July 1659: An Act giveing severall powers to the Comrs. for Ireland within named and declareing severall Laws, Ordinances, and Acts of Parliament to be in force in Ireland.

Pages 1298-1299

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July, 1659

[7 July 1659.]

Whereas it is resolved and declared by this present Parliament that the Administration of the Government of Ireland shal be by Commissioners nominated and authorized by the Parliament and not by anyone person; Bee it therfore enacted by this present Parliament and the authority therof that Coll John Jones, Wm. Steele Serjant at Law, Robert Goodwin Esquire, Coll Mathew Thomlinson, and Miles Corbet Serjt. at Law, are and shal be Commissioners of the Parliament of the Comon Wealth of England for the Affaires of Ireland. And they or any three or more of them are hereby authorized and required to assess and leavy or cause to be assessed, taxed and leavyed upon the respective Countys, Citties, and Townes of Ireland, all such sume and sumes of money as are or shal be appointed by the Authority of Parlmt. to be assessed taxed or leavyed in Ireland; And they or any three or more of them are hereby authorized and required, to appoint such Commissioners, Treasurers, Collectors, Assessors, and other persons as they shall finde fitt and necessary for the Assessing, leavying and collecting thereof. And bee it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid; That the said Commissioners or any three or more of them as aforesaid, shall and may have power and are hereby authorized and enabled to administer such Oath and Oathes as are requisite to be administered in the Executions of the powers hereby given them, to any person or persons within Ireland, in all matters or causes or complaints comeing or appeareing before them and likewise have power to send for parties, papers and records and to comitt to prison all such persons as they shall finde and judge to be daingerous or enemys to the Common Wealth of England. And bee it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the severall Laws and Acts of Parliament now in force in England for the punishment of Treasons, Popish Priests, Jesuits, Delinquents, Pluralists and Scandalous Ministers, Fellony, Drunkenesse, Adultry, Incest, fornication, prophanation of the Lord's day, Blasphemy, Perjury, prophane swearing and Cursing, the abolishing of the Hirarchy, and the Service book, comonly called ye book of Comon prayer. An Act for abollishing the kingly office in England. Ireland. and the Dominions thereunto belonging: An Act prohibiting the proclaimeing of any person to be king of England or Ireland, or the Dominions thereof. An Act for repeale of the severall clauses in the Statutes of primo Elizabeth, and tertio Jacobi, touching the Oathes of allegiance, obedience and Supremacy, and an act concerning Oathes to Mayors and other Officers shal be and are hereby declared to be in force in Ireland. And the said Commissioners or any three of them as aforesaid may and are hereby required and authorized to cause the said Laws to be put in Execuon; And the said Commissiers or any three or more of them as aforesaid shall and may and are hereby required and authorized to put in execucon and cause to be duely executed all and every the Instruccons and powers given, or which hereafter shal be given to them by the Parliament or Councell of State appointed by their authority. Provided that this Act continue for the space of three months from the 7th of June One thousand six hundred fifty and nine and noe longer.