The Register: The 'Foundation Charter'

Pages 91-92

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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The (so-called) Foundation-Charter.

260. (C. p. 221; D. art. 3).—Earl H[enry], son of David, king of Scotland, to all bishops, abbots, earls, justices, barons, sheriffs, ministers and all good men of his land, clergy and laity, French and English. He grants two parts of Holmcoltria to the abbot and monks there serving God, the parts which he has perambulated with a number of good men, among them especially Alan f. Waldef, when he [Henry] granted part of Holmcoltria to Alan as a hunting-ground. He concedes moreover and by this charter confirms the gift by this Alan f. Waldef and Waldef his son of that third part of Holmcoltria granted to him as a huntingground, which Alan in presence of Henry himself and Henry's father and his barons at Carlisle has granted to the abbot and monks of the place in perpetual alms, and conceded and confirmed by his charter. Henry desires that the abbot of Holmcoltria and the monks there serving God shall have full possession of Holmcoltria by its right bounds, in wood and field, meadows and pastures, fisheries and waters; and Rabi by its true bounds as he and his barons with him have perambulated them between the monks and Aschetill f. Udard. He also grants them buildingmaterial in Engleswod forest for their buildings and for making all that is necessary for their house, and pasture for their pigs without [paying] pannage. With these he grants them, within the abbey landmarks and its bounds, such undisturbed possession and liberty as the abbey of Melros and the abbey of Neubotl obtained from his father. Witnesses—Adulph [i.e. Athelwold], bishop of Carlisle, Walter the prior, Walter de Bydun, king's chancellor, Engerram, the earl's chancellor, Hugh de Morevilla, William de Somervilla, William de Heriz, William Engaine, Radulf de Soll[is], Radulph de Ludeseia [read Lindeseia], Walter de Ridala, Cospatric f. Orm, Henry f. Suan, Walter f. Alan, Hugh Ridill, Alan de Laceles. [This is headed "the socalled foundation-charter" because it alludes to a previous charter by Alan f. Waldef, which is lost, but was the real foundation-charter. Henry f. David I was recognised as earl of Cumberland in 1136. The Chronicle of Melrose and Roger de Hoveden date the foundation of Holm Cultram abbey 1150.]

261. (C. p. 222; D. art. 4).—D[avid], king of Scotland, confirms his son's grant [no. 260]. Witnesses [from H. 2]— Adeulf, bishop of Carlisle, Walter the prior, etc. [c. 1150].

262. (C. p. 223; D. art. 5).—Malcolumb, king of Scotland, confirms the grants of his father Henry and King David. Witnesses—Edwald [i.e. Athelwold], bishop of Carlisle, Walter, prior, etc. [Between Malcolm's accession, 1153, and Athelwold's death in 1156.]