The Register: Dumfries

Pages 59-60

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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156. (C. p. 125; D. art. 82).—Roger Grindegret of Dumfres grants to Holm abbey one toft in Dumfres, lying between the land of Nicholas the butcher (carnifex) and that of Henry Loker, which Henry Loker granted to Holm abbey. [This is given by Mr. Reid in Edgar's Dumfries, 200, in which book he quotes also the four charters following; c. 1280.]

156a. (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 83).—Robert f. William de Moffat grants to Holmcoltran the toft and croft between the toft of Nicholas de Reraik on the north and that of Hugh f. Norman on the south, in the vill of Treuquer [Troqueer near Dumfries], as Walter de Burgo granted it freely in alms to the said monks. [c. 1280.]

156b. (D. art. 83).—Richard f. Lescelin grants to Holm abbey his toft in the western part of Domfres between the land of Robert f. Avelin and that of Radulph the kinsman (cognatus) of William f. Peter, in length as great as the other whole tofts adjacent. [c. 1280.]

156c. (D. art. 83).—Richard f. Lescelin quitclaims to Holm abbey all rights in the toft granted to him by the said monks in Dumfres, which they had by gift of William f. Peter, burgess of Domfres, with the buildings thereupon. [c. 1280.]

156d. (D. art. 83).—Michael f. Matthew grants to Holm abbey the toft in Domfres which Henry le Lokesmyth [? Loker of no. 156] formerly held of his father and himself in fee farm, freely except for 2½d. to be paid by the monks or their attorney to the king as husegavel. Also that part of the said toft which R. le Fleming held of him in fee farm he warrants to the monks [c. 1280].

156e. (H. 2; D. art. 47; in French).—King Edward [I] confirms to Robert [de Keldsik], abbot of Holmcoltran, land worth 300 marks yearly, namely in Grevestone, the lands of the late Robert de Ros of Werk, a rebel; in Scotland, the lands of Richard de Glen, Patrick le Archer, Alexander de Folcardestoun, Gilbert Makiluagh, Robert de Moffet, Gilbert Makinoluagh, Chutbert Makgilwinni and Gilcolm his son, Alexander Fraser and John de Lus, rebels, which they held on St. Magdalen's day in the 20th year of his reign [July 22, 1292]; the abbey rendering due services to the king and the lords. If these do not amount to 300 marks a year, the king or his heirs will make it up to the abbey from enemies' lands; if they surpass the amount, the balance will be paid to the Crown. Witnesses—Water, bishop of Coventre and Lychefeld, John, bishop of Cardoyl [Carlisle], John, earl of Carreyne, Henry de Lascy, earl of Nicole [Lincoln], the king's nephews, Thomas, earl of Lancaster, Guy, earl of Warewyk, Henry de Percy, Robert le fiz Water, Robert de Clifford, etc. Dated at Cardoyl, September 25th, in the 20th year of the king's reign [1292].