The Register: Boston (Lincs.)

Pages 90-91

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Boston (Lincolnshire).

256. (C. p. 218; D. art. 81).—Thomas f. Thomas de Multon grants to the church and monks of St. Mary of Melros a piece of land in the vill of St. Botolf, upon which to build houses, in length 80 feet, on the east side of the ground formerly held by Lambert de Spaldin, and the whole breadth of that land; with right of way. [The name of the father of Sir Thomas the judge (pedigree, p. 2) is not otherwise known; but the judge alone could be ancestor of the donor of no. 256a, and he was of Lincolnshire. If this grant is his, it dates before 1240.]

256a . (H. 1 and 2; Hesleyside MS. 4; D. art. 75).—Thomas de Multon, lord of Coupland, son and heir to Sir Thomas de Multon, confirms the grant of his ancestor, Sir Thomas f. Sir Thomas, to Melros of land in St. Botulph's town, and that of Melros to Holm. Also the grant of Sir Gilbert f. Gilbert de Dundragh of property in Distington [no. 90], and the grants of Hugh de Morisceby of 6 acres arable and 4 acres of meadow in Distington [nos. 91, 92]. Witnesses—Richard de Hodeliston, John le Fleming, John de Lamplogh, Richard de Cleterve, Nicholas de Morisceby, knights; John de Stikeneye, bailiff of Egremond, Alan de Multon, Robert de Goseford, Laurence de Kirkeby, Nicholas de Neuband, receiver, etc. [Before the donor's death in 1322.]

257. (C. p. 219). P[atrick], abbot, and the convent of Melros grant to Holm Coltran the piece of ground in the vill of St. Botulf which Thomas de Multon granted them. [Abbot Patrick swore fealty (Ragman Roll) in 1296.]

258. (C. p. 219; D. art. 81).—A[dam ?], abbot, and the convent of Melros grant to Holmcoltran that in their houses on the ground they hold in the vill of St. Botulf by gift of Sir Thomas de Multon they [the monks of Holm] may stay with them at fairtimes and whenever necessary; and because Holm has borne half the expense of building these, they may have half the profits accruing from the houses and lands at fair-times and other times. But no one is to live in these houses at fair-times without the consent of both parties. [Adam, abbot of Melrose, is named (Bain, 1, 1131; Chronicle of Melrose, i, 175, 302) in 1223–43.]

258a. (D. art. 81).—R[ ], abbot of Melrose, confirms [no. 258].

259. (C. p. 220; D. art. 81).—Radulf f. Thomas de St. Botulf, for the souls of himself and his wife Helena, etc., grants to Holm abbey a piece of land in the vill of St. Botulf at the west end of his strip of land (rengium) next the house of Walter f. Haldan, being 60 feet in length and 40 feet in breadth, for the purpose of a hostel (hospitium) every year during St. Botulf's fair, with right of way from the common road through his court (curia).