adam de Millum, confirms [no. 85. John de Hudleston 1 married Johanna, daughter and heiress of Adam de Boyvill of Millom; in 1256 she had been a widow and was re-married to Robert de Lathom, but John 1 received a grant from Henry III of a market and fair at Millom (and was therefore living) in 1251.]

86a. (Hesleyside MS. 8; H. 2; D. art. 15).—Johanna, daughter and heir of Adam de Milnum, widow, for the soul of John de Hodeliston her late husband, confirms Gunilda's gift [no. 85]. Witnesses—Sir Patrick de Wirkinton, Sir John de Langeluierth [read Langeliverth, i.e. Langley Park], Sir Wydo de Boyvill, Nicholas de Morisceby, John de Camberton, Hugh, brother of Patrick de Wirkinton, John de Thuaythes, William de Estonhing [? Estholme], etc. [1251–56.]

86b. (H. 1).—Quitclaim from the same, relating to [no. 86a], stating her sureties, namely Edward de Cornai and Hoh'm [read Joh(anne)m] de Thwaitis, etc. [For the site of Thwaites, not the present chapelry north of Millom, see the Rev. W. S. Sykes in C. & W. Trans., n.s. xxvi, 138f. Edward de Cornay was seneschal of Millom castle temp. Adam f. Henry (St. Bees, no. 57). Date of this quitclaim 1251–56.]

86c. (Hesleyside MS., 9).—Thomas York, abbot of Holmcoltram, grants to Elizabeth Crefto [? Crofte or Crofton], prioress of Seton, all the land between Esk and Dudyne called Lekley, for 12 years; rent 20s. October 18th, 1450.