The Register: Harras (Whitehaven)

Pages 32-33

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Harras (Whitehaven).

87. (C. p. 63; D. art. 74).—Adam de Harrais, with consent of his heir, grants to Holm abbey land by these bounds:—from Branstibec up stream from his great spring (fons) to the monks dyke; up the dyke by the gate (exitus) he made and gave them, to the moor beyond, to his common pasture. He grants the land between the said gate and the land of Geoffrey de Harrays on the west as far as Stockebriggile, and down the gill to Branstibec; then up Branstibec to the aforesaid stream which runs from his great spring; also common pasture and easements at Morisceby with peat and turf (petaria et turbaria) and right of way for men and beasts through his land, except on crops and meadows. [Adam is named in St. Bees, nos. 135, 146, c. 1220–27.]

88. (C. p. 63; D. art. 74).—Agnes, daughter of Adam de Harrays, in her full legal rights, grants half a perch of land and the acre in Harrays which her father gave her; the abbey to pay 2d. in silver yearly. [H. 1 adds—] That half perch of land adjoins the house of Adam de Harreys and was given to Agnes for building upon. The acre is on the south of Adam's spring. See the charter of Aldus f. Adam at the beginning of the book [no. 88a. Matilda, sister of Agnes, made a grant to St. Bees, c. 1220.]

88a. (H. 2).—Aldus [a late form of the Anglo-Saxon Ealdgyth], daughter of Adam de Harrais, widow, grants to Holm all her land of Harrais given her by her father, between the land of the monks and the sike of Gilmighelland; rent due to the heirs of Adam 6d. in silver, and 2d. in silver to the said heirs for their expenses whenever they go to trials by justices itinerant, and 4d. to the said heirs when they give aids to the lords of Egremont. [Second quarter of the 13th century.]

88b. (H. 2).—Walter f. Aldus de Harrais quitclaims to Holm abbey all rights in land given by his mother [as in no. 88a. Same date.]

88c. (H. 2).—Robert f. Robert de Harrais confirms to the monks of Holm all the land, etc. they have from his grandfather Adam, and from Aldus and Agnes, daughters of Adam, with rights of way and of making improvements [i.e. enclosures]; rent 8d. at Pentecost. [A Robert de Harrais is named in St. Bees c. 1250, and another, probably this grantor, late in the 13th century.]