The Register: Waverton and Blencogo (continued)

Pages 72-73

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Waverton (continued).

205. (C. p. 155; H. 2).—Walter, archdeacon of Carlisle, states that Sir Robert de Alverton [or Waverton], rector of Wyggeton, having seen the papal privileges releasing the abbey from payment of tithes, henceforth renounces the claim he made to tithes from the property of Holm abbey in his parish, i.e. from Flasco in Great Waverton. [Dated by the archdeacon 1240–60.]

Blencogo (continued).

206. (C. p. 156; D. art. 75).—Marjoria [H. 2 reads Margeria], daughter of Galiena, in her widowhood, grants to Holm abbey two bovates in Blencoghou near the gate (porta) on the west of the vill; i.e. those two bovates which Galiena her mother gave her in free marriage; and one acre in her demesne near the land of Michael de Q[uit]rig on the west of the boundary between her land and Michael's [c. 1220].

206a . (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 75).—Galiena, daughter of Richard de Heriz, grants to Holm abbey three acres arable in Blencoggou, i.e. two acres on the west side of her ploughed field (cultura) of Stainhowrigg, and one at Burchan under Morrigg on the west; also pasture for 100 sheep with lambs to two years old, 28 cows and one bull with calves to two years old, and two horses; for the maintenance of poor infirm persons. Witnesses—William de Torisby, Thomas de Brunfeld, Adam his son, etc. [Richard de Heriz (no. 73) dates c. 1160; this charter, c. 1190.]

207. (C. p. 156; D. art. 75).—Robert f. Marjoria f. Galiena quitclaims to Holm abbey all rights in two bovates and one acre in Blencogou, given to Holm by his mother [c. 1220].

207a. (D. art. 75).—Adam f. Dolfin de Langerigg grants half an acre arable in Blengoggou. [An Adam de Langerig witnessed Wetherhal, no. 89, of 1250–60.]