The Register: Waverton and Gilcrux (continued)

Pages 40-41

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Waverton (continued).

103. (C. p. 73).—Lambert f. Gillestephen de Waverton grants to Holm abbey land at the east gate of the vill of Waverton adjoining the land of the Hospital of Jerusalem, which Roger the provost held, except one half-acre held by the grantor's nephew (nepos) Robert. [This Lambert is apparently father of the Lambert of no. 101, making the date early 13th century.]

Gilcrux (continued).

104. (C. p. 73; H. 1 and 2; D. art. 81).—William f. Orme de Yreby grants to Holm abbey his mansion in which he has been living in the vill of Gillecruce, with buildings, garden, orchard, etc., namely the mansion he had in exchange from John f. Hamelin; to hold according to the customs of the vill of Gillecruce. [See nos. 77 and 104a to 106a. William f. Orm (f. Cospatric of Workington, according to John Denton, Accompt, 39) was rector of Gilcrux. Hamelin f. Walter of Gilcrux, serjeant, is named in 1211 (P.R.). Date c. 1240.]

104a. (H. 1 and 2).—John f. Hamelin grants to William de Ireby f. Orm his toft with houses and a garden in Gilecruce, between the land of the church and that formerly held by Adam f. Gilebride and the land between that formerly of Adam f. Gillebride and that of Adam de Crofthwait [Crosthwaite] under the tower (turellum); and one acre in Warthole upon a beck towards the east near the mill of Gilecruce; rendering to the lord of the manor 4d. a year at Easter. [If Adam was the rector of Crosthwaite and official of Carlisle (C. & W. Trans. N.S. xxi, 160ff) the date is about or after 1210.]

105. (C. p. 74).—Walter Bonekill [see no. 77] confirms to William de Ireby, clerk, or his assigns, land adjoining William's barn on the east, held of him by Richard, son-in-law of Helyas, and Adam f. Syrit (i.e. Sigrid) [c. 1240.]

106. (C. p. 74; H. 1; D. art. 81).—William f. Orm de Yreby grants to Holm abbey ten acres arable with a grange belonging to the mansion he gave them earlier in Gillecruce, namely the ten acres adjoining the mansion. Also two acres of meadow in the high meadow and 1½ acre of meadow in Threipheing [in C. 'Yreipheing,' in which Y is for the letter thorn (th) as 'ye' for the; Threap-ing, the 'debateable meadow.' 1240–49].

106a. (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 81).—William f. Orm de Ireby, clerk, grants to Holm eleven acres arable in Gilecruce; i.e. 3 acres and 3 roods which he had from John f. Hamelin, of which 2½ lie together under the tower of Laurence, and 5 roods near the garden; and 2 acres which he had from William Wrangservise, one under the barn and the other under the cowhouse. Also half an acre which he had from Henry de Marisco, next the barn given to the abbey; and 2 acres and 3 roods which he had from Alexander de Bonkill, i.e. one next the land of John f. Hamelin and 7 roods in Duuehowes [Dove-howes]. Also one acre in Watelandes which he had from Robert de Bonekil, and the land he had from Walter de Bonekil, of which Richard Gebbe and Adam f. Sighrith were tenants. Also 3½ acres in the upper meadow and half Threpheng every second year. Witnesses—Sir Walter de Ulvesby, archdeacon of Carlisle, Sir William de Daker, sheriff [1240–49].

106b. (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 81).—W., abbot of Calder, and convent owe Holm abbey half a mark yearly for land in Gilecruce. [John Denton, Accompt, p. 48) says that Thomas and Walter Bonekil, sons of Robert, gave away their inheritance in Gilcrouse to the abbey of Calder. Abbot W. may have been Walter (c. 1255), William (c. 1262) or Warin (c. 1286)].