The Register: Papal, Kirkbythore (continued), Bromfield

Pages 79-82

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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230. (C. p. 187).—Pope Gregory [X] on the duties and privileges of the Cistercians. At Lyons in his 4th year, 1275.

231. (C. p. 187).—Pope Gregory gives leave to the Cistercians to exercise discipline in ordinary cases without referring to Rome. At Lyons, ii Kal. Sept. in his 3rd year [1274].

232. (C. p. 190; D. art. 24).—Pope Alexander [III] to the Cistercians of Waverle and other houses in England, that they need not pay tenths to the king. At Viterbo, xv Kal. Oct. in his 4th year [1175].

Kirkbythore (continued).

233. (C. p. 193; D. art. 81).—Amabillis, daughter of Waldeve de Bereford, widow of Robert de Broy, confirms to Holm abbey all land they held in Kyrbythore [early 13 cent.].


234. (C. p. 193; D. art. 70).—Adam f. Thomas de Brunfeld, with consent of his heir, for the souls of his father and of Agnes his mother, etc. confirms to Holmcoltran the marsh of Brunfeld by these bounds:—as Langrig bek falls into the marsh near Litilholm, across the marsh northwards by the bounds of Brunfeud and Langrig to Aldelathe dub [i.e. Holme dub] and down that dub until it meets the Crumbech; up by the Crumbech to the place where the monks' dyke goes down to the Crumbech; up by that dyke westwards to solid ground at the head of Endehou, and so [westward as (the vellum here destroyed)] Langrigbek falls into the marsh. [Hutchinson, Cumberland ii, 304, suggested that the monks' dyke was the millrace in Deerpark, Holme, but it must have been one of the many fences they made. Date c. 1230.]

[De Bromfield pedigree]

235. (C. p. 194; H. 1; D. art. 77).—Thomas de Brunfeld grants to Holmcoltran a ploughed field (cultura) in Brunfeld called Northrig, with the marsh on the east, by these bounds:— from the monks' dyke on the west of Northrig, up by the middle of the valley as the monks' dyke leads to Petepottes; thence round Northrig on the south towards the east by the same monks' dyke to the marsh; then straight east to Crumboch [Crummock beck] which divides Brunfeld and Blencogau; down the Crumboch to the monks' dyke which goes round the marsh; which Adam his son gave to the monks. Also one acre arable near the land of the church on the west, with all easements, etc. [c. 1200].

236. (C. p. 195; D. art. 77).—Thomas f. Thomas de Brunfeld, for the souls of Adam his brother, etc., confirms to Holmcoltran the grant of Agnes, daughter of Adam White (albus), the carpenter of Brunfeld, of 5 acres arable in Brunfeld which his brother Adam and he previously granted to Agnes. He quitclaims all service which the said Annays owed to him and his heirs for these 5 acres. [See no. 243; c. 1250?]

237. (C. p. 195; D. art. 77).—Thomas f. Thomas de Brunfeld grants to Holmcoltran half an acre arable in Brunfeld between Maskelawe and Lofthayt [c. 1230].

238. (C. p. 196; D. art. 77).—Henry f. Thomas de Brunfeld confirms to Holm abbey that ploughed field (cultura) in Brunfeld called Northrig, with the marsh as delimited in the charter of Thomas his father [no. 235]; also rights of way through his land except on meadows and crops [c. 1230].

239. (C. p. 196; D. art 77).—Henry f. Thomas de Brunfeld grants to Holm abbey two acres in the monks' enclosure of Brunfeld, for one mark of silver paid to him. He has given them the title-deed [c. 1230].

240. (C. p. 197).—Alan Buche grants to Adam f. Thomas de Brunfeld all his part of Brunfeld marsh, which Adam gave to Holm; the bounds are stated in Adam's charter [no. 234; c. 1230].

241. (C. p. 197).—Alan Buche grants to Holm abbey all his part of Brunfeld marsh which Adam f. Thomas de Brunfeld gave the monks. Adam has given him an exchange to his satisfaction [c. 1230].

242. (C. p. 198).—Alan Buche quitclaims to Holm abbey all rights of common pasture in the land and marsh which Thomas de Brunfeld gave the monks in Brunfeld [c. 1230].

243. (C. p. 198; D. art 77).—Annays [i.e. Agnes], daughter of Adam the carpenter of Brunfeld, for the souls of her lord Adam de Brunfeld and of her family, grants to Holmcoltran 5 acres arable in Brunfeld, i.e. 4 which Adam granted her and one given by Thomas his brother [c. 1250].

244. (C. p. 199; D. art. 77).—Walter, son of Benedict the priest, quitclaims to Holm Coltran all rights in pasture of land and marsh granted by Adam and Thomas de Brunfeld to the monks. [Walter f. Benedict and Agnes his wife had a suit against Richard Buche concerning land in Brumfeld, etc., 26 Henry III (F.F.), dating them c. 1242.]

245. (C. p. 199; D. art. 77).—Alan f. Henry de Brunfeld quitclaims to Holmcoltran all rights in 4 acres in Brunfeld belonging to Agnes, daughter of Adam White the carpenter. [Alan, in no. 250, dates 1278. This no doubt dates earlier, as no. 236.]

246. (C. p. 200; D. art. 77).—Agnes, daughter of Alan Buche and widow of Walter de Crokedayk, grants to Holmcoltran for the souls of Walter, etc. her share of meadow in Brunfeld, i.e. between the meadow of the parson of Brunfeld and the monks' dyke. [Walter 'Crokeday' is named (P.R.) in 1243–4.]

247. (C. p. 201; D. art. 78).—Contention having arisen between Hugh f. Alan de Brunfeld, querent, and Sir Robert [de Keldesik], abbot of Holmcoltran, etc., defendants, concerning common of pasture which Hugh claimed in the marsh given to the monks by his ancestor Adam f. Thomas de Brunfeld, the following agreement was made on Tuesday after Michaelmas, 20 Edward [I]. Hugh quitclaims any right in a share of the marsh and pasture except this arrangement (forma), that the abbey, in return for his quitclaim, allow him and his tenants in Brunfeld to pasture their beasts on the west side of the marsh within these bounds:—from the dyke on the west in the middle of the marsh to Langrigbek, and in length and breadth as far as that part of the marsh extends south and north within the said dyke and Langrigbek. The monks will not overstock that part to the prejudice of its enjoyment by Hugh and his tenants. The monks also agree that he and his tenants shall have, every year from the Invention of the Holy Cross [May 3rd] to St. Peter ad Vincula [August 1st], one mare (jumentum) in the separate enclosure of the marsh, as often as the monks have mares there with a stallion (emissarius) between the said feast-days. In return for which, Hugh agrees that the monks are free to enclose the rest of the marsh at their will. [1292.]

247a. (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 78).—Ranulph de Asmonderlawe and Agnes his wife, and Thomas del Lathes and Alice his wife, agree with Robert, abbot of Holmcoltran, on Sunday in the feast of St. Andrew [November 30th], 21 Edward [I], 1292, to abandon their claim to common pasture on the marsh of Brumfeld, given to the abbey by Adam f. Thomas de Brunfeld and by Alan Buche their ancestor; but the abbot in return grants that two of their tenants in Brunfeld living near the church may at all times share in pasturing their animals on the western side of the marsh, from the dyke nearest on the west in the middle of the marsh to Langerigbec. The abbey is to have the rest and to enclose it if they can [1292].

247b . (H. 1 and 2; D. art. 78).—Agnes, daughter of Thomas de Langerig, wife of Ranulph de Asmunderlawe, takes oath to renounce all claims and to agree [as no. 247a. 1292?]