The Register: Lazonby

Pages 9-10

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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26. (C. p. 21; D. art. 60).—Hugh de Morevill grants to Holm abbey a pasture in Laysingeby for 500 sheep, ten oxen, ten cows and their calves up to one year old, one bull and two horses; also 4 acres arable on which the monks' buildings [Monkshouse?] stand, between their sheepfold and the king's highway [the Roman road] and 9 acres of meadow, together as far as Kildegled [Hutchinson, Cumberland, i, 290, read Keldefelde; perhaps Coldkeld] between Sir Hugh's meadow and the bounds of Salychild [Salkeld]; also common pasture along with the beasts of his demesne and the vill, and wood for all necessary making and mending. Witnesses—Thomas f. Cospatric, Adam f. Adam [and in Harley MS. 1881, 'Ralph de Feritate.' Before 1202.]

27. (C. p. 21; D. art. 61).—Hugh de Morevill, by desire of his wife Helewysia and heirs, grants to Holm his body to be buried there and all the land of Laysingeby between the 4 acres already given and the stream dividing Laysingeby and Salchild, extending from the king's highway to the royal forest. Witnesses— Robert [de] Curtenay [second husband of Alice 1 de Rumeli, and in Harley MS. 1881, 'Gilbert de Remstred' (possibly Gilbert f. Roger f. Reinfred) and Richard de la Feritate, etc. Date 1202 or shortly before.]

28. (C. pp. 21, 22; D. art. 61).—Herbert Runci, for the soul of his lord Hugh de Morevill, etc., renounces claim on land in Leysingby, given by Hugh to Holm abbey. Witnesses [from Harley MS. 1881]—Richard de Pinchard, sheriff, Adam de Keleuter, Adam f. Udard, etc. [Richard de Pinchard or Punchard, as in No. 31, is not on the lists of sheriffs; nor is 'Keleuter' a known name. Adam f. Odard succeeded in 1208, by which time Hugh had been dead for five or six years. Date c. 1211.]

29. (C. p. 22).—Thomas f. Thomas de Multon confirms [the above] for the soul of his wife Matildis de Wallibus, etc. Witnesses [from Harley MS., 1881]—Sir Walter de Ulvesby, archdeacon, Adam de Crofton, official, Sir William de Dakre, sheriff, Sir Alan Multon, Sir Richard Levington, etc. [This is an instance of a grant for a person's soul while that person was still alive; for Matilda died 1293, and by the sheriff the charter must be dated in or before 1249.]