June 1657: An Act for the Improvement of the Revenues of the Customs and Excise.

Pages 1268-1269

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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June, 1657

[26 June, 1657.]

A constant yearly Revenue of 130000 l. to be raised.; Contracts by them approved by his Highness and the Council, and confirmed under the great Seal shall be good.

Whereas by the Humble Petition and Advice of the Parliament, it is thought fit and Declared, That the constant yearly Revenue of Thirteen hundred thousand pounds, shall be raised and setled for the Maintenance of the Armies and Navies of this Commonwealth, and for Defraying the Charges of the Government; And whereas it will be necessary that the Profits of the Excize and Customs, and other the Publique Revenue, be by all good waies and means Improved to the best advantage of the Commonwealth, and as much as may be, reduced to a Certainty, to the end the said yearly Revenue of Thirteen hundred thousand pounds may be answered and raised without a Land-Tax, according to the humble Petition and Advice, without weakening the Securities wherewith the same are already charged; Be it therefore Enacted by His Highness the Lord Protector and this present Parliament, and by Authority thereof, That the Lord Whitlock, Col. Sydenham, Col. Philip Jones, the L. Commissioner Fyenes, the Lord Commissioner Lisle, Mr. Secretary Thurloe, Sir Richard Onslow, Sir William Roberts, Mr. Drake, Mr. Godfrey, Colonel John Clerk, Mr. Bond, Captain Stone, Sir Christopher Pack, Alderman Foot, Mr. Lloyd, the Lord Chief Justice Glyn, Sir Charls Wolseley, Sir John Trevor, Mr. Upton, the Lord Broghil, General Disbrow, Major General Goff, Mr. Bodwrda, Mr. Thomas Smith, Colonel Twisleton, Mr. Rushworth, Mr. Downing, Sir John Barkstead, Colonel John Jones, Major Beak, Captain Blackwel, Mr. Highland, Colonel Mildmay, Colonel Matthews, Major General Hains, Major General Kelsey, and Mr. Maidston, or any seven of them shall be, and hereby are Authorized and Impowred to be a Committee of Parliament, to Treat, Contract and Conclude with any person or persons for the Farming all or any part of the Duties of Customs and Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage, and of Excise and New Impost, and all or any part of the Duties mentioned in two several Acts made this present Parliament, the one Entituled, An Act for Continuing and Establishing the Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage; And for reviving an Act for the better Packing of Butter, and for Redress of abuses therein, The other entituled, An Additional Act for the better Improving and Advancing the Receipts of the Excise and New Impost, and all or any part of the Duties mentioned in any other Act or ordinance touching the said Customs and Excize which by vertue of the forementioned Acts are Revived, Continued, Confirmed or put in force, And what Contract, Bargain or Agree Contracts by them approved by his Highness and the Council, and confirmed under the great Seal shall be good. ment, Contracts, Bargains or Agreements, shall be made by the said Committee, or any seven of them, with any person or persons for or touching the premisses, or any part of them; which Contract, Bargain or Agreement, Contracts, Bargains or Agreements being assented unto by His Highness, with the Advice of His Council, and Ratified and Confirmed by any Grant or Grants, under the Great Seal of England, shall be, and hereby is and are declared to be and continue Good and Valid to all intents and purposes; and all and every person or persons that shall be a Farmer or Contractor, Farmers or Contractors in pursuance of this Act, shall be saved and kept harmless by Authority of Parliament.

The farm not to be for more then seven years.

Provided alwaies, That the premisses nor any part of them, be Farmed for any Term exceeding Seven years: And the said Committee are hereby required to give an Accompt of their Proceedings hereupon to the Parliament at their next Sitting.

None of the Committee to be Farmers.

Provided alwaies, That no person appointed by this Act to be of the Committee of Parliament as aforesaid, shall directly or indirectly be a Farmer, or Partner in the Farming of any part of the Custom or Excize aforesaid.

Farmers or Commissioners shall not trade in any commodities by them farmed.

Provided alwaies, and it is hereby Enacted, That no person or persons whatsoever, that shall Farm the Customs or Excize, or any part of them, or shall be Commissioner or Commissioners of them or either of them, shall during the time of such Farm or Commission, Trade in any the Commodities which may fall under the said Farm, or within the Compass of such Commission.