June 1657: An Act for an Assessment upon England at the Rate of Sixty thousand Pounds by the Moneth, for three Moneths.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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June, 1657

[9 June, 1657.]

Grounds of this Act.; 60000l. by the Moneth for three Moneths.

Be it Enacted and Ordained by His Highness the Lord Protector and this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority thereof, That towards the Maintenance of the Spanish War, and other necessary Services of this Commonwealth, the Sum of Sixty Thousand Pounds by the Moneth, for three Moneths, from the Five and twentieth day of March, One thousand six hundred fifty and seven, to the four and twentieth day of June then next following, Shall be Assessed, Taxed, Collected, Levied and Paid in the several Counties, Cities, Towns and Places hereafter named respectively, by the several Sums, and according to the several Rates and Proportions, and in such manner as is hereafter expressed, That is to say, For every Moneth of the said three Moneths;

Proportions on each County.

Upon the County of Bedford, the Sum of Eight hundred pounds.

The County of Berks, the sum of Nine hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The City and County of the City of Bristol, the sum of One hundred forty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The County of Buckingham, the sum of One thousand one hundred pounds.

The County of Cambridge, the sum of Nine hundred forty five pounds.

The Isle of Ely, the sum of Three hundred and fifteen pounds.

The County of Chester, the sum of Six hundred and sixty pounds.

The City and County of the City of Chester, the sum of Seventy three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Cornwal, the sum of One thousand four hundred pounds.

The County of Cumberland, the sum of Ninety two pounds eleven shillings and four pence.

The County of Derby, the sum of Eight hundred pounds.

The County of Devon, the sum of Two thousand five hundred seventy four pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The City and County of the City of Exon, the sum of Ninety two pounds.

The County of Dorset, the sum of Eleven hundred twenty four pounds three shillings and four pence.

The Town and County of Pool, the sum of Nine pounds 3. shillings and 4. pence.

The County of Durham, the sum of One hundred thirty one pounds fifteen shillings one peny farthing.

The County of York, with the City and County of the City of York, the sum of Two thousand six hundred and eight pounds thirteen shillings four pence.

The Town and County of Kingston upon Hull, the sum of Fifty and eight pounds.

The County of Essex, the sum of Three thousand pounds.

The County of Gloucester, the sum of One thousand three hundred ninety four pounds.

The City and County of the City of Gloucester, the sum of One hundred thirty nine pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Hereford, the sum of One thousand pounds.

The County of Hertford, the sum of One thousand two hundred pounds.

The County of Huntington, the sum of Five hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Kent, with the City and County of the City of Canterbury, the sum of Three thousand one hundred thirty three pounds six shillings eight pence.

The County of Lancaster, the sum of eight hundred pounds.

The County of Leicester, the sum of Nine hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Lincoln, with the City and County of the City of Lincoln, the sum of Two thousand three hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The City of London, the sum of Four thousand pounds.

The County of Middlesex, with the City and Liberty of Westminster, the sum of One thousand five hundred thirty three pounds six shillings eight pence.

The County of Monmouth, the sum of Four hundred pounds.

The County of Northampton, the sum of One thousand two hundred pounds.

The County of Notingham, the sum of Seven hundred seventy four pounds four shillings.

The Town and County of the Town of Notingham, the sum of Twenty five pounds sixteen shillings.

The County of Norfolk, the sum of Three thousand one hundred and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The City and County of the City of Norwich, the sum of One hundred and sixty pounds.

The County of Northumberland, the sum of One hundred fifty four pounds five shillings six pence three farthings.

The Town of Newcastle, the sum of Thirty pounds and ten shillings.

The County of Oxon, the sum of Nine hundred sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The County of Rutland, the sum of Two hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Salop, the sum of One thousand one hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Stafford, the sum of seven hundred eighty eight pounds.

The City and County of the City of Litchfield, the sum of Twelve pounds.

The County of Somerset, the sum of Two thousand three hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Southampton, with the Town and County of Southampton, the sum of One thousand seven hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Suffolk, the sum of Three thousand one hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Surrey, the sum of One thousand three hundred forty one pounds thirteen shillings four pence.

The Borough of Southwark, the sum of One hundred fifty eight pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Sussex, the sum of One thousand six hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Warwick, with the City and County of the City of Coventry, the sum of One thousand sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The County of Worcester, the sum of One thousand and thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The City and County of the City of Worcester, the sum of fifty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Wilts, the sum of One thousand six hundred sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The County of Westmerland, the sum of Sixty three pounds eight shillings.

The Isle of Anglesey, the sum of One hundred and sixteen pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Brecknock, the sum of Three hundred and ten pounds.

The County of Cardigan, the sum of Three hundred sixty six pounds.

The County of Carmarthen, the sum of Three hundred and two pounds.

The County of Carnarvan, the sum of One hundred seventy three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Denbigh, the sum of Two hundred thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Flint, the sum of One hundred and sixteen pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Glamorgan, the sum of Three hundred ninety and three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Merioneth, the sum of One hundred and six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence.

The County of Montgomery, the sum of Two hundred sixty three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Pembroke, the sum of Three hundred forty eight pounds.

The County of Radnor, the sum of Two hundred and eighteen pounds.

The Town of Haverford-West, the sum of Twelve pounds and ten shillings.

The Town of Berwick, the sum of Five pounds.

Commissioners' Names.

And be it further Enacted by His Highness the Lord Protector, and this present Parliament, and it is hereby enacted by the Authority thereof, That the persons hereafter named, shall be Commissioners of and for the several and respective Counties, Cities, Towns and Places hereafter named; that is to say,


For the County of Bedford, Bulstrode Whitlock one of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, Sir Thomas Alston Baronet, Samuel Brown Serjeant at Law, Sir John Burgoyne Baronet, Sir Roger Burgoyne Knight, John Harvey, Richard Edwards, Richard Wagstaff, Samuel Bedford, St. John Charnock, Francis Astrey, John Neal, Edward Cater, Gaius Squire, John Cockayn, John Okey, Edward Osburn, John Barbor, William Whitbread, Thomas Margets, Joseph Barbor, Luke Norton, Robert Lovet, Esquires, Joseph Saiers, Henry Whitbread, Will. Johnston, Will. Pryor, Edward Blofield Gent. John Hazeldon, Esq. William Freeman, William Goods of Biggleswade, Gentlemen; the Major of Bedford for the time being, John Easton, John Grew, Robert Bell, William Faldoe Alderman, William Andrews, John Spencer, Thomas Field, Gentlemen; George Orlibeere junior Esq; Noah Neal, Peter Mallory, Mr. Baker of Cranfield senior, Gent. Major General Boteler, Thomas Wells, William Beecher, Esquires.


For the County of Berks, Sir Robert Pye junior, Edmond Dunch, William Lenthal, George Purefoy, Henry Martin, Samuel Dunch, Esquires; Sir Seymore Pyle, William Trumball, John Southbey, William Goff, William Hide, Thomas Fettiplace, John Dunch Esquires; Thomas Hussey, Robert Packer, Thomas Holt, Humphrey Dolman, Henry Nevil, John Lenthal, William Barker, Christopher Whitchcot, Richard Lovelace, Richard Southby, Gabriel Beck, Esquires; Dolman junior, Samuel Wightwick, John Blackwel, Richard Bigg, Christopher Monck, Richard Moore, John Blagrave, Charls Fettiplace, Alexander Blagrave, Francis Peacock, John Hide, William Thornhul, Esquires; the Major of Abingdon for the time being, James Hearn, William Stephenson William Bostock, Richard Dew, Thomas Trapham, the Major of Reading for the time being, John Harrison of Reading Alderman, Knight Esq; Richard Beezley of Reading, Arthur Evelyng, John Elways, Esquires; John Frewen of Reading Alderman, Edward Jennings, Thomas Moore, Thomas Cox, Andrew Keep, Henry Partridge, John Allen, Gent. William Stroud, Richard Fincher, John Loader, Henry Cannon, James Nelthrop, Edward Scotton, John Byfield, Esquires; Philip Weston, Robert Lush, Amos Avery, John Collins, Gentlemen; William Philipson, Robert Eldrige, Thomas Hodges, Cook of Wallingford, Thomas Reading of Windsor, John Cresset, Edward Keat, Edward Mill, Esquires; Alderman Thomas Foot, Anthony Barker Esquire.


For the County of Buckingham, Bulstrode Whitlock Knight, one of the Lords Commissioners for the Treasury, the Lord Claypool, Toby Tyrrel Baronet, Sir William Andrews, Sir Richard Pigot, Sir Henage Proby, Sir George Fleetwood, Sir James Whitlock, Knights; Philip Skippon, Francis Ingoldsby, Colonel Richard Ingoldsby, Richard Hamden, Richard Winwood, John Dormer, Richard Grenvile, Richard Serjeant, Edmund West, Simon Mayn, Cornelius Holland, Simon Bennet, Thomas Tyrril, Isaac Pennington, Colonel John Bisco, Major Richard Beak, John Lane, Alexander Croke, Robert Lovet, Edmund Denton, Thomas Bulstrode, Edmund Petty, William Pen, Anthony Ratcliff, Christopher Egleton, Rains Low, Richard Baldwin, Francis Russel, Arthur Cheetwood, Thomas Duncomb, Roger Brewer, Bret Norton, Edward Grenvile, Thomas White, Henry Whitbread, William Fosket, Tobias Bridges, William Hill, William Theed, Robert Aldrige, John Deveril, Henry Gould, Christopher Hen, Thomas Ligoe, Thomas Theed, John Baldwin, Major William Theed, John Stacy, William Grange, John Green, John Brown, John Smith, Thomas Walmesley, John Plumer, William Hartley, Henry Phillips, Esquires; The Bayliff of Buckingham for the time being, Richard Bisco, Robert Batchelor, William Smith, Gentlemen; Edmund Griffith Esquire, Thomas Wigg, John Cresset, Edmond Gosnold the younger, James Perrot, Gent.


For the County of Cambridge, the Lord Richard Cromwel, the Lord Claypool, General Disbrow, the Lord Allington, Sir Dudley North, Sir Francis Russel, Baronets; Sir Thomas Willows, Baronet, Sir James Whitlock, Sir John Reignolds, Knights; Robert Castle, Henry Pickering, Thomas Bennet, Talbot Peapys, Thomas Ducket, William Russel junior, Robert West, Dudley Pope, James Thompson, Samuel Disbrow, Edward Leeds, George Pike, Sackvile Wade, Roger Rants, Samuel Fawtery, Tho. Bendish, Robert Hamond, Esquires; John Wilbore, Joshua Eversden, Mr. Dod, Mr. Thornton, Richard Howlet, John Bridgman, Wil. Percival, John Lindsey, John Mason, John Robson, John Barns the elder, William Barns, Nevil Butler, John Pearson, Gent. Isaac Disbrow the elder, James Disbrow Esquire, Andrew Pern Dr. of Law, Edward Gibson Gent. Major Gen. Whalley, Major Audley, John Trenchard Esquire.

Town of Cambridge.

For the Town of Cambridge, the Lord Richard Cromwel, the Major of the Town for the time being, Talbot Pepis, John Sadler, Esqs; Richard Timbs, Mr. Hedley, John Lowry, Thom. French, Robert Robson, Wil. Brian, Wil. Pickering, Thomas Tifford, Bryan Kitchingman, Esqs; Dr. Eade, Dr. Stayt, Dr. Bond, Dr. Slater, Dr. Prate, Dr. Pepes, Mr. John Bradman, Dr. Barlow, Robert West, Esq; Mr. Nevil, Thomas Buck, Mr. John Davis, Mr. Browning, Mr. Peter Collins.


For the Isle of Ely, the Lord Richard Cromwel, the Lord Clay pool, General Disbrow, Mr. Secretary Thurlo, Sir Francis Russel, Commissary Gen. Whalley, Sir Edward Partridge, Major GenGoff, Edward Scotton, Mr. Partridge, Robert Castle, Henry Pickering, Tristam Diamond, Thomas Castle, Robert West, Esqs; Mr. Povey, Francis Underwood, John Towers, Esqs; Captain Pitchford Robert Beal, Robert Goscoy, Henry Farrar, George Clapthorn, Thomas Marsh, Tho. Fincham, Richard Stayns, Barnabas Mosey, Robert Brown, Robert Hampson, Baldwin Arther, Richard Harrison, William Edwards, John Cole, Thomas Fowler, Samuel Fawtrey, Captain Richard Reade, Lawrence Oxburgh, Anthony Balaam, Major.


For the County of Chester, John Bradshaw Chief Justice of Chester, Peter Warburton one of the Judges of the Upper-Bench, Sir George Booth Baronet, Sir William Brereton, Henry Brook, Thomas Manwaring, Thomas Stanley, Thomas Marbury, Rich. Leigh, Peter Brook, Robert Duckenfield, Peter Dutton, Thomas Brereton, Thomas Croxton, Edward Hide, Henry Bradshaw, Jonathan Bruen, Robert Venables, Henry Birkenhead, Robert Warburton Esquires; John Brook, Richard Brook of Norton, John Ardern, William Gleg, Edward Gleg, Henry Harpur, Robert Greg, Esquires; Richard Wright Gentleman, George Manley, Esq; Thomas Partington, Gent. Thomas Tannot, Mr. Green of Poulton, Wil. Harcourt, Wil. Tutchet, Mr. Bellot of Moreton, Thom. Cholmondley, Peter Davenport of Bramble, Roger Wilbraham of Nantwich, Ralph Starkey, Christopher Byron, Gent. Tobias Bridge, Fulk Lucy, Esquires; Wil. Barret Gent. Wil. Bentley, Major Malbone, Capt. Delves Gent. Edm. Jodrel Esq; Capt. Leadbeater.

City of Chester.

For the City and County of the City of Chester, the Major for the time being, Col. Thomas Croxton Governour, John Radcliff Recorder, Charls Walley, Edw. Bradshaw, Rich. Leicester, Wil. Crompton, Wil. Bennet, Wil. Wright, John Johnson, Peter Leigh, Rich. Minshal, Rich. Sporston, Aldermen; Tho. Purnel, John Griffith, Jonathan Bruen, Henry Birkenhead, Rob. Greg, Jam. Gartside, Rich. Goulborn, Esquires; Tho. Delves.


For the County of Cornwal, Major General Disbrow, John Saintaubyn, Anthony Nicholl, Richard Carter, Esquires; Anthony Rouse, Thomas Ceely, Rich. Erisey, Rob. Bennet, Wil. Braddon, Walt. Moyl, Esqs; John Fox, John Buller, Tho. Gewen, Charls Boscawen, Peter Ceely, Rich. Lob, Edmond Fowel, Esquires; Richard Penwarn junior, Gent. John Thomas, James Launce, Jacob Daniel, Esquires; John Chattey, William Rouse, John Carter, Gent. Captain Francis Vivian, John Kendal, Andrew Trevil, Esqs; Richard Martyn, Philip Lower, John Barret, Matthew Vivian, Gent. John Silly of Stoven, Thomas Waddon, Edward Elliot, Esqs; Stephen Trevil Gent. James Jenkin, Robert Hoblin, Esqs; Wil. Kete Gent. Tristram Arscot Esq; John Lampen junior, John Treise, Walter Vincent, Edmund Philips, Alexand. Penhellick, Gent. Walter Waller Esq; Hugh Boscawen, Sir Peter Killegrew, James Bond, Thomas Russel.


For the County of Cumberland, Col. Charls Howard, Sir George Fletcher Baronet, Sir Wilfrid Lawson Knight, George Downing, William Brisco, John Barwis, Lan: Fletcher, Esqs; Thom. Graister, Cuthbert Studholm, Arthur Foster, Thomas Langhorn, John Hudson, Gawin Wren, Wil. Tompson, Esqs; Henry Tolson, Thomas Lamplugh, Wil. Orfeur, Esqs; Peter Norman Gent. John Salkeild Esq; Robert Brisco, Rob. Hutton, Thomas Sewel, Nicholas Studholm, Thomas Laiths, Gentlemen.


For the County of Derby, Sir Francis Burdet, Sir Edward Coke, Sir Thomas Graisly, Sir John Curson Baronets; Sir Samuel Sleigh, Knight, German Pole, John Ferrars, John Gell, James Abney, Thomas Saunders, Randolph Ashenhurst, Robert Eyre, Nathaniel Hallows, Edward Gill, Gilbert Thacker, Edward Peg senior; Gervase Bennet, Wil. Savil, John Spateman, Edward Manlove, Edward Charleton, Hugh Bateman, George Taylor, John Blackwell senior; Edward Large, Robert Greenwood, Rob. Hope, Rob. Gotchel, Phil. Prime, Henry Buxton, John Jackson, Thomas Ford, Gentlemen; the Major of Derby for the time being; Ralph Clark, Gabriel Swayne, Wil. Wolly, George Pole, Esqs; George Pierpoint, Anchitilla Gray, Wil. Michel, Godf. Clark, Rowland Morewood, Edw. Peg junior; John Dalton, Roger Alestre, Wil. Clayton, Esqs.


For the County of Devon, General John Disbrow, Edmond Prideaux Attorney General, Sir Coppleston Bampfield, Sir John Northcot, Baronets; General George Monck, Wil. Courtney of Powderham, Robert Roll, Arthur Upton, Thomas Reynel, Wil. Bastard, Edmond Fowel, Esquires; Sir John Coppleston Knight, John Maynard Serjeant at Law, John Roll, Wil. Fry, Edward Wise, John Bear, John Elford, Henry Hatsel, John Hales, John Fowel, Servington Savery, Matthew Hele, Francis Glanvil, John Blackmore, Philip Francis, Christopher Martyn, Thomas Boon, John Davis of Cannonting, Wil. Put, John Drake, Thomas Drake, Wil. Morrice, Wil. Walrond, Robert Shapcot, John Tyrling, Thomas Saunders, Nicholas Duck, John Willoughby, Richard Duck, Robert Duck, Christopher Ceely, Timothy Alsop, Christopher Maynard, Joh. Pley, John Pearse of Beach, Justinian Peard, John Dodderidge, Tho. Gorges, Esquires; Sir Francis Drake Baronet, Sir John Young Knight, Joseph Hunkin, Henry Walters, Thomas Southcot, John Wollocomb, John Champneys, Hugh Fortescue, Walter Young, Arthur Fortescue, Robert Hacch, Wil. Fortescue of Buckland-Filly, Richard Harris of Barnstaple, Henry Worth, Henry Cruse, Thomas Bear, Zachary Cudmore, Wil. Venner, John Witchalse, Edmond Walrond, John Serl, Ellis Bartlet, Samuel Serl, Richard Beavis, Wil. Martyn, Edmond Parker, James Erisie, John Tanner, Wil. Holland, John Bury junior, John Hele of Clawton, Esquires; Sir John Davis Baronet, Richard Foxworthy, John Rider, John Pine, Philip Crocker, John Row of Crediton, John Quick, Josias Calmady, Matthew Halse of Elford, Thomas Bampfield, Shilston Calmady, Philip Harris, Nicholas Row, Charles Staynings, Wil. Fowel, Thomas Westlake, John Southmead, John Hele of Wisdom, Thomas Gibbons, Wil. Williams, John Doble, John Nutcomb, Richard Coffin, Samuel Tanner, Edward Wise, Robert Savery, Esqs; Gilbert Eveleigh Gent. John Chichister of Hall Esq; Mr. Cholwitch of Chudleigh, Christopher Squire, John Blagdon, Rich. Vicary, John Ham, Rich. Lee, John Yeo, John Ascot, John Blundel, John Mallack of Axmouth, Gent. Christopher Wood, Maurice Roll, Roger Colman, Philip Dennis, Esqs; Robert Cockram, Arthur Fortescue, Richard Duke, Lieutenant Colonel Clobry, Henry Upton, Thomas Brooking of Totnes, Henry Northley, Samuel Codnor, Wil. Kelley, Arth. Perryman, Rich. Brooking, Tho. Prestwood, Esqs; Th. Allen, Gab. Barn, Gent. The Majors of Plymouth, Barnstaple, Totnes, and Dartmouth for the time being.


For the City and County of the City of Exon, Thomas Ford, Major Thomas Bampfield, Christopher Clark senior, Richard Saunders, Simon Snow, Richard Sweet, Esquires; Nicholas Brooking Merchant; the Receiver and the Sheriff for the time being; James Marshal, Christopher Clark junior, James Pearse, Thomas Westlake, Samuel Slade, Barnard Bartlet, Henry Prig, Walter Deeble, Gentlemen; Richard Crossing, Ralph Herman, Esquires.


For the County of Dorset, William Earl of Salisbury, Edmund Prideaux Esq; Attorney-General; Sir Anthony Ashley-Cooper Knight and Baronet; Sir Walter Earl, Colonel William Sydenham, Colonel John Bingham, John Brown, John Trenchard, Denni, Bond, John Fitz-James of Lewson, John Tregonwel, John Still, Esqs; Wil. Hussey, John Whiteway, Roger Clanel, Elias Bonds Richard Bury, Thomas Gallop, Walter Foy, John Squib, John Arthur, Edward Butler, Esqs; Edward Thornhull, James Dewy, Robert Pelham, John Eyre of Purbeck, Edward Chick, Major John Lea of Bridport, Merchant; Francis Devenish of Gillingham Gentleman; Richard Lawrence of Stepleton, John Jay of Hemsworth Gent, John Bushrod of Dorchester, Merchant; Richard Scovil Town Clerk of Weymouth, John Hardy of Compton, Humphrey Baily of Nethercern, James Mew of Candle, John Whetcomb of Sherborn Merchant; Captain Jeremy Pothecary, Francis Hollis Esquire, Thomas Gallop junior, Samuel Baker, John Elsden, Esquires; John Strode of Parnham, John Hanham of Wimborn, Edmund Hull, Esquires.


For the Town and County of Pool, Moyses Dural, Col. John Bingham, George Scut, Auran Dural, Haviland Healy, Wil. Williams Merchant, Richard Dolbury, Gent. Henry Whitaker, Robert Tyderleigh, John Newburgh, Esqs; Giles Studley Gent.


For the County of Durham, Sir Thomas Widdrington Serjeant at Law, Speaker of the Parliament; Charls Lord Howard, Sir Arthur Hasilrig Ba[r]onet, Major General Lilburn, Sir George Vane, James Clanering, Esquire; Francis Wren, Richard Lilburn, George Lilburn, Cutbert Pepper, Esquires; Thomas Lilburn, Richard Row, Esquires; Henry Eden Gentleman, Anthony Smith Alderman, John Middleton, John Smart, Robert Ellison, Ralph Butler Gent. Thomas Delaval Esq; Thomas Gower Gentleman, Robert Hutton, Clement Fulthrop Esq; Anthony Dodsworth Gentleman: The Major of Durham for the time being; Thomas Milford, Thomas Liddle, George Downing, Esquires; Robert Blackiston Gentleman; Sir Henry Vane.


For the County of York: For the East Riding, Thomas Lord Fairfax, the Lord Lambert, Lord Walter Strickland, one of His Highness Council; Sir William Strickland Knight and Baronet; Hugh Bethel Esquire; Sir John Bourchier Knight; Henry St. Quinton, John Anlaby, Richard Robinson, Charls Lord Howard, Richard Darley, Joseph Micklethwait, Charls Fenwick, Esquires; Sir Francis Boynton Baronet; Wil. Goodrick, Edward Wingate, Philip Salt, marsh, Matthew Allured, Durant Hotham, Thomas Hudson, Thomas Stireing, John Wardel, Ralph Thorp, Nicholas Coniers, Matthew Peirson, Wil. Bradford, Wil. Rookby, Arth. Noel, Hen. Hall, Christ. Ridley, John Micklethwayt, Peter Acklam of Dring William Lister, Esquires; Launcelot Allured, Walter Crompton Thomas St. Quinton, Robert Stafford, Leonard Robinson, Broadrep, John Legard, John Stillington, John Ellerker, Francis Grimston, Gentlemen.

For the West-Riding, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, Speaker of the Parliament; Thomas Lord Fairfax, the Lord Lambert, John Bright, Charls Fairfax, Francis Thorp, Adam Bayns, William Spencer, Roger Coats, George Boyard, Edward Gill, Esqs; Sir Edward Roads, Sir Thomas Dickenson, Knights; John Stanhope, John Ward, Thomas Westby, Joseph Micklethwayt, John Vincent, Alex. Johnson, John Copeley, John Hewley, Esqs; Sir Robert Barwick Knight, Henry Westby Esq; Jeremy Bentley Gent. Walter Hawksworth, John Ashton, John Savile of Medley, Wil. Ferrer, Edward Salmon, William Ingleby of Ripley, Henry Fairfax junior, Esqs; Martin Lister, Rob. Washington, John Dawson, Gent. Phil. Twisleton, John Ordingsels, Rowl. Morewood, Henry Atkinson, Esquires; Henry Arthington, Henry Tempest, John Clayton, Esquires; Captain John Hodgeson, William Marshal, Gent. William Drake, William Beckwick, Robert Dineley, Darcy Wentworth, Tho. Heber, Williams Adams, Henry Currer, Esquires; William Stable of Knowstrop, John Hatfield, Nathaniel Eyre, John Levens, Esquires; Richard Sykes of Knottingley, Adam Eyre, Anthony Deveveir, John Pickering, Esquires; William Wadseworth, Joseph Thorseby, John Wadseworth, Francis Mitchel, John Micklethwait, Gent. George Watkinson Esquire, William Staneforth, Anthony Foster of Rathwel, Robert Salmon, Gent. Col. Philip Twisleton, Col. Christopher Copley, John Lewis, John Dawny, Esquires; For the North-Riding, Thomas Lord Fairfax, the Lord Lambert, Lord Walter Strickland one of his Highness Council, George Lord Eure, Major Gen. Rob. Lilburn, Sir John Bourcher Knight, Luke Robinson, Sir Davis Fowlis Baronet, Francis Lassels, Ralph Rymere, Esquires; Sir Thomas Nortcliff Knight, Sir William Strickland Knight and Baronet; Charls Lord Howard, Adam Bayns, John Wastal, Thomas Harrison, George Smithson, George Marwood, Robert Waters, Arthur Noel, Matthew Beckwith, Wil. Thornton, Sir Tho. Dickenson Knight; Hen. Hall, Wil. Beckwith, Thomas Strangwaies, Esquires; George Paylor, John Cowleson, Matth. Pierson, John Nary, John Turner, Leonard Smelt, Wil. Aiscough, Wil. Lister, Thomas Lassels, Thomas Savile junior, Nicholas Conyers senior, Christopher Piercehay, Barington Bourchier, Walter Piercehay, Peregrine Lassels, William Pinkney, Roger Faulconberg, Richard Trotter.

York City.

For the City and County of the City of York, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, Speaker of the Parliament, Sir Thomas Dickenson Knight, Lord Major; Thomas Lord Fairfax, the Lord Lambert, Sir Robert Berwick Knight, Major Gen. Robert Lilburn, John Geldart, Henry Thompson, Stephen Watson, Robert Horner, Leonard Thompson, Wil. Taylor, Wil. Metcalf, Christoph. Topham, Brian Dawson, George Lamplough, Aldermen; Luke Robinson, George Peacock, Ralph Chater, Robert Holburn, Gent. George Paylor Esquire, Thomas Newark of Akeham, Joseph Micklethwayt, Doctor of Physick, Richard Padget, Adam Pichard, Richard Hewett Lieut. Colonel Gutrick.

Kingston upon Hull.

For the Town and County of Kingston upon Hull, The Major for the time being; Thomas Rakes, Henry Bernard, Nicholas Denman, Wil. Dobson, Joseph Blaids, Francis Dewick, John Rogers, Richard Wood, Robert Ripeley, Robert Berner, Leonard Bernard, William Foxley, Aldermen; Joh. Anlaby, Christopher Ledgard, Hugh Lister, William Lister, Esquires.


For the County of Essex, and the Town of Colchester, Lord Richard Cromwel, Earl of Warwick, Lord Gray of Wark, Sir Joh, Barrington, Sir Rich. Everard, Sir Hen. Mildmay, Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir Th. Bowes, Sir Joh. Thorowgood, Hen. Mildmay of Graces, Gobert Barrington, Robert Smith, Richard Harlackenden. Tho. Coke of Pedmarsh, Carew Harvey Mildmay, Joachim Matthews, Tho. Coke of Chesil, Oliver Raymond, John Eden, Harbert Pelham, John Atwood, John Sparrow the elder, John Eldred, Robert Bourn, Peter Whetcomb, Henry Barington, Hezekiah Hains, William Harlackenden, John Sorrel, Jeremy Aylet, Dudley Templar, Anthony Luther, John Maidston, Edward Birkhead, Richard Cuts, William Collard, Robert Crane, Tristram Conyers, Francis Mildmay, John Sparrow the younger, Abraham Barington, Robert Maidston, Robert Calthrop, Samuel Plum, Francis William son, John Brewster, Thomas Middleton, Sir Martin Lumley, Edward Turner, John Guy, Christoph. Muscamp, Tho. Foot Alderman of London, Sir Tho. Vyner, Tobias Cage, Tho. Manby, Christopher Earl, Edward Salmon, Nath. Wright, John Symonds, Richard Pepys, John Trafford, Sir John Holcroft, Samuel Gib, Jeremy Rawston, Henry Wollaston, Samuel Champneys, Edmond Montjoy, the Major of Colchester for the time being; Thomas Talcot, Thomas Wade, Richard Green, William Wood, Richard Wiseman, Esquires; Colonel Bisco, Benjamin Mason Esq.; Sir Thomas Abdee, Daniel Andrews Esq.; Wil. Godfred, Wil. Read of Birchanger, John Godbold of Hatfield-Peverel, Wil. Hickocks, Tho. Smith, Esquires; Thomas Peke Gentleman, John Throgmorton Esquire.


For the County of Glocester, John Lord Lambert, General John Disbrow, Henry Lord Herbert, Major Gen. Edward Whalley, Nathaniel Stephens, Thomas Hodges, John Stephens, Thomas Pury the elder, George Berckley, John Codrington, Samuel Codrington, George Raymond, John How the elder, John Keyt, William Bourchier, Thomas Wall, Robert Jenkinson, John Dorney, Sylvanus Wood, Stephen Fowler, Thomas Estcourt, Wil. Cook, Wil. Leigh, Baynham Throgmorton, Christopher Guyse, Robert Atkin, Esquires; William Shepheard, and Evan Seys, Serjeants at Law; William Stafford, Richard Aylworth, Wil. Selwyn, John Gearing, John Wade, John Goslet, John Bernard, Thomas Overbury, Will Neast, Thomas Pury the younger, John Croft, Robert Holms, Will Banister, John Goodwin, Thomas Wells, Wil. Brown, John Batch, Thomas Surman, Andrew Solace, Wil. Webley, Thomas Beard Edward Fust, John Wickam, Charls Bridges, Wil. Cope, Mark Gryme, Henry Wear, Esquires; The Bayliffs of Tewkesbury for the time being; Thomas Ayleway, Giles Hancocks, John Clifford, John Rogers, Edward King, John Bonner, Gentlemen; Walter Rawleigh, James Hawkins, Thomas James, Gabriel Beck, Esquires; Wil. Aylberton, Wil. Rowls, Gentlemen; John Barrow, Wil. Jones, Esquires; — Brammage Gentleman; John Fowk, Henry Hall, Esquires; Samuel Creswick, Wil. Hopton, James Bayley, Gent. Sir Richard Ashfield Baronet, Wil. Cook Esquire.

Glocester City.

For the City and County of the City of Glocester, the Major of the said City for the time being; William Lenthal Esquire, Master of the Rolls and Recorder of the said City; William Singleton, Wil. Caple, Thomas Pury, Aldermen; Wil. Sepheard and Evan Seys, Serjeants at Law; Thomas Hodges, Christopher Guise, Wil. Coke, Sylvanus Wood, Wil. Selwyn, Walter Rawleigh, Esqs; Dennis Wise, Luke Nourse, Lawrence Singleton, Jasper Clutterbuck, John Maddocks, Hen. Cugley, James Stephens, Anthony Edwards and Edmond Collet, Aldermen; Edward Nourse, Tho. Pury the younger, John Dorney, Esqs; Robert Tedder, Tobias Jordan, Robert Pane, Gent.


For the County of Hereford, Major Gen. James Berry, John James, Wroth Rogers, Bennet Hoskins, Wil. Powel, Benjamin Mason, Sir John Kirl, Col. Edmund Harley, Richard Read, Richard Hopton, Tho. Cook, John Birch, Richard Nicholets, James Pits, Matthew Barrow, Ralph Darnal, Robert Weaver, John Cholmley, Tho. Rawlyns, John Pateshal, Francis Pember, Bridstock Harford, John Herring, Thomas Seaborn, Wil. Bridges, John Woodyat. Francis Hall, Francis Pember of Elsdon, John Nurse, Roger Here, ford, Thornton Jones, John Aston, Thom. Aldern, Esqs; SamueTracy, Wil. Jones of Stepleton, Sampson Weaver, Tho. Carlislel George Mason, Hugh Jenkins, John Barston, Samuel Davyes, John Wootton, Jo. Edwards, Miles Hill, Walter Merrick, Tho, Lane, Joh. Wancklyn, Anth. Fryer, Gent.

City of Hereford.

For the City of Hereford, the Major for the time being; Major General James Berry, Wroth Rogers, Tho. Rawlins, Benjamin Mason, Thom. Seaborn, Bridstock Harford, Esqs; Richard Philpots, Tho. Davis, John Hill, Richard Lyde, Thomas Bond, Wil. Lane, Matthew Price, John Wingfield, Hugh Jenkins, Gent.


For the County of Hertford, Henry Lawrence, Lord President; William Earl of Salisbury, Charls Viscount Cranborn, Robert Cecil Esq; Sir Richard Lucy, Sir Harbottle Grimston, Knights and Baronets; Sir Hen. Blount, Sir John Whitewrong, Sir Joh. Gore senior, Sir Rich. Comb, Knights; Sir Th. Hewit, Alban Cox, John Marsh, Toby Comb, Ralph Took, Isaac Puller, Adam Washington, George Smith of Marget, Brocket Spencer, Wil. Leman, Tho. Dockery, Rowland Litton, Henry Scobel Wil. Jessop, Tho. Kightley, Gravely Norton, Edward Palmer, Esqs; Joh. Kensey, Wil. Eels, George Banister, Sir Joh, Read Baronet; Tho. Took, Alexand. Weld, Wil. Packer, Rich. Gulston, Sir John Gore junior, Rob. Robotham, Mr. Fr. Cleaver, Th. Nicols, Joh. Heydon, Th. Deacon, Dan. Nichols, Joseph Dalton, Wil. Plumer, Wil. Barber. Th. Mead, Hen. Belfield, Ralph Darnal, Hen. Marsh, Wil. Gardner, Wil. Foxwist, Wil. Field, John Brograve, Fran. Steward, Edw. Branile, Edw. Page, Edm. Smith, Justinian Paget, John King, Wil. Reeve, Joh. Berrisford, Rich. Shifferton, Steph. Estwick, John Gladman, Edw. Horsman, Wil. Fitz, Wil. Cox.

St. Albans.

For the Town of St. Albans, the Major for the time being; Wil Foxwist Recorder, Wil. Leman, Rob. Robotham, Alban Cox, John Marsh, Joh. King, Wil. Hickman, Ralph Gladman, Th. Tanner, John Doget, Edw. Ennis, Th. Cowley, Wil. Marston.

For Hertford Borough, the Major for the time being; Isaac Puller, Wil. Turner, Edward Palmer of Brixborn Esq; Edward Bromley of Ward Gentleman.


For the County of Huntington, the Right Honourable the Lord Richard Cromwel, General Disbrow, Gen. Montagu, Henry Cromwel Esquire; Sir Wil. Armyn, Major General Boteler, Onslow Winch, Valentine Wauton, Abraham Burrel, Nicholas Pedley, Wil. Leman, Stephen Phesant, Griffith Lloyd Esquires; Robert Bernard Serjeant at Law, John Symcots Dr. of Physick, Thomas Templer, Robert Harvey, Robert Vinter, Wil. Drury, Jervas Fulwood, Gentlemen; Dudley Templar, John Bernard, Bevercots Cornwallis, Lawrence Turkinton, Robert Pepys, Alexander Blake, Esqs; Sir Christopher Pack Knight, John Castle, Richard Wagstaff, Esquires.


For the County of Kent, Baron Parker, Sir Tho. Stiles, Sir Michael Livesey, Baronets; Sir Nicholas Miller, Augustine Skinner, Richard Beal, Wil. James, George Duke, Richard Meredith, Lambert Godfrey, John Dixwel, Tho. Kelsey, Henry Honywood, Robert Hales, Thomas Scot, John Blackwel, senior, Robert Scot, Edward Scot, Caleb Banks, Tho. Brodnex, Ralph Weldon, Tho. Blunt, Joh. Twisleton, Wil. Skinner, Joh. Goldwel, John Seliard. Esqs; Sir Robert Titcborn, John Polhil, Peter Pet, Charls Bowls, John Bancks, Rob. Wivel, Tho. Wivel, Tho. Foch, Rich. Bate, John Boyse of Betshanger, Tho. Plumer, John Finch, Mich. Belk, Tho. St. Nicholas, John Osborn, Vincent Den, Wil. Palmer, Esqs; Sir Rob. Honywood, John Nayler, Peter Godfrey, Esqs; Andrew Broughton, Sir Tho. Rivers, Rob. Gibbon, Walter Waller, Wil. Cullen, Edw. Hales, Edw. Eltonhead, Robert Watson, Wil. Gilborn, Henry Oxenden of Dean, Benjamin Madox, Esqs; Mr. Wilkinson of Lenham, Mr. Joh. Lamb, Mr. Butcher of Staplehurst, Mr. Tho. Rogers of Eaton Bridge; the Major of Rochester, the Major of Maidston for the time being; Sir Henry Vane, Lieutenant Colonel Needler, Thomas Bret, Mr. Crane, Colonel Hewson.


For the City of Canterbury, the Major for the time being; Sir John Roberts, John Nut, Tho. Scot, Thomas Monings, Robert Gibbons, Esquires; Mr. Lea, Mr. Lad, Thomas Broadnex Esq; Mr. Crane.


For the County of Lancaster, Sir Rich. Haughton Baronet, Rich. Shuttleworth, Gilbert Ireland, Richard Holland, Ralph Ashton, Peter Bould, Rich. Standish, Edmund Hopwood, Lawrence Rostern, John Starkey, Thomas Braddil, Richard Haworth, Edward Moor, Richard Radcliff, John Bradshaw, Thomas Birch, Jerejah Aspinwal, Robert Maudsley, Edward Robinson, John Fox, Peers Leigh, James Duckinfield, Nicholas Shuttleworth, Wil. Hilton, Henry Porter, Thomas Fell, Wil. West, Esqs; Edmund Werden, Wil. Patten, Evan Wall, Christopher White, George Piggot, Thomas Clayton, Gentlemen; Richard Ashton Esq, Alexander Norris, Roger Gillibrand, Gent; John Nowel, Ralph Livesey, Esqs; John Livesey, Peter Sergeant, Wil. Knipe, Thomas Coal, Adam Sands, Gentlemen; Randle Sharples Esq; John Case, Tho. Westmore, Hugh Cooper, John Cliff, Wil. Swarberick, Thomas Jones, Gent.


For the County of Leicester, Thomas Lord Grey of Grooby, Major General Edward Whalley, Sir Arthur Hasilrig Baronet, Sir Christopher Pack Knight, Thomas Beaumont, Francis Hacker, Wil. Quarls, Thomas Pochin, Henry Markham, Wil. Bambrig, Henry Smith, Thomas Brudnel, James Winstanley, Peter Temple, John Stafford, John Goodman, Wil. Hartop, John Prat, Wil. Hubbard, Thomas Cockram, Edward Smith, Esquires; John Swinfen, Thomas Charnels, Gentlemen; Wil. Stanley, Edmund Cradock, Samuel Wanley, Aldermen; Richard Mason Doctor of Physick, Rowland Tirwhit, Edward Smith of Edmond-Thorp, Esquires; the Major of Leicester for the time being.


For the County of Lincoln, Earl of Mulgrave, Theophilus Earl of Lincoln, Lord Commissioner Fines, Sir John Wray, Sir Will Armyn, Sir Rich. Earl, Sir Joh. Brownlow, Sir Wil. Brownlow, Baronets; Sir Anth. Irby Knight, Mr. Ellis Solicitor Gen. Commissary Gen. Whalley, Thomas Hatcher, Wil. Wray, Col. Edward Rossiter, Col. James Berry, Francis Clinton, alias Fines, Thomas Lister, Tho. Coppledike, Esqs; Edmund Anderson, Wil. Disney, Henry Massingbeard, Drayner Massingbeard, John Buck, Edmond Ellis, John Archer, Charls Hall, Thomas Hall, John Weaver, Alexander Emerson, Wil. Woolly, Humfrey Walcot, Wil. Hobson, John Harrington, John Wilsby, Samuel Cust, Francis Mussenden, Col. Edward Grosvenor, Wil. Lister, Edward Skynner, Wil. Thompson, Wil. Savile, Wil. Welby, Edward Nelthorp, John Nel thorp, Wil. Broxholm, Robert West, Esquires; Sir Henry Vane, Philip Eaton, Mr. John West, Mr. Richard Williams, Major Owen Cambridge, John Sheffield, Isaac Knight, Vincent Amcots, Wil. Godfrey, Michael Munckton, John Disnye, Rich. Brownlow, Charls Hussey, Matthew Woolmer, Nehemiah Rawson, Wil. Dowman, Rich. Cust, Jer. Coal, Robert Christopher, Tho. Rossiter, Theophilus Harnis, Robert Yarborough, Robert Stone, Robert Marshal junior, Esqs; John Bernard, Theoph. Hart, Esqs; Robert Philips, Gent. Thomas Nethercoat, Tho. Rands, George Langton, Leon. Brown, James Langton, John Whiting, Adlard Perry, Thom. Askam, Rob. Cabron, Gent. Rob. Vigerons Esq; Original Pert Gent. More, Dr. of Physick, Wil. Sneath, Mathias Brown, John Burton, Sam. Jackson, Anthony Hall, Wil. Dickenson, Thom. Low, John Dillingham, Thom. Toly, John Atkin, the Major of Boston, and the Major of Grimsby, the Alderman of Stamford, the Alderman of Grantham for the time being.

City of Lincoln.

For the City and County of the City of Lincoln, the Major for the time being; Francis Clinton alias Fines Esq; Thomas Lister Esq; Humphry Walcot Esq; Original Pert, Robert Marshal, Wil. Marshal Aldermen; Wil. Lister Gentleman, Edward Emis Richard Ward, Aldermen; John Disny, Stephen Mason Esquire, John Clerk, Wil. Hall, Aldermen; Alexander Newton, Thomas Dawson, Wil. Dawson, Aldermen; John Oliver Alderman, Wil. South Gent. Robert Marshal junior Esquire.


For the City of London, the Lord Major and all the Aldermen for the time being; Andrew Riccard, Mark Hildesley, Charls Lloid, Stephen White, John Cutler, Theophilus Biddulph, Richard Waring, John Lewis, Owen Row, John Stone, Richard Garford, Esquires; Wil. Wybeard, Jeremy Sambrook, Nathaniel Campfield, Matthew Shepeard, Nich. Juxon, Charles Doyley, Maurice Gething, Richard Gibbs, Hogan Hovel, Richard Hutchinson, Robert Winch, Thomas Stean, Richard Ashhurst, Lawrence Warkman, Robert Barrett, James James, Abraham Church, Wil. Vincent, Wil. Antrobus, Joachim Mathews, Esquires; John Woddroffe, Col. Grosvenor, Henry Brandrith, John Bathurst, Martin Noel, Joseph Ash, Henry Coles, Laurence Bromfield, Thomas Lenthall, Anthony Bateman, Henry Hickman, Charles Mynn, Henry Boner, Walter Pell, Nathan Wright, Richard Clotterbuck, Colonel Gower, Richard Langley, Francis Ash, Joseph Sibly, Nathaniel Herring, Richard King, James Waynwright, Major Jervas Blackwell.


For the County of Middlesex, William Lenthall, Master of the Rolls, Philip Skippon, one of His Highness Council, Sir William Roberts, Sir John Thorowgood, Sir John Barkstead, Lieutenant of the Tower, Alderman Foot, Sir John Dethick, John Hooker, Charls Lloid, Thomas Marsh, John Huckesley, John Morrice, Richard Downton, Roger Frith, Solomon Smith, Thomas Hobert, James Hawley, John Brown, Daniel Proctor, Edward Cary, John Waterton, John Baldwin, Wil. Northey, Augustine Wingfield, Edward Roberts, John Hawtrey, Richard Powel, Thomas Swallow, John Barnes, John Ireton, Walter Bigs, Aldermen of the City of London, Paul Nicoll, John Bide, Major William Robinson, Thomas Harri son of South-minns, Edward Cresset, John Stone, Henry Scobel Esquires, Francis Allen, Joseph Ash, Edward Birkhead, Edw. Grosvenor, Tho. Dickenson, Jeremy Whitchcot, Wil. Warren of Wapping, Colonel John Biscoe Esquires, John Humfrey Esquire, Richard Wilcox, Thomas Ayres, John Cass, Commissary Gen. Whalley, Major Gen. Goffe, Wil. Livesey, Robert Nelson Esq; Edmund Warcup Esq; Mr. Robert Halsall.


For the City and Liberty of Westminster, William Earl of Salisbury, Edmund Earl of Mulgrave, Lord Deputy Fleetwood, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Major General Skippon, Sir John Trevor, Sir John Thorowgood, Commissary General Whalley, Quarter Master General Grosvenor, Edward Cary, Edward Birkhead, Esquires; George Downing, Thomas Clerges Doctor of Physick, John Blackwel junior, Lieutenant Colonel White, Henry Middleton, Jerom Zanchy Esq.; George Farroll, Major General Goff, Emery Hill, Gentlemen; Ralph Hall, Henry Scobel, Esquires; Francis Lucy, Peter Bradshaw, William Wheeler, George Merrifield, John Hooker, Henry Field, Thomas Peapes, Dennis Bond, Edward Dendy, George Franklin, Richard Sherwin, Francis Bacon, Gabriel Beck, Ralph Darnal, Henry Broad, William Huberfield, John Throgmorton. John Clenden, Samuel Row, John Brown, Franck, James Parcal, John Tonge, Owen Russel, Christopher Lister, Thomas Milward, William Row, Esquires; William Baker, Samuel Smith, Humphry Grove, Woodward, Edward Martin.


For the County of Monmouth, James Berry Esquire, Edmund Thomas, William Jones, John Nicholas, Wil. Blethyn, Edmund Morgain, Edward Herbert, Wil. Packer, Francis Blethyn, Henry Baker, Robert Jones, John Walter, John Morgan, David Morgan, Rice Jones, Edward Nicholas, Sam. Jones, Rog. Williams, Rice Williams, Edw. Green, Esqs.


For the County of Northampton, Edward Lord Montague, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Sir John Dreydon, Baronets; Sir Richard Samuel Knight, John Crew Esquire, John Cleypool senior Esq; Lord Cleypool, Wil. Montague, Richard Knightley Esquires; Richard Samuel Esquire, Major General Boteler, Col. Alexander Blake, Adam Baynes, John Mannsel, Robert Mannsel, Francis St. John, Oliver St. John, Thomas Brook, John Brown, Esquires; Edward Harby, John Norton, Francis Harvey, Edward Farmer, Philip Holeman, Esquires; John Clark, John Parker, Serjeants at Law; William Ward, George Benson, Robert Barkley, Thomas Crew, John Langham, Esquires; Wil. Dudeley, John Cartwright, Esquires; John Lyn, Robert Guy, Nicholas Hunt, Paul Harriot, John Hackney, Thomas Olme, Gent. James Langham Esquire, Thomas Bletso Esquire, the Major of Northampton for the time being, Francis Harvey Esq; John Gifford, John Spicer, Aldermen of the same; Miles Fleetwood, Esq; Wil. Ward Esq; Daniel Reading, Thomas Collins, Gent. John Brafield.


For the County of Nottingham, John Earl of Clare, Wil. Peirpoint, Francis Peirpoint, Esquires; Sir Francis Willoughby, Edward Whalley Esquire; Col. Hacker, Edward Nevil Esq; John Hutchinson Esq; Gervase Piggot Esq; Henry Sacheveril Esquire, Peniston Whalley, James Chadwick, Samuel Bowles Esquires; William Whiteman, Edward Clud, Huntington Plumtree, Charls White, John Blackwel senior, Philip Pondock, Esquires; John Molesley, Thomas Charleton, Esquires; Christopher Wilson, Thom. Bristow, Gent. The Major of Newark for the time being; Gilbert Millington Esq; Major Grove, Robert Butler Esquire, John Baynes Esquire, John Martin, Bartholomew Lassels, Gentlemen; Francis Hope Gent, Captain George Palmer, Stephen Cow, Gent. Daniel Earl Esquire; Captain Bland, Robert Bruns, Gent. William Woolehouse, Gent. Captain Champian, Lieutenant Lockyear, Captain Kerbey, the Bayliffs of East Redford for the time being, John Story senior, George Cam, James Lane, Matthew Gennison, Rob. Sherbrook, Richard Porter, Gent. Gregory Silvester, Samuel Somershal, Rich. Dean.

Villa Nottingham.

For the Town and County of the Town of Nottingham, William Richards, Major Francis Peirpoint, Edward Whalley, Esquires; James Chadwick Recorder, Francis Topleyday, Wil. Drury, Thomas Gamble, Richard Dring, John Parker, Tho. Hathwait, Aldermen; Joh. Chadwich Esq; Joh. Pillingham, Esq; Joh. Marten, Daniel Sulley, Gent.


For the County of Norfolk, Charls Fleetwood Lord Deputy of of Ireland; Sir John Hobart Baronet; Sir Thomas Woodhouse Knight and Baronet, Sir Horatio Townshend, Sir Richard Berny, Sir William Paston, Sir Ralph Hare Baronets; Sir John Pots Knight and Baronet, Sir John Palgrane Knight and Baronet, Sir George Windham, Sir John Thorowgood, Sir William Doyly, Sir Thomas Guibon, Knights; Philip Skippon Major General; Commissary General Whalley, William Hevennigham, Hezekiah Haynes, Charles George Cock, Robert Brewster, Robert Wood, Robert Wilton, Philip Beddingfield, Thomas Berny, Edward Ward, Samuel Smith, Guybon Goddard, Brampton Gurdon, John Spelman, Clement Spelman, Robert Jermy, Thomas Weld, John Sedley, Edward Walpool, Robert Sucklin, Martin Hastings, John Pell, Edward Bulwer, Thomas Utber, Edward Denny, Robert Steward, Robert Baldock, Thomas Drury, Thomas Rant, Thomas Day, Bernard Church, Henry King, Henry Hogan, John Shadwell, Robert Long, John Coulston, John Boreman, Robert Houghton of Woolterton, Ralph Woolmer, Nicholas Salter, Richard Brown, William Steward, Francis Bickley, Thomas Sheriffe, Luke Constable, Edmund Creamer, Tobias Peddar, William Life, Esquires; Thomas Lincoln, John Beckham, Thomas Beckham, Robert Drury, John Kendall, John Colby, John Balleston, Thomas Spenceley, Thomas Springal, Tobias Frere, Robert Doughty, Richard Warner, Bozome Crow, John Rayly, Samuel Packle, Thomas Barret, John Nabs, John House, Nathaniel Shouldham, Robert Hern, Esquires; John Wright, Richard Harvey, Gentlemen; Thomas Sotherton, Hatton Barners, Esquires; John Haws Doctor of Physick; William Simonds, George Bullin, Joseph Rayley, Thomas Daynes, Francis Waller, Thom. Ket, Richard Neave, Wil. Doughty of Deerham, Nicholas Bell, Henry Scarborough, Charls Thimblethorp, Robert Pepis, Jonas Scot of Wells, Christopher Wyn, Francis Stebbin, Thomas Garret, John Gooch junior, Gentlemen; the Bayliffs of Yarmouth for the time being, William Burton, Thomas Crane, John Carter, Thomas Gooch, Augustine Throver, Isaac Preston, Thomas Bendish, Esquires; Thomas Lucas, William Scapes, John Woodroffe, Gent. the Major of Lin for the time being, Thomas Toll, Edw. Robinson, John May, Doughty Wormel, Esqs; Jonas Scot. Joshua Green, Rob. Thorowgood, Esqs.


For the City and County of the City of Norwich, the Major of Norwich for the time being, Erasmus Earl Serjeant at Law, Recorder; Charls George Cock Steward of the said City, Adrian Parmiter, Bernard Church, Edmund Boreman, John Rayly, Thom. Barret, William Barnham, Thomas Toft, Nicholas Salter, John Man, Esquires; Richard Wenman, Robert Paynel, Henry King, Esquires; Thomas Ashwel, William Davy, Robert Allen, Thomas Johnson, John Andrews Aldermen; Nicholas Poynter, John Knight, John Toft, George Steward, Richard Ket, Thomas Garret, John Balderston, Timothy Norwich, Gentlemen.


For the County of Northumberland, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, Serjeant at Law Speaker of the Parliament; Major General Charls Howard, Sir John Fenwick Knight and Baronet, Sir Robert Collingwood Knight; William Fenwick of Wallington Esq; Ralph Delavale Esq; Rob. Delavale, Esq; Rob. Middleton Esq; Wil. Shafto of Babington Esquire, Wil. Muschamp of Barmore, Edward Fenwick, Robert Mitford, Thomas Horsley, Richard Forster, Robert Shafto of Benwel, William Car of Eatale, Luke Killingworth, Henry Horseley, Philip Babinton, Albany Fether stonehaugh, George Blenkinsop of Bellister, William Hesilrig Martin Fenwich, John Ogle of Kirkley Esqs; John Car of Hetton, William Armorer of Ellingham, Cuthbert Fenwick, George Heason, Thomas Blonkflower, Robert Widdrington of Auxley, Gentlemen.


For the Town of New-Castle, Walter Strickland Esquire, one of His Highness Council, Major General Charls Howard, the Major for the time being, Thomas Bonner, George Dawson, William Johnston, Robert Shafto, Aldermen; Mark Shafto Recorder, Robert Ebison, John Blakistond, Thomas Lilburn, Robert Johnston, Mark Milbanks, Christopher Nicholson, Aldermen; Edward Blacket, John Cosens, Ralph Jenison, John Butler, John Rumney, Peter Sanderson, Alderman.


For the County of Oxon, Charles Fleetwood Lord Deputy of Ireland; Nathaniel Fines one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, Sir Bulstrode Whitlock one of the Lords Commissioners of His Highness Treasury, John Glyn Lord chief Justice of the Upper Bench, William Lenthall, Esq; Master of the Rolls, James Fiennes Esquire, Sir Charles Wolseley Baronet, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir James Harrington, Sir Francis Norris, Unton Crook the younger Esquire, Edmund Dunch, Robert Jenkinson, Miles Fleetwood, William Cope, Adrian Scroop, William Draper, Thomas Appletree, Francis Martin, Henry Goodwin, Walter Elwood, Richard Ingoldsby, Umpton Crook, Richard Crook, John Griffith, John Keate, Richard Castle, Esquires; Henry Smith Esq; Captain Hunt, Edward Twyford, William Bartholomew, John Cary, Nicholas Harman, Gentlemen; Vincent Barry Esquire, John Crispe, Thomas Jordaine, John Butler, Thomas Tippin, Edmond Lenthal Esquires; Robert Warcup, Thomas Knight, John Voyley Esquires; James Perrot Gentleman, William Barker Esquire.

City of Oxon.

For the City of Oxon, the Major of Oxford for the time being, Sir Bulstrode Whitlock, Knight, Serjeant at Law, and one of the Lords Commissioners of His Highness Treasury; Bartholomew Hall, Richard Crook, Unton Crook, Esqs; Henry Sontham, Martin Wright, John Nixon, Thomas Weeks, Aldermen; Thomas Dennis, George Potter, Walter Cane, Matthew Langley, Richard Millar, Thomas Williams, William Wright, Thomas Bury, Gentlemen.


For the County of Rutland, the Lord Richard Cromwel, Sir James Harrington, Major General Boteler, Robert Horseman, Evers Armine, Benjamin Norton, John Weaver, Col. Hacker, Edward Horseman, Wil. Sheild, Edw. Fankner, Esqs; Richard Halford Esq; Peter Woodcock the elder Gent. Christ. Brown Esq; Abel Barker Esquire.


For the County of Salop, Sir Robert Eyton Knight, John Groom, Humphrey Mackworth Esquire, Richard Zanchy Esquire, Thomas Hunt Esquire, Philip Cotton, Gabriel Wood, John Wivonbury, Tho. Richardson, Esquires; Samuel Moor, Wil. Peirpoint Esq; And. Lloid Esq; Edw. Powel, Esq; Sir Humph. Briggs Knight and Baronet, Tim. Littleton Serjeant at Law, Roger Rowley Esq; Chambers of Petton Esq; Wil. Peirpoint Esq; Rob. Corbet Esq; Harcourt Leyton, Tho. Mackworth, Esqs; Tho. Kettleby, John Corbet, Creswel Tayleur, Edw. Whitchcot, Lancellot Leigh, Esqs; Tho. Baker, Roger Evans, Rich. Cresset, Philip Young, Rob. Leighton, Esqs; Matth. Herbert, Humphrey Mackworth, Edm. Waring, Rich. Bagot, Francis Harris, Edward Cresset, Charls Langford, John Aston, Wil. Botterel, Charls Bennion, Richard Cheshiere, Joh. Downs Esqs; Mich. Stephens Gent. Tho. Harris of Prescot, Mich. Old, Wil. Hill, Thomas Edwards, Maurice Davies of Oswalstrey, John Jones of the same, Gentlemen; Samuel More Esq; Jeremiah Powel, the Major of Shrewsbury for the time being, John Huxley Gentleman, Ralph Edwards, William Scot Gentlemen; Henry Powel of Worthin Gentleman, Thomas Adams of Brosley Gentleman, Richard Williams Gentleman, Richard Smith Esq; Adam Web Alderman of Shrewsbury.


For the County of Stafford, Sir Charls Wolseley Baronet; Sir John Wirley Knight, Major General Tobias Bridge, Colonel Thomas Crompten, Wil. Snide, Walter Wrotesley junior, Gerrard Skrimshiere, Rowland Cotton, Simon Budgeley, Thomas Whitegreave, George Bellot, John Chetwood, Matthew Moreton, Colonel Sanchy, Colonel John Fowkes, Major William Aston, John Whitehall, Colonel Grosvenor, Daniel Watson, Thomas Whitby, William Jolly, William Bendy junior, Martin Noel, Francis Eld, Richard Flyer, Robert Wolsley, Thomas Kinnersley, Edward Bret, Wil. Chetwind, Major Robert Smith, Matthew Worseweick, Esqs; John Fowk of Gunston, Philip Fostersmith, the Major of Stafford for the time being, Zachary Babington, Thomas Bagnald, Thomas Worswich, Leonard Gamull, Thomas Malkin, Timothy Edge, William Turton of Westbromwich, Edward Short, Ralph Smith, Adam Colchough, Henry Wilson, John Colchough junior, Thomas Palmer Gent. Edward Manwaring, Thomas Backhouse, John Swinfin, Henry Stone, Esqs; Edward Wilson.


For the City and County of Litchfield, all the Commissioners for the County of Stafford, Mr. John Birchliffe, Mr. Samuel Tire wick, Zachariah Babington, and Thomas Minors, Esqs; Thomas Saxon and Henry Mot, Gentlemen, the Bayliffs for the time being.


For the County of Somerset, General John Disbrow, Sir Thomas Wroth Knight, Roger Hill Serjeant at Law, Robert Blake one of the Generals at Sea, John Pyne, William Windham, Francis Rolle, Francis Lutterel, Nathaniel Whetham, William Hilliard, William Strode, Edward Ceely, Henry Rogers, Thomas Gorges, John Gorges, John Turbervile, Charls Staynings, William Lacy, Edmund Prideaux junior, William Doble, Anthony Ponlet, John Worth, Henry Bonner, John Palmer Doctor of Physick, John Preston, John Wroth, John Barker, John Sampson junior, Roger Hill of Taunton, Edward Court, George Trevillian, Thomas Syderfin, Richard Bovet, Esquires; John Mallock, Henry Bonner junior. Nicholas Cheek, Henry Miles, William Atkins, Jonathan Pit, Edward Sealey, John Sealey, Francis Moore, Thomas Ven, David Slocombe, William Bacon, William Cogan, Ambrose Moore, Gent. George Doddington, John Symbarbe, Henry Hatsel, Esquires; Captain Mason, Roger Lord Broghill, Sir Lislebone Long Recorder of London, Alexander Popham, John Ash, John Fitz-James of Lewson, John Harrington, John Hipplesley, Robert Hunt, John Buckland, Richard Jones, Robert Long, John Cary, William Cole, William Smith, James Ashe, John Jenkins, Peter Roynon, Thomas Baynard, Maurice Bearkley, George Norton, Hugh Smith, John Bamfield, William Strode junior, Edward Gorges, William Blanchard of Katherine, John Gutch, Francis Vaughan, Thomas Strode of Naperton, Thomas Hippesley, George Stedman, Esqs; Stephen Hasket, James Hays, John Pearse, Joseph Bernard, George Millard, John Merewether, Thomas Wrentmore, Thomas Mead, John Ronswel, John Parker, Gentlemen.


For the City and County of the City of Bristol, The Major for the time being, John Doddridge Esquire Recorder, John Gunning, Richard Vickcris, Richard Cann, Miles Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Henry Gibbes, Walter Dayes, Arthur Farmer, Walter Sandy, Edward Tyson, Aldermen; the Sheriffs for the time being, Robert Aldworth, John Hagget, Esquires; George White, Robert Yate, George Heart, Jonathan Blackwell, John Pope, John Boven, Robert Vickris, John Harper, James Powell, William Grigg, Nehemiah Collins, Timothy Parker, Jeremy Hollway, Thomas Harris, Robert Ellis, Thomas Purnel.


For the City of Bath, the Major for the time being, John Bigge, John Pearce, John Parker, Aldermen.


For the County of Southampton, and the Town and County thereof, And Isle of Wight, the Lord Richard Cromwel, John Lisle one of the Lords Commissioners of the great Seal, Richard Major one of His Highness Council, William Sidenham one of His Highness Council, Sir Richard Lucy, Sir Henry Worsely, Sir Robert Dillington, Baronets; Sir John Barkstead Knight, Lieutenant of the Tower of London, Sir Richard Kingsmill, Sir John Dingley, Sir John Leigh, Robert Wallop, Richard Whitehead, Richard Norton, William Goffe, Robert Reynolds, Nicholas Love, John Bulkeley, Edward Hooper senior, Thomas Hussey, Thomas Cole, Richard Cobbe, John Hildesley, John Dunch, William Bowreman, Thomas Bowreman, Richard Lucy, Francis Roll, John St. Barbe, Francis Tilney, Thomas Bettisworth, Francis Rivet, John Hook, Thomas Clerk, Henry Bromfield, Roger Gallop, William Stephens, Thomas Knollis, Henry Whitehead, Azariah Husbands, John Button junior, John Richards, William Oglander, Francis Allen, William Pit, John Pitman, William Collins, Alexander Wilson, Edward Heighs, Thomas Gale, William Wither, John Trot, Robert Gough, John Worseley, Edward Fleming, Richard Moore, Perkinson Oldber, Gabriel Beck, Samuel Bull, Edward Hooper of Paretree, John Knight of St. Dennis, John Thoner, Richard Love, Esqs; John Cole of Ropley, Thomas Urry, Thomas Newnham, George Searle, William Tulse, William Knapton, and Philip Dore, Gent. The Major of the City of Winchester for the time being, the Major of Southampton for the time being, Robert Wroth, Peter Legey, Peter Seal, Daniel Hearsent, Robert Richbell, Thomas Legg, Thomas Wavel, the Major of Newport for the time being, Edmund Riggs, Tho. Musprat, John Champian, Edw. Hooker, Wil. Harwood, Aldermen of the City of Winchester, Tho. Chace, Capt. Carreck, Jacob Legey, Joh. Greenowes, Pet. Murford Esqs.


For the County of Suffolk, Lieutenant General Charles Fleetwood, Sir William Soam Knight, Sir Thomas Barnardiston Knight, Sir William Doyley Knight, Sir Henry Felton Baronet, Sir James Calthrope Knight, Henry North, Stephen Soam, Thomas Darcy, Giles Barnardiston, Thomas Waldegrave, John Gurdon, Robert Brewster, Nathaniel Bacon, Thomas Bacon, Francis Bacon, William Bloise, James Hobart, Francis Brewster senior Esq; Thomas Bloss, Humphrey Moseley, Humphrey Brewster, Edmund Harvey, John Sicklemore, Wil. Gibbs, Edward Winniffe, Barnaby Bowtell, Esquires; Daniel Clinch, Anthony Barry, Wil. Goodwin Robert Duncomb, Jacob Cayley, Emmanuel Sorrel, Edward Plumstead, Samuel Moody Esqs; Thomas Chaplain, Daniel Wall, John Clark, Joseph Brand, Esqs; William Richardson, James Harvey, George Groom, Francis Brewster junior, Thomas Edgar Esq; Thomas Vesey Gentleman, Major John Moody, John Base, Capt. Samue Ward, John Fisk, Robert Sparrow, Thomas Westhroop, John Fothergil, Alexander Bense, Jonathan Base, Joseph Man, Samuel Hasel, Thomas Wright, Gent. John Hayward, Rhoads Hayward, Francis Morse senior, Francis Plumstead, Capt. Maltwood, Capt. John Page, Anthony Fox, George Vertue, Dr. Robert King, Frederick Scot, Richard Shepheard, Robert Brownrick Esq; John Clopton, Gent. Captain John Groom, Edmund Harvy of Hinton, John Ireton, Francis Theobald, Wil. Blumfield, Joh. Garnish Esq; John Gooch Esq; Col. Joh. Briscoe, Wil. Byat Gent. Tho. Stewart, Tho. Bendish, Nath. Thurstow.


For the Town of Ipswich, the Bayliffs for the time being, Nath. Bacon Recorder, Francis Bacon, John Brandlin, Rob. Duncon, Peter Fisher, Manuel Sorril, Jacob Caley.

Bury St. Edmunds.

For Bury St. Edmunds, the Aldermen for the time being, John Sotheby Recorder, Thomas Chaplain, Samuel Moody, John Clark, Miles Burrough senior.

For Sudbury.

The Major for the time being, John Fothergil Esquire, William Byat, Joseph Man, Samuel Hasel, Wil. Abbot, John Cook, Gent. Edward Thompon senior.


For Aldburgh, the Bayliffs for the time being, Francis Bacon Recorder, Thom. Johnson, John Bence, Henry Chenery.


For the County of Surrey, and Borough of Southwark, Lord Lambert, Lord chief Justice Glynn, Sir Richard Onslow, Sir George Agscough, Sir William Brereton, Sir John Barkstead, Sir Robert Tytchburn, Francis Drake, Samuel Moyer, Lawrence Marsh, Samuel Hyland, Arthur Squib, Benjamin Weston, Arthur Onslow, John Corbet, George Thomson, John Blackwel senior, Francis Allen, Esqs; Sir Thomas Pride, Nicholas Juxon, Lewis Audeley, Thomas Moore, John Gould, Thomas Cooper, Richard Greaves, Jo. Fenwick, John Blackwel junior, Tobias Bridges, Esqs; Sir Walter St. Johns, Abraham Babbington, John Rushworth, Samuel Warcup, John Hardwick, William Wood, John Goodwin, Thomas Lee, Robert Warcup, James Pitson, Richard Hutchinson, Peter Pet, Robert Thomson, Lionel Rowlans, Edmond Moor, James Walker, Hierome Zanchy, Henry Wilcox, Thomas Jordan, Obadiah Weeks, Thomas Juxon, Sackford Gunston, Cornelius Cook, John How, John Purse, Nicholas Lampriere, George Pet, Sydrack Brise, Benjamin Poulstid, George Duncomb, Henry Weston, John Westbrook, Robert Wilson, Peter Hussey, Andrew Cade, Marlion Reeve, Thomas Walker, John Inwood, John Bentley, James Shirley, Josias Berners, Richard Laurence, David Moor, Wil. Heecock, Richard Glyde junior, Samuel Lyn, Wil. Lancaster, John Life, John Cuddington, John Steer, Vincent Potter, Jervas Searl, James Buttreys, John Alderton, Nathaniel Wroth, Edmund Blundel, Joachim Matthews, James Burton, John Sandon, Peter Evans, Roger Duncomb, Esquires; John Holman, William Sidenham, Esqs; Thomas Hammond, Thomas Scot, Edmund Prideaux, Sir Richard Bettenson, Peter Delanoy Esqs; John Lloid, John Daberon, Carew Rawley, Charles Fox, John Hewson, William Hill, Henry Baldwin, Robert Terry, the Major of Guilford for the time being, Hugh Wood Esq; Thomas Foot Alderman of London, Christopher Searl, Jeremy Baines, John Coldham, Benjamin Collier.


For the County of Sussex, Sir John Pelham Baronet, Sir Thomas Rivers Baronet, Sir Thomas Parker Knight, Herbert Springet, Herbert Morley, John Stapeley, Anthony Shirley, John Busbridge, John Baker, William Hay, Thomas Jeffery, Thomas Collins, William Cawley, Esqs; William Knewton, Thomas Luxford of Windmillhill, Arthur Bettesworth, Thomas Hanshaw, Thomas White, Simon Evernden, Ambrose Trayton, Edward Hobson, Gent. John Fagg, Henry Peckam, William Spence, Anthony Stapeley, Edmund Polhill, Samuel Got, Esqs; Nathaniel Studley, William Cawley the younger, James Butler, William Freeman, Thomas Jenner, Walter Evernden, Wil. Cook of Field-place, John Hay of Esind-Bourn, Richard Yeats, James Hussey of Slingfold, Richard Boughton, William Dike, Anthony Springat, Walter Henley, Stephen Humphrey, Robert Goodwyn, Esquires; Henry Shirley, Edward Blaker, Francis Wyat, Richard Manning, Edward Pain, William Edmonds, William Stanyer, Thomas Peckam, Henry Onslow, John Lee, William Lane, William Marlet, James Plummer, Joseph West, Gentlemen; the Major of Arundel for the time being, Thomas Ballard Gent. Samuel Powel Esquire, Major General Goffe, Mr. Richard Knowles, Thomas Peckam, George Edmonds, John Pellet.


For the County of Worcester, Sir Thomas Rous Baronet, John Wilde Sergeant at Law, Major General James Berrey, Wil Lygon, John Egiocke, Edw. Pit, Hen. Bromley of Holt, Rich. Grevis, Nicholas Lechmere, Gervase Buck, Wil. Geffreys, Joh. Corbet, Henry Bromley of Upton, Edw. Dingley, Charls Cornwallis, Nich. Acton, Rich. Foley, Walter Savage of Broadway, John Bridges, Richard Vernon, Thomas Foley, Thomas Milward, Talbot Badger, Thomas Joley, John Latham, John Fownes, Theophilus Andrews, Wiliam Collins, Esquires; Thomas Young, Edmund Gyles, Edw. Moore, Nicholas Harris, Nicholas Blick, John Corbyn, John Baker, Gent. the Major of Evesham, Bayliff of Bewdley, and Bayliff of Kidderminster for the time being, Edmund Gyles one of the Masters of the Chancery, Walter Gyles, Thomas Symonds of Peershore, Gentlemen; John Nanfan, Edward Salwey, Esquires.

Worcester City.

For the City and County of the City of Worcester, Major General James Berry, Edmund Pit, John Nash, Edward Elvins, Henry Ford, Francis Frank, Aldermen, Gervase Buck, Thomas Hall, Esquires, Capt. Thomas Wells, Richard Henning, Anthony Careless, John Higgins, William Cheatle, Arthur Lloid, Thomas Harrison, John Philips, Thomas Baker the elder, Foulk Estop, Richard Juce, Robert Gorl, Gent. Edmund Giles one of the Masters of the Chancery, Wil. Collins Esq; Tho. Hacket Alderman.


For the County of Warwick, and the City and County of the City of Coventry, Basil Earl of Denbigh, Edward Lord Conway, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Sir Thomas Rowse Baronet, Sir Thomas Trevor, William Purefoy, William Colemore, Thomas Willoughby, Esquires; Sir Simon Archer, John Rowse, Nicholas Overbury, Thomas Archer, Edward Peto, Esquires; Sir Roger Burgoin, Richard Lucy, Christopher Hales, Joseph Hawksworth, John St. Nicholas, Waldiff Willington, Thomas Combs, William Combs, Major Richard Creed, William Strode, Matthew Bridges, Charles Bentley, Thomas Wills, Wil. Whitehall, Richard Taylor, Paul Wentworth, John Fetherston, Thomas Boughton, Thomas Fox, Timothy St. Nicholas, Thomas Appletree, Wil. Jesson, Esquires; Mr. Robert Bedford, James Prescot, Robert Heath, Thomas Basnet, Gent. Richard Hopkins, Robert Beak, Esquires; the Major of Coventry for the time being, Samuel Snel, William Thornton, John Hawford, William Jelliffe, James Nailor, John Wooldridge, Gentleman; Thomas Love, Robert Bedford, Aldermen; William Fetherston Gentleman.


For the County of Wilts, Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, John Lisle one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England, Robert Nicholas one of the Barons of the Court of Exchequer, Edmund Ludlow Esquire, Sir Anthony Ashely Cooper Baronet, Alexander Popham, Francis Hollis, Richard Whitehead, John Ashe, Philip Smith, Alexander Thistlethwaite, William Sadler, Edward Tooker, John Dove, Robert Hippesley, Walter St. John, William Ludlow, Edward Stokes, Gabriel Martin, Edward Pierce, William Eyre, John Rede, Jeffery Daniel, Giles Eyre, Francis Swanton, Samuel Ashe, Nicholas Green, William Blisset, William Shute, Thomas Eyre, Bennet Swain, William Coles of Downton, John Goddard of Barwick, Edward Michel, John Nordon, William King, Thomas Grove, William Adlim, Henry Blake, Walter South, William Yorke, James Ashe, Wil. Willoughby of Knoyle, Wil. Temple, Thomas Paine, Richard Hill, Henry Hungerford, Marmaduke Stonehouse, John Alsford, Gabriel Lapp, Esquires, Richard Crouch, John Lawrence, Thomas Hunt Thomas Hancock, Francis Leigh, John Taylour, Wil. Montjoy, Paul Meth-wyn, Anthony Trotman, Wil. Yerbury, John Bennet, of Steeple-Ashton, Richard Francklin, Wil. Redish, Edward Tiddecomb, John Keynes, Richard Scot, Wil. Sherstone, George Dyer, John Blackbury, Edward Middlecot, Wil. Stanter, Christopher Bat, James Heely, Wil. Rutty, Edward Frip, Richard Green, James Fice, Gabriel Lap, George Lane, Gent.


For the City of Sarum, the Mayor for the time being, Wil. Stone, James Hely, Humphrey Ditton, Richard Phelps, Thomas Abbot, Thomas Ray, Edward Edmonds.


For the County of Westmerland, Lord Richard Cromwel, Sir Thomas Widdrington, Knight, Speaker of the Parliament, Philip Lord Wharton, Charls Lord Howard, Walter Lord Strickland, Christopher Lister, Thomas Burton, George Downing, Thomas Lilburn, Robert Branthwait, Francis Sisson, Edward Briggs, John Archer and Roger Bateman, Esquires; Edmund Branthwait, Robert Atkinson, James Cock, William Garnet, Richard Burton, Robert Skaise and John Lowson, Gent.


For the Isle of Anglesey, John Glyn Lord chief Justice of the Upper Bench, John Jones, Robert Bulkley, Peirce Lloid, Richard Wood, John Carter, Peirce Lloid junior, William Bold, George Twisleton, Richard Owen Theodore, Thomas Madryn, Rowland Bulkley, Thomas Williams, John Wood, Richard Bolton, Griffith Bodurda, John Owen Llanveithley, William Lewis of Kemlin, William Win Langoed, Henry Win Penheskin, Rowland White, Esquires; Thomas Michael Gentleman, and the Major of Bewmarris for the time being.


For the County of Brecknock, Henry Williams, Thomas Williams, William Watkins, Roger Games, Lewis Jones, Meredith Lewis, Philip Jones, William Jones, Edmund Jones, Evan Lewis, John Games of Aberbrane, John Williams, Hugh Thomas, James Watkins, William Watkins, John Morgan, Tho. Watkins, Esqs; Richard Williams, Tho. Williams, Gent. the Bayliff of Brecon for the time being, Edw. Williams Gent.


For the County of Cardigan, Sir Richard Price Baronet, Thomas Lloyd Esquire High Sheriff of the said County, James Philips, James Lewis, John Vaughan, Henry Vaughan, Jenkin Lloyd, Thomas Parry, Richard Herbert, John Lewis, Erasmus Lloyd, Robert Brit, Hector Philips, Esqs; Rice Evans, Walter Vaughan, Abell Griffine, Rice Gwyn, David Morgan, John Williams, Gent. John Bowin, Nicholas Lewis, Esquires.


For the County of Carmarthen, Sir Erasmus Philips Baronet, Sir Edward Mansel Baronet, Philip Jones, James Philips, Rowland Dawkins, Jenkin Lloyd of Verdreffe, David Morgan, John Lloyd, Charls Gwynn, Thomas William Lloyd, George Gwynn, Walter Jones, Richard Lewis, John Lloyd of Kilrhiwe, John Vaughan of Plasgwyn, John Lewis of Llysnewydd, Lewis Lloyd, George Jones, Tho. Lloyd, Tho. Morgan, Esqs; Morgan Owens, Owen Owens, James Lloyd of Kilrhedyn, Richard Gwyn, Thomas Philips of Kilsant, Arthur Morgan, John Philips, John Price, Anthony Jones, Thomas Jones, Gentlemen; the Major of the Town of Carmathen, John Huges Alderman, Morris Thomas Gentleman, Owen Bristock Esquire, Jenkin Franklin.


For the County of Carnarvan, Henry Lawrence Lord President of the Council, John Glynn Lord chief Justice of the Upper Bench, Robert Bulkley Esquire, Sir Owen Wynn Baronet, Richard Wynn of Gwydar, Griffith Jones, Griffith Williams, Robert Williams, John Carter, Thomas Madryn, George Twisleton, Morrice Wynn, Edmund Glyn, John Bodurda, William Foxwist, Robert Coetmore, Richard Griffith, John Williams of Millionydd, Owen Wynn, William Wynn of Glanrafon, Richard Anwyll, Edward Williams, John Hookes, Hugh Williams, Griffith Bodurda, Richard Coetmore, Richard Edwards, Morrice Griffith, Herbert Griffith, Esquires.


For the County of Denbigh, John Glyn Lord chief Justice, Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, Sir John Trevor Knight, John Puleston, John Jones, Simon Thelwel, John Carter, George Twisleton, Owen Salisbury, Edward Thelwel, Eubal Thelwel, Foulk Middleton, John Edisbury, William Pany of Pontygo, John Langford, John Manley, Robert Duckenfield, John Peck, Watkin Kiffin, Thomas Ravenscroft of Pickilt, John Win of Meley, Robert Price of Geeler, Richard Middleton, Thomas Ball, Thomas Middleton, John Trevor, Robert Williams, Owen Thelwel, And. Ellis, Rob. Wyn of Voyley, Lumley Thelwel, Wil. Parry of Looynin, Tho. Cruchley, Wil. Wyn, Richard Wyn, Roger Sontley, Esquires; Gerrard Barber, Richard Basnet, Edward Taylor, Charls Goodman, Wil. Wyn, Thomas Holland, Robert Griffith, Gentlemen.


For the County of Flint, John Glyn Lord chief Justice of the Upper Bench; Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir John Trevor, Knights; John Puleston Serjeant at Law, John Trevor, John Jones, Wil. Glyn, Thomas Ravenscroft, John Carter, George Twisleton, John Salisbury senior, Thomas Cruchley, Luke Lloyd, Ralph Hughs, Andrew Ellis, George Hope, Peirce Conway, Eubule Hughs, Thomas Dimmock, Richard Young, John Peck, David Lloyd of Tythin, Wil. Mostyn of Baghilt, Henry Lloyd of Cornest, Daniel Matthews, John Hanmer, Esquires.


For the County of Glamorgan, Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Lord Viscount Lisle, Walter Strickland, Philip Jones, Bussey Mansel, Edmond Thomas, Wil. Lewis, Wil. Herbert, Humfrey Windham, Evan Seyse, Rowland Dawkins, Edward Stradling, John Herbert, Richard Evans, Wil. Watkin, Robert Williams, Rice Powel, John Bowen, Wil. Basset, John Price, Evan Lewis, John Gaeler, Henry Morgan, Thomas Evans of Man, Thomas Loughor of Llandeduck, Lewis Jones, Wil. Bayly, George Morgan, Esquires; the Bayliffs of Cardiff for the time being; the Major of Swanzey for the time being; Herbert Evans Esquire, Sir Thomas Lewis Knight, Morgan Morgan, Esquire.


For the County of Merioneth, John Jones, Owen Salisbury, Wil. Wyn of Glyn, William Vaughan, John Lloyd of Masey-Pandu, Lewes Owen, Robert Vaughan, Robert Owen, Maurice Wyn, Richard An will the elder of Park, Edward Wyn of Taltreythin, John Vaughan of Trowscoed, Howel Vaughan, Lewis Gwyn of Balle, Lewis Lloyd, — Owen, Edmond Meirick, Esquires; Nathaniel Jones of Hendure, Ellice Hughes, Richard Lloyd.


For the County of Montgomery, Major General Berry, Edward Lord Cherbery, Sir John Price Baronet, Sir John Whitwrong Knight, Edward Vaughan, Charls Lloyd, Hugh Price, Rowland Hunt, George Devereux, John Purcel, John Price of Park, Matthew Morgan, Evan Lloyd, Robert Griffith, Richard Owen, Richard Herbert, John Pugh, Gabriel Wyn, James Mitton, Lewis Price, Thomas Lloyd, Charls Lloyd of Dollabran, Esquires; Thomas Jucks, John Kiffin, Edward Wyn, Morris Lloyd, Kiffin Lloyd, Gentlemen, Samuel Biggs, Edward Vaughan of Tyrennynich, Thomas Nichols, Richard Price, Samuel Moor, Francis Buller. Esquires.


For the County of Pembroke, Sir Erasmus Philips, Sir Hugh Owens, Baronets; Philip Jones, James Philips, James Lewis, Roger Lort, Henry White, Sampson Lort, Thomas Parry, Walter Conwey, George Carew, John Lort, Thomas Warren, John Mathias, John Elliot senior, Herbert Parrat, George Howard, Isaac Lloyd, John Lloyd. Thomas Woogan, Thomas Owens, Arnold Thomas, Wil. Scourfield, John Brotherough, Hector Philips, James Price, Richard Brown, Thomas Knowls, Richard Castles, Esquires; David Morgan of Koed Lloyd, Rowland Wogan, Abel Griffin, John Elliot junior, Gentlemen; the Major of Pembroke for the time being; the Major of Tenby for the time being, William Langharn, Thomas Corbet, Thomas Cosens, Gentlemen; Arthur Owen Esquire.


For the County of Radnor, Sir William Lewis Baronet, George Gwyn, Henry Williams, Samuel Powel, Nicholas Taylor, Griffith Jones, Peter Taylor, John Dantefey, John Yeardley, Esquires; John Richards the elder, Robert Cutler, Howel Powel of Nantguilt, Gentlemen; Andrew Philips.


For the Town of Haverford-West, Sir Hugh Owens Baronet, James Philips, John Upton, Esquires, the Major of the Town for the time being, Wil. Mayler, Ernold Thomas, Thomas Davis, Wil. Walter, Henry Bowen, Wil. Williams, Esquires, Thomas Bowen, Wil. Davis Town-Clerk, Richard Fowler, John Williams, Richard Mayler, George Warren.


For the Town of Berwick upon Tweed, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, Speaker of the Parliament, Lieutenant Col. John Major, John Sleigh, Thomas Watson, Andrew Cusp, Luke Orde, Aldermen, Ralph Saltkeild, William Anderson, Burgesses.

Pound rate; How each person shall be rated.; First meeting of the Commissioners.; Commissioners to divide themselves.; Surveyors and Assessors to be appointed.; Oath.; Returns to be made four days before the second General meeting.; Time of the second General meeting.

And for the more equal and right proportioning the several sums before mentioned, Be it further Enacted, and it is hereby Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the several sums of money to be Rated, Assessed and Levied by vertue of this Act, shall be Taxed and Assessed, by a pound rate on the several Divisions, Hundreds, Ridings, Lathes, Wapentakes and Parishes in the respective Counties, Cities, Towns and Places aforesaid, for all and every their Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Annuities, Rents, Profits, Parks, Warrens, Goods, Chattels, Stock, Merchandizes, Offices, or any other Real or Personal Estate whatsoever, according to the value thereof; that is to say, so much upon every Twenty shillings rent, or yearly value of Land and real Estate, and so much upon Money, Stock, and other personal Estate, by an equal Rate (wherein every Twenty pounds in Money, Stock, or other personal Estate, shall bear the like charge, as shall be laid upon every Twenty shillings yearly Rent, or yearly value of Land) as will raise the Monethly sum or sums charged upon the respective Counties, Cities, Towns & Places aforesaid. For the better effecting whereof, it is hereby Enacted, That the several and respective Commissioners in this Act appointed for the several and respective Counties, Cities, Towns & Places aforenamed, shall meet together at the most usual and common place of meeting, within each of the said Counties, Cities, Towns, Places respectively, on or before the Five and twentieth day of June, 1657. And the said Commissioners, or so many of them as shall be present at the said first General meeting, or the major part of them, are hereby authorized and required to put this present Act in execution, according to the best of their judgments and discretion, and shall then subdivide and distribute themselves so into lesser numbers, as two or more of the said Commissioners may be appointed for the service of each Hundred, or other Division, and as may best conduce to the carrying on of the Publick Service by this Act required. And for the more effectual performance thereof, Be it Enacted, That the Commissioners at the aforesaid first General meeting, or the major part of them, shall agree and set down in writing, who, and what number of the said Commissioners shall Act in each of the said Divisions or Hundreds, to the end that there may be no failer in any part of the due prosecution of the service by this Act required. And be it Enacted, That the said Commissioners so subdivided and ascertained to each Division or Hundred as aforesaid, or any two or more of them, shall with all convenient speed repair unto the several Divisions, Ridings, Lathes, Wapentakes, or Hundreds, and shall issue forth and direct their Warrants to two at the least of the honest and able inhabitants within each Parish, Town-ship, or other distinct place (that hath been usually and accustomarily Assessed & Rated by itself) to be Surveyors and Assessors. And the said Commissioners, or any two of them, may, and are hereby authorized and required to administer an Oath (if they shall see cause) unto the said respective Surveyors and Assessors, for their faithfull discharge of the trust reposed in them, and for their just and impartial dealing in the same; which said Surveyors and Assessors are to ascertain and rate the yearly value and profits of the said Parishes, Town ships and Places, for which they shall be appointed Surveyors and Assessors, and shall return the same to the said Commissioners, or to such person or persons as they shall appoint to receive the same, four days at the least before the second General meeting of the Commissioners. And be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the time for the second General meeting of the Commissioners, shall be upon or before the Nineth day of July, 1657.

Pound rate.; Assessors for each Parish.; Assistance of Civil Officers and others.; Two Duplicates of the Assessments, one for the Collectors.; Time of paiment in of the money.; The other Duplicate for the Receiver.; Chief Collector.; Receiver to be named by the Commissioners, and to give security.; Receivers salary.; Sub-Collectors salary.; High Collectors Salary.; Allowance for the Commissioners Clerks.

And the said Commissioners are hereby authorized and required to meet accordingly, at their most usual and common place of meeting within each of the said Counties, Cities, Towns and Places respectively: At which time the Commissioners appointed to act within the several Hundreds, Divisions and Places as aforesaid, shall then and there produce to the Commissioners at the second General meeting, the particular surveys or rates of each Parish or place within their respective Divisions or Hundreds. And the said Commissioners then present, or the major part of them, are authorized and required upon view and perusal of the said several surveys or rates, to sum and cast up the total of the Surveys of the whole County, City, Town, or place, both as to the Real and Personal Estate, and shall then sum and cast up what and how much it will amount unto in the pound to make up the full and entire Sum charged upon the said County, City, Town or place, by vertue of this present Act; to the end that an equal pound Rate may be apportioned and appointed upon every Division, Hundred, Riding, Lathe, Wapentake, Ward, Town-ship, Parish, or Place, which said proportion and equal Rate, the said Commissioners, or the major part of them present, as aforesaid, are by vertue of this Act appointed and authorized to make, that the Sums charged thereon may be duly levied, Collected and paid accordingly: And that being done, the Commissioners within their several Divisions, or Hundreds, or any two or more of them, are hereby Authorized and required to cause the said several proportions and Sums of Money charged on their respective Divisions, and on every Parish and place therein, for the whole three Moneths Assessment, to be at once equally Assessed and Taxed in due manner and form, according to the true intent and meaning of this Act; and to appoint two or more Assessors in each Parish or place for the perfecting thereof, who are hereby Authorized and required to call for the Survey or Rate of such Parish, or place, and to put the business with all care and diligence in present execution, observing the Rules in this Act prescribed for the equal Assessing of all Estates both Real and Personal, by a pound Rate, within the Limits, Circuits and Bounds of their respective Parishes and places, and for the compleating of the whole Sum, or proportion charged upon the same. And the said Commissioners, or any two or more of them, shall and may by their Warrants, require the Assistance of the High-Constables, and such other Officers and persons within their several Hundreds and Divisions as they shall think fit, who (and every of them) are hereby enjoyned and required to observe such orders and directions, as they shall in that behalf receive from the said Commissioners, or any two of them. And to the end the said Rates may be equally and indifferently Assessed, according to the true intent of this Act, and the money duely collected, and true Accompt thereof made, the said Assessors are hereby required to deliver one Copy of their respective Assessments, fairly written and subscribed by them, unto the said Commissioners in their respective Divisions. And the said Commissioners, or any two or more of them, shall cause to be fairly written, and are hereby ordered and required to sign and seal two Duplicates of the said Assessment, and the one of them to deliver, or cause to be delivered, to one or more honest and responsible person or persons, to be sub-Collector, or sub-Collectors, which the said Commissioners are hereby authorized to nominate and appoint, for each Parish, Township, or place, with Warrant to the said sub-Collector, or sub-Collectors, to collect the whole three moneths Assessment together and at once, so as the same may be fully paid in to the head-Collectors nominated and appointed by the said Commissioners to receive the same, so timely, as the full sum of the said three moneths Assessment, charged upon each Hundred, or Division, Parish, or place, may be wholly paid in, and compleated to the Receiver, at or before the Four and twentieth day of July at the farthest, which shall be in the year One thousand six hundred fifty and seven. And the said Commissioners are hereby required to deliver, or cause to be delivered, the other of the said Duplicates to the Receiver of each County, City, Town, or place respectively, to be by him the said Receiver transmitted to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, which the said Receiver of each County, City, Town, or place respectively, is hereby required to perform accordingly. And be it Enacted, That the said Commissioners in their respective Divisions or Hundreds, or any two or more of them, shall, and are hereby impowred to nominate and appoint under their hands and seals, an honest, able and responsible person to be chief Collector, unto whom the moneys received by the sub-Collectors within the said Division or Hundred, shall from time to time be duly paid. And the said chief Collector is hereby required upon the Receipt thereof, to pay the same forthwith to the Receiver of each County respectively; And be it further Enacted, That the Commissioners in this Act named, or the major part of so many of them as shall be present at the first or second General meeting, are hereby authorized, at their said first or second General meeting, to nominate and appoint an honest and responsible person (of whom sufficient security shal be taken by the said Commissioners) to be Receiver of the whole Assessment due from each County, City, Town and place respectively; and the particular Collectors are hereby required to pay in all and every the sums so received by them, to the said Receiver as aforesaid; who is hereby required forthwith to transmit, or cause to be paid this moneys by him received, into the Receipt of his Highnes Exchequer. And the Lords Commissioners for the Treasury are hereby authorized to allow the said Receiver of each respective County, City, Town and place (in case he hath returned up to them a Duplicate of the Assessment of each Parish, or place in the County, City, or Town, for which he is appointed Receiver, as in this Act is directed) a Salary for his pains, not exceeding one peny in the pound, upon the clearing of his Accompt. And be it Enacted, and it is hereby Enacted, That the sub-Collectors of each Parish, Town or place, which shall be appointed by vertue of this Act, shall, upon the Collection of the whole sum appointed to be collected by them, and payment thereof to the High Collector of their respective Hundreds or Divisions, have and receive, for their pains in collecting and paying the said Moneys, one peny in the pound, which the said several High Collectors are hereby authorized to pay unto them: And the several High Collectors which shall be appointed by vertue of this Act, shall, upon the payment of the whole sum due from their Hundred or Division, to the Receiver of each County, have and receive for their pains in receiving and paying the said Moneys, one peny in the pound, which each Receiver is hereby authorized to pay and to allow unto them accordingly: And also upon the receipt of the whole Assessment of the County, City, Town, or place, for which he is appointed Receiver (in case he hath received the several Duplicates of each Parish, or place therein, and not otherwise, to allow and pay according to such Warrant, as shall be in that behalf given by the said Commissioners, or any three of them, one peny in the pound to the Commissioners Clerks, for their pains in fair writing the Assessments and Duplicates.

No High Collector for Cities or Towns, except London.; Distress and sale.; Commissioners to determine differences concerning Distresses.

Provided, That no High Collector shall be appointed for any City or Town, which is by this Act particularly charged with the payment of any sum towards the Assessment thereby to be Levied (and for which a Receiver is to be appointed) excepting within the City of London. And be it Enacted, That if any person shall refuse or neglect to pay any sum of Money whereat he shall be rated or assessed, that then it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Collectors, sub-Collectors, or any of them (who are hereby authorized and required thereunto) to Levy the sum Assessed by distress and sale of the goods of such persons so refusing, or neglecting to pay, deducting the sum Assessed, and reasonable charges of distreining, and restore the overplus to the Owner thereof; and to break open any House, Chest, Trunk, or Box, or other thing, where any such goods are. and to call to their assistance any of the forces next adjacent to, or within the Counties, Cities, Towns, or places where any refusal, neglect, or resistance shall be made, or any other Officer, or Officers, person or persons, Civil, or Military whatsoever; which said forces. Officers and persons are hereby required to be aiding and assisting in the Premisses, as they will answer the contrary at their perils: And if any question, or difference happen upon the taking of such distress, between the parties distreined, or distreining, the same shall be ended and determined by the said Commissioners, or any two or more of them.

Imprisonment and sequestration in case of concealment.; Tenants to deduct the Assessments out of their Rents.; Differences between landlord and Tenant to be determined by the Commissioners.; Persons over-rated.; Re-assessment where it falls short.

And if any person or persons shall neglect, or refuse to pay his or their Assessment, and conceal, or convey away his or their goods, or other personal Estate, whereby the sum of Money so Assessed cannot be Levied according to this Act, then the respective Comissioners, or any two or more of them, are hereby authorized to imprison the person, and sequester the estates of every such person, for the advancement of the said service, wheresoever the same may be discovered and found. And the several and respective Tenants, or Tenant of all Houses and Lands, which shall be rated by vertue of this Act, are hereby required and authorized, to pay such sums of Money, as shall be rated upon such House or Land, and to deduct out of their Rents so much of the said rates, as, in respect of the said Rents of every such House and Land, the Landlords should or ought to pay and bear: And the said Land-lords, both mediate, and immediate, according to their respective Interests, are hereby required to allow such deductions and payment, upon the receipt of the residue of their Rents. And be it Enacted, That every Tenant paying the said Assessment, shall be acquitted and discharged for so much Money as the said Assessment shall amount unto, as if the same had been actually paid unto such person or persons, unto whom his Rents should have been due and payable. And if any difference shall arise between Land-lord and Tenant, or any other, concerning the said Rates, the said several Commissioners, or any two or more of them, in their several Divisions, shall, and have hereby power to settle the same as they shall think fit. And if any person or persons shall find him or themselves aggrieved, in that he or they are not equally and indifferently Assessed, and shall, within six days after demand made of the sum of Money Assessed on him or them, complain to the Commissioners, who signed or allowed his or their Assessment, the said Commissioners, or the major part of them, who signed or allowed such Assessment, shall have, and have hereby, power within the said six days, after demand of the Assessment as aforesaid, to relieve such person or persons, and to charge the same upon such other person or persons, as they shall see cause. And in case the proportions set by this Act upon all and every the respective Counties, Cities, Towns and places, shall not be fully Assessed, Levied and Paid, according to the true meaning thereof; or that if any of the said Assessment shall be rated or imposed upon any person, not being of ability to pay the same, or upon any empty or void House or Land, where the same cannot be Collected or Levyed, or that through any other wilfulness, negligence, mistake, or accident, the said Assessment, charged upon each County, City, Town or Place, by vertue of this Act, happens not to be paid in to the said Receipt of His Highness Exchequer, as in this Act is directed, That then, and in all and every such cases, the several and respective Commissioners, Assessors, and Collectors aforesaid, and every of them respectively, are hereby authorized and required, to Assess or Re-assess, or cause to be Assessed or Re-assessed, Collected, Levied and paid, all and every such sum or sums of Money, upon the respective Counties, Cities, Towns or Places, or upon any the Divisions, Hundreds, and Parishes therein, as to the said Commissioners (or such number of them, as by this Act are authorized to cause the first Assessment (thereby required) to be made) shall seem most agreeable to equity and justice: the said new Assessment to be made, Collected, Levied, and paid in such manner, and by such means, as in this Act for the Assessment is declared and directed.

Power to fine persons neglecting or refusing to do their Duty.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if any person or persons shall wilfully neglect or refuse to perform his or their Duty, in the due and speedy execution of this present Act, the said respective Commissioners, or any three or more of them, have hereby power to impose on such person or persons, so refusing or neglecting their Duties, such fine or fines, as to them shall be thought fit, and cause the same to be levied by distress and sale of his, or their Goods; Provided, That no fine to be imposed by any of the said Commissioners, shall, for any one offence exceed the sum of Twenty pounds. And that all fines that shall be imposed by vertue of this Act, shall be paid to the respective Receivers of each County, City, Town or place, to the use of his Highness the Lord Protector and his Successors.

No place to be discharged, till the whole Assessment be paid into the Exchequer.

And forasmuch as no part of the Assessment appointed to be paid by this Act, can be forborn, or suffered to miscarry; It is hereby declared, That no County, City, Town, or place herein named, shall be discharged from the sums charged thereon, until the whole be paid in to the said Receipt of his Highness Exchequer.

Receivers, Collectors, &c. refusing or neglecting to pay what they have received, shall be imprisoned and sequestred.; Sale.

And it is therefore Enacted, That if any Receiver, Collector or sub-Collector, for any County, City, Town, or place, that shall by vertue of this Act be appointed for the Receipt of any sum or sums of money thereby to be Assessed, shall neglect, or refuse to pay any sum or sums of money, which shall be by him so received as aforesaid, and net pay the same as in and by this Act is directed, the Commissioners of each County, City, Town, or place, respectively (or any two or more of them in their respective Divisions) are hereby authorized and impowred to imprison the person, and seize, secure, and sequester the estate, both real and personal, of such Receiver, Collector, or sub-Collector, their Heirs, Executors, or Administrators, wherever the same can be discovered and found: And the said Commissioners, who shall so seize, secure and sequester the estate of any Receiver, Collector, or sub-Collector, shall be, and are hereby impowred to appoint a time for a General meeting of the Commissioners of such County, City, Town, or place, at the common and usual place of meeting in each County, City, Town and place, and thereof cause publique notice to be given at the place where such meeting shall be appointed, ten days at the least before such General meeting: And the Commissioners present at such General meeting, or the major part of them (in case the moneys detained by such Receiver, Collector, or sub-Collector, be not paid and satisfied, as it ought to be, according to the direction of this Act) shall and are hereby impowred, to sell and dispose of all such estates, which shall be for the causes aforesaid, seized and sequestred, and satisfie and pay such County, City, Town, or place, the sums that shall so be detained in the hands of such Receiver, Collector, or sub-Collector, and return the overplus to such Receiver, Collector, or sub-Collector, their Heirs, Executors, or Administrators. And such sale so made by the said Commissioners, shall be, and is hereby declared to be good and effectual in Law, to vest and settle the right and property thereof in such person or persons as shall buy the same.

Commissioners to take accompt of the payment in of the moneys.

And it is hereby further Enacted, That at the expiration of the time in this Act prescribed for the full payment of the said three moneths Assessment, the several and respective Commissioners, or any two or more of them within their Divisions and Hundreds, shall, and are hereby required to call before them the chief Collector, or sub-Collector within each respective Division or Hundred, to examine and assure themselves of the full and whole payment of the particular sum or sums of Money charged upon the said Division, Hundred, and every Parish and place therein, and of the due return of the same into the hands of the Receiver of the said County, City, Town, or place respectively, and by such Receiver, into the said Receipt of his Highness Exchequer, to the end there may be no failer in the payment of any part of the Assessments by vertue of this Act to be Assessed and paid, nor any Arrears remain chargeable upon any the said Counties, Cities, Towns, or places respectively. And in case of any failer in the premisses, the said Commissioners, or any two of them, are hereby to cause the same to be forthwith fully levied and paid according to the true intent and meaning of this Act, and the powers given them therein.

Commissioners concerned in differences to withdraw.

And it is hereby Enacted, That in case any Controversies arise concerning the said Assessments, or the dividing, apportioning or payment thereof, which concern any of the Commissioners by this Act appointed, that the Commissioners so concerned in the said controversies shall have no voice, but shall withdraw at the time of the debate of any such controversie, until it be determined by the rest of the Commissioners.

None to be exempted from this Assessment.; Tenants to pay.

And be it hereby Enacted, That no Priviledged place, or person, Body politique or corporate within the Counties, Cities, Towns, and places aforesaid, shall be exempted from the said Assessment and Taxes, but that they, and every of them, and also all Fee-Farm Rents, and other Rents of the late King, Queen, and Princes Revenues, all Rents and other Sums reserved by the late Court of Wards, out of any Wards, Infants, or Lunaticks Estates, and all other manner of Rents, Payment and Sums of Moneys, and Annuities issuing out of any Lands within any City, Town, or County, shall be liable towards the payment of any Sum by this Act to be taxed and levied: And all the Tenants of any Fee-Farm-Rent, other Rent, Sums of Money, or Annuities aforesaid, are hereby Directed and Authorized to pay them proportionably, according to the Rates and Assessments by this Act appointed and directed, and all such Tenants shall be hereby saved and kept harmless by the Authority aforesaid, from any further payment of such portion of any such Rent, Rents, Sums, or Annuities, either to the Exchequer, or to any other person or persons to whom any such Rent, Rents, Sums of Money or Annuities as aforesaid, should or ought to be paid, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as fully, and as amply, as if they had paid the same in to the Exchequer, or to any person or persons to whom the same is reserved and become due.

Persons beyond Seas without License to pay doub'e.

And it is hereby further Enacted, That all those persons who have left the Commonwealth, and removed them beyond theselves Seas to inhabite (except Merchants whose Affairs do necessarily call them abroad, or such other persons as shall be by Order of his Highness and Council licenced thereunto) shall be Assessed a double proportion upon their Lands, Stocks, and Chattels, of what others for their Lands, Stocks, and Chattels of the like value shall be Assessed.

Stipends of Masters, Fellows, and Schollers of Colledges, and others exempted.; Hospitals in London and Southwark.

Provided, That nothing contained in this Act shall be extended to charge any Master, Fellow, or Scholler of any Colledge in either of the Universities, or in the Colledge of Winchester, Eaton, or Westminster, or in any other Free-Schools, or any Reader, Officer, or Minister of the said Universities, Colledges, or Schools, or of any Hospital or Alms-houses, for and in respect of any Stipend, Wages, or Profit whatsoever, arising or growing due to them in respect of their said several Places and Imployments in the said Universities, Colledges, Schools, Hospitals, or Alms-houses, nor to charge any of the Houses or Lands belonging to Christs Hospital, Bartholomew, Bridewel, Thomas, and Bethlehem Hospitals in the City of London, and Borough of Southwark, or any of them, for, or in respect of any Rents or Revenues payable to the said Hospitals, being to be received and disbursed for the immediate use and relief of the Poor in the same Hospitals.

Tenants to pay for the value above the Rent.

Provided, That no Tenants who hold or enjoy any Lands, or Houses by Lease, or any other Grant from any of the said Hospitals, do claim, or enjoy any Freedome, Exemption, or Advantage by this Act: But that all the Houses and Lands which they so hold, shall be Rated and Assessed for so much as they are yearly worth, over and above the Rents reserved and payable to the said Hospitals.

Persons living in London, to be charged where they dwell.

Provided also, That where any person inhabiting within the City of London, hath his Dwelling-house in one of the Parishes or Wards therein, and hath any Office, Goods, or Merchandize in one or more of the other Parishes or Wards within the same, that then such person shall be Charged, Taxed, and Assessed for such his Office, Goods, or Merchandize in the Parish or Ward where he dwells, and not elsewhere in the said City.

The whole sum to be assessed.

Provided nevertheless, That no Clause or Proviso in this Act shall extend to the lessening or abatement of the full Sum by this Act appointed to be Taxed, Levied, and Paid; But that the same be fully Assessed, Taxed, and Levied, Collected and Paid in the several and respective Counties, Cities, Towns, and places aforesaid, in such manner and form, and to such uses as is herein before mentioned and declared. And that the several and respective Commissioners, and every of them shall from time to time give a true and perfect account of all their doings, and proceedings in the Execution of this Act, to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.

Receivers in case of Arrear shall give notice to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury.

Provided nevertheless, That if the Sums to be Assessed by vertue of this Act, shall not by the time therein appointed be paid to the Receiver of each County, City, Town or Place, the Receiver of such place where any part of the said Assessment shall be so unpaid and in arrear, shall give notice to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, or Commissioners in their respective Divisions or Hundreds (which have not paid their proportions of the said Assessments) of such Arrear.

General issue.

And be it further Enacted, That in Case any Action or Actions shall hereafter be brought against any Comsmisioner, Receiver High-Collector, Sub-Collector, Constable, Headborough, Tythingman, their, or any of their Assistant or Assistants, or any other person or persons whatsoever, by them or any of them imployed in the Rating, Assessing, Levying, or Collecting the said Assessment, or any part thereof, or of any former Assessment, or for any act done by them or any of them in the due execution of this or any former Act or Ordinance for Assessment, Then he or they are enabled to plead the General Issue, and give this Act in Evidence, And if Judgement pass for them or any of them, they shall recover treble costs.

If a pound rate be found obstructive, then the sums in such places shall be assessed in the most equal way.

Provided, That in case the way and manner of Assessing by a Survey and Pound Rate, in such sort as is prescribed by this Act, shall prove prejudicial and obstructive to the bringing in of the three Moneths Assessment aforesaid by the time limited for paying in of the same; That then, and in all such cases, the said Commissioners in any of the said Counties, Cities, Towns and places in this Act mentioned, where such Obstructions shall be or happen, or the major part of them present at their first or second General meeting, may and are hereby authorized for the removal of such Obstructions, to proceed according to the most just and equal way of Rates held in such places in the Proportioning, Levying and Assessing the respective Sums charged upon them and every of them, by vertue of this Act.

If payment in to the Exchequer immediately be found inconvenient, his Highness and the Council may alter it.

Provided nevertheless, and it is hereby Declared, That in case the ordering and payment of the Moneys by this Act appointed into the immediate Receipt of the Exchequer, shall be found inconvenient, so as the Moneys raised thereby cannot be paid in by the time limited in this Act for the reasonable supply of the Publique Service, That then it shall and may be lawfull for his Highness the Lord Protector and Council (if they shall so judge it fit) to Order and Direct the Managing, Levying, and Pay ment of the said Moneys, in such a way, method and manner, as the Monethly Assessments for the Army have been formerly Managed, Rated and Paid, Any thing in this Act to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

Lands shall be charged where they lie.

Provided, and be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That for the Removal of Obstructions in the bringing in of the Three Moneths Assessment aforesaid, by the times limited for paying in of the same, That all Lands shall be henceforth charged in that Constablewick, Division or Allotment wherein it lieth; And that no person be Taxed for one and the same Land in two Counties, but unto that County onely unto which it hath ever paid.