July, 1659: An Act for settling The Militia in England and Wales.

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Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July, 1659

[26 July, 1659.]

Names of Commissioners of Militia in England, Wales, and Berwick-on Tweed.

The Parliament of England now assembled, being truly sensible of the great Trust that lies upon them for the preservation and safeguard of the People of this Commonwealth from the malicious attempts and endeavours of the Enemies thereof, and finding a necessity for the enlargement of their Forces above the number formerly established, that so they may be in a capacity to make use of such means as is by Providence afforded them, to prevent all Invasions from abroad, and all Tumults and Insurrections whatsoever, and to maintain the present Peace, Welfare and Quiet of this Commonwealth, Hold fit to Ordain and Enact, And be it hereby Enacted and Ordained by this present Parliament, and by the Authority thereof, That the Persons hereafter mentioned, shall be, and are hereby appointed to be Commissioners of the Militia of the several and respective Counties and Places hereafter named, of England, Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, (viz.)


For the County of Bedford, John Harvey, Sir John Charnock, Edward Cater, John Okey, Richard Wagstaff, John Cockain, Gaius Squire, Joseph Barber, John Hasledon, Henry Brandrith, William Whitbeard, Thomas Arnold, William Prior, John Walker Edmund Wylde, Henry Massingburgh, Richard Edwards, John Miller, Esqs; Major John Barber, William Googe, Henry Whitbeard, George Baker, William Baker, John Ravens, Thomas Feild, Thomas Gibbs, — Weeks, Gentlemen; John Easton, Robert Bell Aldermen of Bedford, Captain Robert Powel, — King, — Cooper, Thomas Margets and John Miller, Esqs.


For the County of Berks, Henry Marten, Henry Nevil, Daniel Blagrave, Cornelius Holland, William Forster, Arthur Evelin, John Southby, John Wyldman, John Blagrave, John Dean, Maximillian Petty, Samuel Bellingham, Robert Huntington, Thomas Cox, John Parker, George Joyce, Daniel Roberts, Jeremy Hand, Henry Barker of Wokingham, Robert Pidgeon, George Lambel; Thomas Curtis, Thomas Stanton, Richard Bigg, John Rusden, John Thompkins, Henry Cannon, James Nelthorp, Richard Fincher, Esqs; Captain Richard Southwood, Captain Edmd. Scotten, Lieutenant Colonel Allen, Capt. John Blackwel, Capt. — Fox, John Fenwick of Bray and Major General John Desbrow.


For the County of Buckingham, Sir Bulstrode Whitlock, Thomas Tirrel one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Sir Richard Temple Baronet, Sir Richard Piggot, Sir Henage Proby, Richard Ingoldsby, George Fleetwood, John Dormer, Edmund West, Isaac Pennington, Cornelius Holland, Tho. Scot, Simon Bennet, Tho. Bulstrode, Richard Greenvil, Richard Sergeant, Simon Meyn, Edmund West the younger, Christopher Eggleton, William Theede of Ledborn, Robert Aldridge, Henry Gold, William Grange of St. Leonards, John Deverel, John Brown, Job. Gibson, William Hill, Thomas White, John Stacy, John Green, John Baldwin, Edmund Petty, Bret Norton, William Theede of Horton, Christopher Hen, Capt. James Whitlock, Alexander Crook, John Smith of Edlesborough, John Biscoe, Francis Russel, John Machel the younger, Thomas Duncomb of Broughton, Thomas Wigg, Francis Dodsworth, Richard Mead, Henry Philips, Samuel Guy, William Beal, Thomas Challoner, John Goodwin, Esquires.


For the County of Cambridge, John Desbrow Esq; Francis Russel Baronet, Thomas Willis Baronet, Thomas Bennet, Robert Castle, John Lowry, Thomas Bendish, Thomas Ducket, Hezekiah Heyns, James Thompson, Samuel Fortrey, Robert Hammond, Edward Leeds, Esqs; Samuel Spalding, Thomas French, Richard Timbs, Thomas Nicholson, Aldermen of the Town of Cambridge, Rich. Salwey Esq, Mr. Thomas Ducket the younger, William Say Esq; Major — Audley, Capt. James Whitlock, Tristram Dimond Anthony Balaam, Henry Farrer, Thomas Daniel, William Walsham, John Coxon, John Walsham of March.


For the Isle of Ely, Lord Chief Justice St. John, Francis Underwood, Tristram Dimond, Richard Stains, Thomas Buckworth, Robert Beal, Capt. John Cole, Hamond Ward, Richard Read, Capt. — Moyses, Capt. — Harrison, Captain Joseph Cole, Thomas Castle, Serjt. Barnard, Anthony Balaam, Henry Farrer, Thomas Daniel, William Walsham, John Coxon, John Walsham of March.


For the County of Chester and the City of Chester, John Bradshaw Sergt. at Law, one of the Commissioners for the Great Seal; Sir Henry Delves Baronet, Sir William. Brereton Baronet, Robert Duckenfield, Thomas Croxton, Thomas Stanley, Thomas Marbury, Thomas Brereton, Edward Hide, John Crew of Uckington, Jonathan Bruen, Esqs; Col. Henry Birkenhead, Roger Wilbraham Esq; Colonel Robert Venables, Colonel William Massey, Captain Edward Gleg of Geyton, William Gleg of Grange, Richard Green of Polton, George Manley, Esqs; Capt. John Leadbeater, Capt. Edward Alcock, Samuel Blacklatch Mayor of Maxfield, Major Walbone, John Wetnol, Thomas Tanner, William Wirral, Thomas Wilbraham, Esqs; Colonel John Leigh, Col. Henry Brook, Peter Stanley, Gilbert Gerrard, Esqs; Richard Parnel Mayor of Congleton, Gerrard Jones, Mayor of Chester, John Radcliff Esq; Edward Bradshaw Esq; Peter Leigh, Jonathan Ridge, Robert Gregg, Capt. John Whitworth, James Buck, William Crompton, Richard Wright, Richd. Minshall.


For the County of Cornwal, Sir John Carew Baronet, John Carew of Penwarden, John Carew, Francis Buller junr., John St. Aubyn, John Moyle, Edward Herle, James Erisey, Capt. Henry Courtney, Hugh Courtney, Richard Erisey, Anthony Rous, Robert Bennet, Andrew Trevill, Peter Keckwich, Richard Lobb, John Fox, Richard Carter, Robert Glynne, Walter Moyle, Joseph Hunkin, Philip Lower, Robert Rouse, Charls Buscawen, John Lampen junior, Edward Eliot, Richd. Kelliow, Roger Porter, John Bawden, William Braddon, Nathaniel Moyle, John Chatty, Jacob Daniel, Richard Penwarren, Hunt Greenwood, Humphrey Lower.


For the County of Cumberland, Sir Arthur Heselrige Bart; William Briscoe, John Barwis, Thomas Crayster, Cuthbert Studholme, John Hudson, Thos. Langhorn, William Thompson, Richard Lamplugh, Arthur Forster, Gawen Wren, Thomas Leathes, Thomas Sewel, Roger Sawrey, John Mason, John Robertson.


For the County of Derby, Sir Francis Burdit Baronet, Sir Edward Cook Baronet, Sir Samuel Sleigh Knight, German Pool Esq; John Gell Esq; Col. Tho. Saunders, Nathanael Hallows, James Abney, Esqs; Colonel William Michell, Gervas Bennet, Robert Eyre, Edward Pegg the elder, Edward Manlowe, Ralph Clark, Edward Pegg the younger, John Spateman, Nathanael Burton Esqs; Mr. John Dalton Alderman, Robert Hope Esq, Mr. Roger Allestry, Mr. Thomas Cole Alderman, Henry Buxton Esq, Sir John Wrey.


For the County of Devon, General George Moncke, Sir John Davy Baronet, Edward Prideaux Attorney General, Robert Roles, William Maurice, William Frye, John Drake, Walter Young junior, Arthur Upton, Matthew Hele, Thomas Reynel, Edward Wise, Henry Walter, Esqs; Samuel Northcot Mayor of Plimouth; Christopher Ceeley, Walter Steart, Philip Harris, John Serl, Esqs, Major Richard Foxworthy, Edmund Polexphen, Thomas Drake of Wiscomb, Suthcot Lutterel, Richard Coffin, John Blundel, John Davy, John Bear Esqs; John Hale, Richard Duke, John Wollocombe, Henry Pollexfen junior, John Champnies, Thomas Boon, James Erisey, Arthur Fortescue, William Bastard, Henry Hatsel, Esqs; Colonel William Fovel, Servington Savery, Thomas Gibbons, Esqs; Lieut. Col. Gabriel Barns, Timothy Alsop Esq; Mr. — Gubbs Merchant, William Yeo, John Ryder, Justinian Peard, John Rowe Esqs; Captain Spurway of Tiverton, Colonel Richard Bennet, Mr. Sampson Larke, Mr. Richd. Lee.


For the County and City of Exeter, Richard Crossing Esq; James Gold, James Marshal, Richard Sweet, Nicholas Brooking, Esqs; John Blackmore, James Pearse, Esqs; Samuel Slade Gent, Capt. Francis Role of Exon, Nicholas Eveleigh Gent; Capt. William Venner, Walter Deeble, Henry Gande, John Mayn, Ralph Herman, Thomas Westlake, John Ackland, Edmond Starre, Walter Holditch, Malachy Pine, William Pyne, Richard Evans Gent. and Christopher Martin Esq.


For the County of Dorset, William Earl of Salisbury, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Baronet, William Sidenham, John Bingham, John Trenchard, John Brown, Robert Coker, William Hussey, William Laurence, John Whiteway, Robert Pelham, Edward Butler, Esqs; Capt. James Dewey, Capt. Edmond Butler, Edward Cheek, Edward Thornehil, Esqs; Major George Scut, John Bushrod, John Lea senior, Philip Stansby, William White of Hillam Lands, John Eyres Gent, Capt. — Pothecary, Richard Scovil, Capt. John Lea, Capt. John Chaffin, John Hardy Gent, Capt. George Plea, Francis Devenish Gent.


For the Toun and County of Pool, John Bingham Esq; Haviland Heely Gent. Major George Skut, Moyses Durrel Gent. Capt. James Dewy, Capt. — Titoe, Edward Taylor Gent.


For the County of Durham, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet, Sir Henry Vane knight, Thomas Liddal Esq; Sir George Vane knight, Charls Vane Esq; Francis Wren, Thomas Delaval, Clement Fulthorpe, Timothy Whittingham, John Middleton, Gilbert Marshal Anthony Smith, Colonel Robert Lilburn, Paul Hobson, Tho. Gower, John Farrar, George Gray, Richard Lee, Matthew Scurfield, Edward Scurfield, John Topping, John Blakiston, John Joblin, Col. Robert Lilburn.


For the County of York, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Lord Lambert, George Lord Ewre, Francis Thorpe Sergeant at Law, Sir William Strick' and Baronet, Sir John Bourchier Knt., Sir Thomas Widdring ton Knt., Henry Darley, Richard Darley, Barrington Bourchier, Walter Strickland, John Anlaby, Robert Walters, Luke Robinson, Matthew Beckwith, Francis Lassels, Charls Fairfax, Henry Arthington, William White, John Bright, Roger Coats, Robert Lilburn, Thomas Heber, William Adams, John Stanhope, George Byard, Thomas Strangeways, John Narey, George Smithson, Edward Gell, Adam Bayns, Matthew Alured, Robt. Overton, John Allured, Henry Hall, Thomas Westby, Richard Sykes, Sir John Savil Knt; Colonel Hugh Bethel, Edmond Jennings, Christopher Peircehay, Jonathan Jennings, Thomas Dickenson, William Lister, Durand Hotham, Jeremy Bentley, John Stapleton, James Nelthrope, Richard Robinson, Ralph Rymer, John Micklethwayt, Edward Wingate, William Thornton, Walter Peircehay, Edward Salmon, Thomas Challoner, John Legard of Gunton, Esqs; James Challoner Esq; Colonel John Wastel, Colonel Philip Twisleton, Colonel Morgan, and Sir John Wrey.

York City.

For the City of York and County of the City of York, Leonard Thompson, Lord Mayor of York, Henry Thompson, Stephen Watson, Thomas Dickenson, William Taylor, Bryan Dawson, Aldermen, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Widdrington, Luke Robinson, Lord Lambert, Robert Straker, Christopher Topham, Alderman; Sir Robert Barwick Kt. William White Esq; Ralph Chaytor, Richard Paget, William Bateman, William Lister, Henry Fairfax, John Swale, Robert Lilburn, Joseph Slinger, Thomas Hutton, Esqs; Robert Horner, George Lamplough, Richard Hewet, Alderman, Christopher Hewley, and Col. Thomas Morgan.


For the County of Essex, Sir Richard Everard Baronet, Sir Henry Mildmay of Wansted, Sir Thomas Honywood, Kts; General Disbrow, Henry Mildmay of Graces, Robert Smith, Thomas Cook of Pebmarsh, Carew Mildmay, John Sparrow the elder, Francis St. John, Nathaniel Rich, Esqs; Colonel Salmon, Major Robert Mildmay of Ferling, Vice Admiral John Lawson, Christopher Earl, Dudley Templer, Henry Wright, Esqs; Col. George Crompton, Herbert Pelham, Robert Bragg of Hatfield Peverel, John Brewster, Peter Whetcomb, Gobart Barrington, William Harlackenden of Earles Colne, Esqs; Capt. Rayner, Mr. Stephens of Malden, Col. Richard Ashfield, Major Hezekiah Haynes, Mr. Shawe of Colchester, Mr. Goldsborough, Augustine Garland, Esq; Sir Thomas Bowes, Mr. Thomas Peeke, Andrew Furmantle, and Edward Turner, Esqs. 35


For the County of Glocester, William Lenthal Speaker of the Parliament, Lord Chief Baron Wilde, Matthew Hale Serjeant at Law, John Disbrow, William Sheppard, Evan Seys, Thomas Hodges, Richard Salwey, John Stevens, Robert Jenkinson, Thomas Overbury, William Leigh, Silvanus Wood, Thomas Pury senior, Richard Ayleworth, Samuel Coddrington, Walter Rawleigh, John George, John Croft, William Neast, Robert Holmes, Edward Warcup, John Wade, John Barnard, Thos. Pury junior, Thomas Wall, John Goodwin, Mark Grime, John Backe, Thomas Wells, John Dorney, Andrew Solace, Thomas Surman, Thomas Beard the elder, John Wicham, Thomas Brown, Esqs; Henry Lane, Toby Jordan, Robert Payne, William Clark, Robert Hill, Nicholas Web, William Rolls Gent.

Glocester City.

For the City and County of the City of Glocester, William Lenthal Speaker of the Parliament, Will Sheppard, Evan Seys, Esqs Thomas Pury, Dennis Wise, Luke Nurse, Anthony Edwards, Toby Jordan, Mr. — Stevens, Laurence Singleton, John Singleton Aldermen; Silvanus Wood, John Dorney, Thomas Pury junior, Thomas Brown, Walter Raleigh, Esqs; George Guinnet, Robert Pain, Daniel Lisens, William Clark, Thomas Whitcomb, Robert Hill, Nicholas Webb, John Webb, William Sheppard junior Gent.


For the County of Hereford, Major Richard Salwey, Robert Andrews Esq, Colonel Wroth Rogers, Colonel John James, Capt. William Botterel, Mr. Arthur Cockram, Mr. Miles Hill, Edward Salwey Esq; Higgin James, John Woodgate, John Walsham, John Wanklin, Dr Bridstock Harford, Edmund Heath, Samuel Tracy, Thomas Cook, Esqs; Ralph Darnal Esq; Herbert Parret, John Groom, Mr Robert Weaver, Col. John Mason, Lieut. Col. William Farlow, Thomas Seabourn Esq; James Siddall Gent, Hugh Jenkins, Thomas Delahay.


For the County of Hertford, William Earl of Salisbury, Sir Richard Lucy Kt. and Baronet, Sir John Witwrong, Sir Henry Blunt, Col. William Packer, Gravely Norton Esq; Edmd. Smith Esq; John Fairclough Esq; Dr. John King of St. Albans, Dr. Barber of Hertford, Isaac Puller Esq, Col. John White, Colonel Daniel Axtel, Lieut. Col. John Kensey, Capt. John Gladman, William Dawks Esq, William Turner Mayor of Hertford, Lieut. Colonel Reeve, Thomas Took, Esq; Mr. Hunsden of Hunsden, Mr. Daniel Nichols, Capt. Benfield, Capt. Barber of Redborn, William Beamont, Alexander Weild, Esqs; Henry Marsh Gent., William Marsh, John Heydon, Esqs; William Hickman Gent. William Stanbridge Gent. William Leman, John Marsh, William Cox, William Disher, Richard Goulston, Robert Cecil, Brocket Spencer, John Read, Rowland Litton, Ralph Darnal, Esqs.


For the County of Huntington, Lord Chief Justice St. John, Valentine Walton, Richard Elms, John Dryden, Robert Wanton, William Drewry, Robert Vintner, John Trice, Leonard Nittingale, Joseph Juxon, John Simcots Dr. of Phisick, Samuel Pont, Jarvis Fulwood, Jasper Robins, John Bardel, Thomas Pont, Captain Griffith Lloyd.


For the County of Kent, John Bradshaw, one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Philip Lord Lisle, Algernon Sydney, Sir Henry Vane, Sir Michael Livesey, Sir Thomas Stile, Sir Ralph Honywood, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Ralph Welden, William Say, Colonel Nathanael Rich, John Twisleton, Thomas Blount, William Kenrick, William James, Augustine Skinner, John Dixwel, Thomas St. Nicholas, John Nut, Thomas Scot, Thomas Foche, Thomas Plomer, John Osborne, Richard Meredith, John Bankes, Michael Belke, George Duke, William Skinner, Thomas Kelsey George Crompton, Thomas Broadnax, Richard Beale, Andrew Broughton, Edward Scot the younger, Francis Butcher, Edward Owre Thomas Monins, John Lade, Zachary Lee, George Thompson, Charls Vane, John Taylor of Chatham, Thomas Wilson, John Brown of Orpington, Henry Honywood, William Lancaster of Romney, Robert Mascal, William Cullen, Augustine Garland, Esqs, Colonel Robert Gibbons, John Fagg, Gabriel Levisey, Henry Needler, Robert Watson, Martin Pike, Thomas Harrison, James Temple, Edward Brent, Thomas Young of Darent, John Wroth of Bexley, Caleb Bankes of Maidston, Esqs; Abel Beachie Gent., Nehemiah Bourne Esq; Doctor Phips of Maidston and John Fyle.


For the City and County of the City of Canterbury, Thomas Ockman Esq, Mayor; Thomas St. Nicholas Esq; Recorder of the said City; Alderman Lade, Alderman Page, Alderman Knight, Alderman Zachary Lee, Alderman Foster, Thomas Scot, Thomas Broadnax, Thomas Monins Esqs; Francis Butcher, Edward Owre, William Jones, Gent. Robert Mascal.


For the County of Lancaster, Richard Shuttleworth, Edmond Hopwood, John Starkie, Thomas Birch, Richard Holland, Thomas Holcroft, Alexander Rigby of Laiton, Alexander Rigby of Midleton, Edward Robinson, George Leigh, Robert Mawdesley, William West, Ralph Livesey, John Sawrey, Thomas Cole, John Fox, Randle Sharples, Henry Ogle, William Knipe, Edward French, Nicholas Rigby junior, George Piggot, William Hulton, Esqs; Lieut. Col. Jeffrey Ellaston, Richard Green of Aspall, Hugh Cooper Esqs; Capt. John Case, Capt. Adam Sands, Capt. Thomas Bordman, Capt. Richard Pooley, Major Oliver Edge.


For the County of Leicester, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet, Thomas Hesilrige, Henry Smith, Peter Temple Esqs; Colonel William Purefoy, John Hutchinson Esq; Sir John Hartop, Francis Hacker, William Hartop de Dalby Parva, Thomas Pochin, William Hubbert, Edward Smith, Thomas Banister, William Banbridge. Arch. Bulmer, Thomas Brudnel, John Goodman, Francis Shute, William Herricke, Edward Shepperson, Edmond Temple, Colonel Danvers, Clement Needham, Thomas Cockram, Thomas Charnel, John Horton, Gent. William Franks Mayor of Leicester, William Stanley, Richard Ludlam, Edmund Cradock, Aldermen of Leicester, Anthony Major Gent. and Colonel Henry Markham.


For the County of Lincoln, and County and City of the same, Sir John Wray Baronet; Sir Michael Armin Baronet, Sir John Brownlow Baronet, Sir William Brownlow Baronet, Sir Henry Vane Knt. Valentine Walton, William Ellis, Thomas Lister, Richard Brownlow, Henry Massingberd, William Berry, James Berry, Edward Skipwith, Humphrey Walcot, Thomas Hall, Esqs; Drayner Massingberd, Charls Hussey, Christopher Wray, Samuel Cust, John Wilsby, Charls Hall, John Sanders, John Weaver, William Lister, Thomas Ellis, George Sanderson, Robert Christopher, John Disney, John Whiting, Michael Munckton, Esqs; Doctor Joseph Moor, Bevercots Cornwallis, William Tompson, William Dowman Esqs; Captain Johnson, John Palmer of Stanford, Thomas Tooly, Jeremy Cole, Isaac Knight, Robert Philips, Joseph Whiting, Robert Yarburrow, Robert Vigarous, Adlard Pury, Thomas Rands, Richard Cust, Alexander Lawson, Esqs; John Leech Mayor of the City of Lincoln, Robert Marshal, William Marshal, John Beck, Edward Emis, John Oliver, Aldermen; Thomas Izod, William Harrington, William Harvey, Colonel Philip Twisleton, Matthias Brown of Harblin, Philip Eyton of Great Hail, John Gardner of Sleeford, William York of Burton, William Brown of Hickington, John Dillingham of the Isle of Axholm.


For the County of Middlesex, Charls Lord Fleetwood, John Bradshaw Serjeant at Law, Lord Whitlock, Sir James Harrington Kt. and Baronet, Sir John Thorowgood, Sir John Trever, John Downs, Lord Chief Baron Wilde, Edmund Harvey, Josiah Barners, Thomas Lister, John Barkstead, Richard Downton, John Biscoe, John Desbrow, John Baldwin, James Berry, Thomas Eyre, Henry Scobel, Thomas Hubbert, Henry Clare, Richard Dean, Adam Bains, Paul Nicol, John Okey, John Barns, William Robinson, John Humphrey, William Kiffin, Jeffrey Ellaston, William Warren, Richard Zankey, William Nicol, John Fenton. John Nicol, Thomas Treswallen, Laurence Steel, Peter Lindsey, John Miller, John Reading, Colonel John Owen, Francis Childe, Daniel Proctor, William Edlin, Roger Nichol, William Arlee, James Priest, Robert Stanborough, Richard Graves, John Lisle, late One of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Sir Edward Barkham, Henry Markham, Henry Seely, Edward Birkhead, Colonel William Sydenham, Justinian Paget, William Baker of Uxbridge, Richard Kemp of Stains, Chaloner Chute, Nicholas Rainton, John Huxly, Henry Arundel, George Langham, George Pain, William Nin, William Greenhil, Thomas Gower, William Turner, William Arnold, John Arnold, Henry Broad, John Russel, Daniel Waldee, John Lane, William Webb, Francis Allen, Colonel Haies, Captain John Owen, — Nichols of Mins, Robert Tompson, Samuel Foxley Gent, James Harrington of Stanes Esq; Samuel Sternel.


For the County of Monmouth, Thomas Pury junior, James Berry, Edmund Thomas, John Nicholas, William Blethin, Earl of Pembrook, John Herbert, Walter Strickland, Rice Williams, Edward Herbert, David Morgan, Francis Blethin, Thomas Jones, Robert Jones, William Packer, — Morgan of Mein junior, John Morgan, Philip Nicholas, Esqs.


For the County of Glamorgan, Earl of Pembrook, Walter Strickland Esq, Philip Viscount Lisle, William Lewis, Esqs; William Say, Algernon Sidney, Michael Oldsworth, Edmund Thomas, Bussy Mansel, Humphrey Windham, Edward Stradilng, Rice Powel, Edmund Gamage, Henry Morgan, Thomas Lougher, William Seys, Thomas Evans of Han, John Gawler, Morgan Morgan, Esqs; Rice Davy of Cardiff, John Griffith, William David, of St. Tillany, Gent.


For the County of Radnor, Silvanus Taylor, John Williams, John Dantazie, John Dantazie junior, Nicholas Taylor, Robert Weaver, John Walsome, George Gwyn, Peter Taylor, John James Esq, Thomas Tunman, Richard Tracy, William Bostock, Richard Griffith, Edward Williams, John Price, Evan Price Gent.


For the County of Brecon, Henry Williams, Bussy Mansel, David Morgan, Thomas Gwyn, William Jones of Buckland, Thomas Watkin, William Watkin senior, William Jones of Coyty, Lewis Jones, John Williams, Esqs; John Morgan, Gent. Jenkin Jones, Charls Lloyd, Thomas Vaughan.


For the County of Northampton, Edward Lord Mountague, Lord Chief Justice St. John, Sir James Harrington Baronet, Sir Robert Dreiden Baronet, Sir Richard Samwel Kt. Richard Samwel, Edward Farmer, William Ward, John Thornton, Henry Benson, George Benson, Major John Stirke, Esqs; William Grendon Gent. Captain John Sheppard, Sir Gilbert Pickering, Sir Edward Nichols, Baronets, John Claypole the elder, Esq; John Norton, Francis Quarles, John Mansel, Owen Cambridge, Alexander Blake, John Brown, Esqs; Robert Guy, John Hackney, John Ponder, Paul Harriot, Gent. Edward Harby, John Dormer, Philip Hollman, John Cartwright, Thomas Crewe, James Langham, Esq; Sir John Norwich Baronet, Captain Richard Ashby, Thomas Craddock, William Say Esq; George Quarles, Captain William Collins, Major Rainsborough, Carew Raleigh, Esqs; William Lord Viscount Monson, Adam Baynes, Robert Pargiter, Anthony Shugborough, Thomas Bletsoe, Esqs; Robert Andrews, Thos. Elmes, of Warmington, Bryan Janson, Robert Mansel, Arthur Heselrige, George Clark, George Needham, Esqs; Twyford Worthington Gent. Francis Harvey Esq. John Urlin.


For the County of Notingham, Arthur Stanhope, Sir Francis Molinewx Baronet; John Hutchinson, Gervas Pigot, Edward Nevil, Gilbert Millington, Henry Sacheverel, Joseph Widmerpool, John Hacker, Thomas Charlton, Robert Hardy, John Moseley, Francis Molinewx, Charls White, Bartholomew Lassels, John Martin, Esqs; Robert Kerby, Robert Sherbrook, Christopher Allured, Robert Bunce, Gregory Silvester, Christopher Wilson, Lieutenant Lupton, Henry Champion, Jonathan Everard, Col. Philip Twisleton, Mr. Edward Cludd, — Slater Esq.

Notingham Toun.

For the Toun and County of the Toun of Notingham, John Fil lingham Mayor, William Drury Alderman, John Parker Alderman, — Huffet Alderman, Robert Hardy, John Martin, Esqs; Capt. Richards, Mr. Daniel Sullip, Alderman Gambel.


For the County of Norfolk, Lieutenant General Fleetwood, Sir Horatio Townsend Baronet, Sir Ralph Hare, Sir John Palgrave, Sir William Doyley, Baronets; Major Gen. Philip Skippon, William Henningham, Edward Ward, Robert Wood, Brampton Gurdon, Robert Long, Robert Brewster, Robert Gawsel, John Sedley, Thos. Weld, Samuel Smith, Robert Jermy, John Burman, Charls George Cock, Edward Bulwer, Ralph Woolmer, Thomas Day, John Colson, Thomas Utber, Henry King, Nicholas Salter, Robert Swallow, Richard Brown, Will. Stewart, Barnard Church, William Barnham, John Man, Robert Doughty, Samuel Prentice. Richard With, Thomas Shreeve, William Burton, Isaac Wreston, Thomas Toll, Thomas Lincoln, Joshua Green of Lyn, William Life, Esqs; Major Thomas Spensley, Capt. Nicholas Bell, John Ballaston, Francis Waller, Capt. Warner, Leonard Gooch, Violet Benton, Richard Cubit, William Style, Augustine Thrower, Thomas Ely, William Emperor, Robert Brown, Sir Edward Barkham Knt. and Baronet, Thomas Drury Esq; James Tennant Gent., William Arnop of Fleg, Thomas Bendish, William Gore, Thomas Garret, John Shildrake senior, and Major Hezekiah Hayns.


For the City and County of the City of Norwich, William Davy Esq Major; Erasmus Earl Sergeant at Law, Recorder; Charls George Cock Esq Steward; Adrian Parmenter, Thomas Barret, John Raley, Edmond Bournam, Barnard Church, William Burnham, John Man, Thomas Toft, Samuel Puckle, Esqs; Thomas Ashwel Alderman; Henry King Esq; Nicholas Salter, Richard Swallow, John Toft, Richard Ket, John Knight, George Stewart, John Balderston, Thomas Everard, Nicholas Poynter, Timothy Norwich.


For the County of Northumberland, Sir Arthur Heselrige Baronet, Sir Thomas Widdrington, Ralph Delaval, William Shafto, Robert Fenwick, Henry Ogle, William Middleton, Esqs; Luke Killingworth, Richard Foster, John Major, John Toppin, John Ogle Edward Fenwick, Thomas Bonner, Alderman of Newcastle, Jeremiah Tolhurst, Ralph Salkeild, William Foster, Robert Widdrington of Hausley, Cuthbert Fenwick of East Heydon, Thomas Bontflower, Robert Lisle of Hason.


For the Town of Newcastle, The Mayor for the time being, Thomas Liddal Esq; Tho. Bonner, George Dawson, William Johnson, Peter Saunderson, Robert Johnson, John Blakiston, Henry Tompson, George Blakiston, George Thursby, Richard Baker, Francis Jenkinson, Richard Reigh, Gent.


For the County of Oxon, William Lenthal Speaker of the Parliament, Charls Fleetwood Lieutenant General of the Army, Sir Bulstrode Whitlock, Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Sir James Harrington, Richard Salwey, Robert Jenkinson, William Draper, Col. John Feilder, Edmond Lenthal, Thomas Appletree, Thomas Butler, John Lenthal Esq; John Butler, Francis Blake, Robert Warcup, Richard Castle, Walter Elwood, John Uring, Richard Harris, Richard Boult John Phelps, John Ellis, Robert Huntington, James Whitlock, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Thomas Tipping, Bartholomew Hall, Capt. Standen, Adrian Scroop, John Smith, John Carey, Thomas Weeks, William Atkins, Matthew Langley, John Hunt, John Brookhurst, Bray Doyley of Alderbury, Edward Vyners of Banbury, Griffith Lloyd, Henry Goodwin, John Clark, Thomas Jordan, Col. Francis Martin, John Hughs, Thomas Knight, Richard Crook, John Irons, Unton Crook junior, Elisha Coles, Thomas Hinton, Alderman John Nixon, Dr. John Palmer, John Garret.


For the County of Rutland, Sir James Harrington Knt. Baronet, Sir Thomas Hartop Knt, Thomas Wayt, John Weaver, Evers Armin, Christopher Brown, Richard Halford, Edward Horsman, Ambrose Broughton, John Osborn, Abel Barker, Benjamin Norton, Samuel Brown. Matthias Barry, Esqs; Roger Smith, John Green, William Risby, Samuel Hunt, Peter Woodcock junior, Gent. Captain William Shield.


For the County of Salop, Sir Humphrey Brigs Baronet, Robert, Wallop, Robert Corbet Esqs; Andrew Lloyd, Thomas Hunt, Richard Salloway, Samuel Moor, John Corbet, Creswel Taylor, Thomas Kettleby, Philip Young, Lancelot Lee, Thomas Baker, Roger Evans, Francis Harris, Charls Langford, Edmond Waring, Richard Hennedge, Samuel Jones, Rowland Hunt junior, Edmond Wilde, John Groom, William Cotton, Philip Cotton, Esqs; Samuel Kinnaston Gent. John Bettin, Charls Doughty, John Brown of Melvert, William Botterel, Richard Smith, Richard Griffith, Thomas Haies, Samuel Swanwick, Edward Cresset, John Ashton, Thomas Lockhart, Job Charlton, Gent.


For the County of Stafford, Sir John Skerington Baronet, Edward Manwaring, John Chetwood, Matthew Moreton, Henry Stone, George Bellot, Daniel Watson, Thomas Bagnel, Zachariah Rabbinton, William Bendey, George Brindley, Thomas Gent, John Wood, William Bursham, Timothy Edge Gent. Sir William Brereton Baronet, Col. Crompton, John Bradshaw one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Edward Ward, Thomas Wilbraham, Esqs; Capt. Thomas Pudsey, William Jolly, Esq; Capt. Licester Barber, Henry Danvers, Edmond Waring, William Barnesley, Edward Parkhouse, William Pinsen, Col. Thomas Sander, Major Nathaniel Barton, William Jesson, Henry Mott.


For the County of Somerset, Sir Henry Vane Knight, John Hippesley, John Buckland, Henry Rodgers, Henry Bonnor, John Harrington, John Cary of Castle Cary, Peter Roynon, George Trevillian, Richard Jones, Robert Aldworth, Esqs; Mr. Attorney General Prideaux, Robert Long Esq, John Paeice Mayor of the City of Bath, Captain Richard Trevillian, John Gutch Esq. Capt. Nich. Blake, Major Alexander Kingsland, Captain William Pitman, Capt. Thomas Hilliard, Robert Web Gent. Capt. Thomas Collins, Capt. Philip Lissant, Capt. William Gapper, Capt. Henry Gutch, Henry Roch Gent. George Gould Gent. Thomas Bear Gent. Roger Hill, Sir Thomas Wroth, Sir John Horner Knt; Col. Alexander Popham, Colonel John Pyne, John Palmer Doctor of Physick, James Ash, Francis Roll, Giles Strangeways, John Pyne junior, Esqs; Col. John Okey, Col. Edward Ceely, Capt. Alexander Pym, Lieut. Col. Richard Bovet, Capt. John Barker, Col. Nathaniel Whetham, Major George Sampson, Capt. William Gough, Capt. Benj. Blake, Capt. Jonathan Pits, George Powel Gent. John Sampson Gent. Thomas Wrentmore Gent. Capt. Emanuel Ewens, Capt. William Meredith, John Gay Gent. Richard Gay junior, Gent. James Griffin Gent. William Whiting Mayor of Wells.


For the City and County of the City of Bristol, the Mayor for the time being, Charls Fleetwood Lieut. General of the Army, Thomas Lord Fairfax, John Bradshaw one of the Commissioners for the Custody of the Great Seal, Sir Henry Vane Knight, High Steward there; Col. John Desbrow, Lieut. General Ludlow, Major Richard Salwey, Col. Richard Ashfield, the Sheriffs for the time being, John Hagget Esq, one of the Judges for Wales; Robert Aldworth Esq; Major Dawbon, Major Samuel Clark, James Powel, Jeremy Holway, John Stephens, Thomas Ellis, Christopher Cary, Robert Vickris, Thomas Speed, Robert Purnal, John Teage, Dennis Hollister, Jonathan Blackwel, William Bullock, Richard Bub, Henry Rowe, Nehemiah Collins, Thomas Gouldney, Simon Hurl, John Harper, Gabriel Dean, Richard Oliver, John Dymer, Capt. Edward Piot,


For the County of Southampton and the Toun and County thereof, Charls Lord Delaware, Sir John Dingley Knight, Robert Wallup, John Richards, Esqs, Lord Commissioner Bradshaw, Sir Henry Mildmay Knight, Lord Lisle, Robert Reynolds, Nich. Love, John Fielder, Francis Tilney, Richard Moor, Chalenor Chute. Thomas Jervoice, William Pit, George Withers of Hull, John Trot, Esqs, John Smith of Tidworth, Francis Roll, Thomas Bestworth, George Withers of Winton, Esqs; Major Edward Hooker of Chilcomb, George Gallop, Henry Tulse, Thomas Cole, John Hook, Col. Nathanie Wetham, Esqs; Richard Reeve, Azariah Husbands, Gent.

Isle of Wight.

For the Isle of Wight, Sir Henry Worsley Baronet, Sir Robert Dillington Baronet, Col. William Sydenham, Thomas Bowerman, John Lisle Esqs; Sir John Dingley, John Richards, Robert Dillington, William Bowerman, Richard Lucy, Esqs; George Searl Gent; Capt. Newman, Capt. Leg of Stenburge.


For the County of Suffolk, Lieut. Gen. Fleetwood, Sir Henry Felton Baronet, William Henningham, Henry North, John Gurdon, John Garneys, Robert Brewster, Thomas Waldgrave, Thomas Darcy, James Hobert, Brampton Gurdon, Henry Parker, Robert Gurdon, Joseph Brand, William Gibbs, Thomas Essington, Philip Warker, Robert Brook, John Sheppard of Ash, Thomas Edger, James Colthrop, Giles Barnardiston, Gibson Lucas, Thomas Smith of Stutton, Francis Brewster, Humphrey Morsley, Edward Dendy, Esqs; Col. Daniel Axtel, John Brandling, John Clark, Thomas Chaplyn, Robert Duncan, Barnaby Bowtell, Humphrey Brewster, Anthony Barry, Esqs; Robert Appleton, Joseph Bemond of Hadleigh, William Byet, John Fothergell, Robert Sparrow, Major Wastrup, Samuel Ward, John Moody, Francis Merse, Colonel Harvey, Colonel John Biscoe, Anthony Fox, Lieut. Col. Clench. Capt. Joseph Bisset, William Gootch, Thomas Greenwood, Capt Thomas Sorrel, Mr. Day, Mr. Turner, Mr. Duncombe, Robert Brook, William Blomfield, Esqs; Major William Burton, John Bendish, Isaac Preston, Esqs; Thomas Sheers Gent, Capt. Philips, Daniel Clinke, Cornet Hassel.


For the County of Surrey, William Lord Monson, Major General Lambert, Sir John Lenthal, Sir William Brereton, Sir Richard Beatson, Carey Raleigh, John Goodwyn, Lieut. Col. George Duncombe, Henry Weston, Lewis Audley, Marlion Rythe, Sackford Gunson, Walter Raleigh, John Gold of Clapham, John Heal, Henry Clare, Major Hill, Thomas Kelsey, Benjamin Weston, William Sydenham, Thomas Scot, Deane Goodwyn, Benjamin Polsthead, Jeremiah Banes, Thomas Walker, Thomas Leigh, George Thompson Robert Titchborn, Alderman, John Blackwell, Major John Dawborn, William Oakley of Nonsuch, Samuel Moyer, Richard Downs, John Trenchard Esq; Ellis Crispe, — Marsh of Darkin, — Hylord, Henry Wilcocks, John Corbet, Abraham Babington, William Milyn, Major Rich. Laurence, Antony Mildmay, William Ellyot.


For the County of Sussex, Herbert Morley, Robert Goodwyn, John Fagg, John Downs, John Baker, James Temple, William Hay, William Cawley, Thomas Hesilrige, John Hay of Glynde Bourne, Edward Polhill, Major John Clarke, Thomas Collins, William Spence, John de la Chame, Thomas Jeffrey, Thomas Challoner, Richard Boughton, Nathaniel Studley, Joseph Newington, Thomas Betsworth of Vining, Ambrose Trayton, William Yalden of Blackdown, Richard Smith, James Butler, Richard Downes, Richard Knowles, Thomas Ballard, Edward Cook of Fieldplace, — Hussey of Slingfold, Thomas White, Thomas Sheppard, Simon Everendon, Arthur Betsworth, Esq; John Montoe Gent, William Cawley junior, Esq; William Hay junior, Mr. Bine, John Busbridge, George Courthop, Esqs.


For the County of Worcester, and the County of the City and City of Worcester, Lord Chief Baron Wilde, Sir Thomas Rous Baronet, William Say, William Ligon, Edmund Wilde, Richard Salwey, John Dormer, Nicholas Lechmere, Gervase Buck, Henry Bromley of Upton, Edward Salwey, Thomas Milward, Esqs; William Moor, John James, William Collins, John Roberts of Church-Honny, Richard Vernon Mayor of Worcester, John Corbet Esq; Edward Elvines, Edmond Pit, Theophilus Andrews, Thomas Simons, Edmond Giles senior, Edmond Giles junior, Walter Giles, Theophilus Alie, Thomas Bound, John Corbin, William Cheatle, Thomas Boyston, Edward Moor, William Bendy.


For the County of Warwick, and the City and County of the City of Coventry, Basil Earl of Denbigh, Sir Peter Wentworth, Knt. of the Bath, Sir Simon Archer, William Purefoy, Thomas Willoughby, Joseph Hawksworth, Waldine Willington, Thomas Archer, John Halford, Esqs; Major Richard Creed, Major William Thornton, Capt. Timothy St. Nicholas, Capt. Samuel Ayres, Capt. Robert King, Robert Andrews, Esq; Richard Lucy, Major Grains, Samuel Ebral of Coventry, John Crichley Mayor of the City, John Barker Esq; Thomas Basnet, William Jolliff, Robert Bedford, Aldermen; Richard Hopkins Esq; Mr. John Crichloe, Mr. John Wooldridge, Capt. Thomas Hobson, Robert Wilcox, Matthew Bridges, Thomas Bayley, Esquires.


For the County of Wilts, Philip Earl of Pembrook, John Bradshaw Serjt. at Law, Robert Nicholas Serjeant at Law, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper Baronet, Alexander Popham, Edmund Ludlow, Philip Smith, Edward Tooker, William Eyre of Nesbone, Michael Oldsworth, George Cooper, John Dove, William Ludlow, William Cole of Downton, Nicholas Green, James Ash, Walter Smith Gent, Francis Dove Alderman of Sarum, Thomas Eyre, John Read, William Shute, Bennet Swain, Esqs; William Coles of the Close, New Sarum, William King, John Randolph, Christopher Bat of Sarum, Edward Stoaks, William Temple, Thomas Dove, James Heeley, Esqs; Henry Francklyn, Richard Creane, Gent, Edward Horton Esq; John Keins, William Reddish, Robert Nicholas of Sembly, Edward Hungerford of Farloe Castle, Thomas Goddard, Gent.


For the County of Westmerland, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet, Sir Henry Vane Kt. Roger Bateman, Thomas Brathwaite, Edward Briggs, John Ottaway, Randal Bateman, John Archer, George Archer, Mayor of Kendal for the time being, Thomas Spencer, Francis Sissors, Miles Man, Thomas Sands, James Cock, Thomas Fletcher, William Garnet, Edmond Branthwaite, Edward Lee, George Majorson, Richard Sedgewick.

Montgomery, Denbigh, Flint, Carnarvon, Merioneth and Anglesey.

For the Counties of Montgomery, Denbigh, Flint, Carnarvon, Merioneth and Anglesey, John Bradshaw Sergt. at Law, Sir John Trever, Sir Richard Saltonstal, Sir John Wittewrong, Col. Robert Duckenfield, Col. John Jones, Col. Tho. Cooper, Colonel George Twisleton, Colonel Thomas Madrin, Richard Price, Andrew Ellis, Luke Lloyd, Esqs; Robert Griffith, Rice Vaughan, John Peck, Thomas Lloyd, John Kinnaston, Samuel Price, Charls Lloyd of Dolobron, Evan Lloyd of Bulchy Jacreg Gent., Lewis Price of Montgomery, Edward Price, Thomas Harly, Thomas Nichols, Edward Vaughan of Tir y mynych, John Griffith, Edward Allen, Hugh Courtney, John Manley, Gerrard Barber, Hugh Pritchard William Wynn of Ruabon, Thomas Ball, Edward Taylor, Roger Sontley, Morris Wynn, Robert Owen, Owen Lewis, Owen Humphreys, Hugh Evans, Richard Jones, Jeffrey Parry, Morice Griffith of Madrinissa, William Stoddart, John Sydenham, Thomas Swift, Richard Jones of Beaumaris, Daniel Matthews, John Hammer of Northop, Arthur Spencer, Andrew Mills, Roger St. Leigh, Major Swift, James Williams, John Bowen, Henry Jones, William Lewin Gent. Griffith Lloyd of Garth, Howel Hughes, Humphrey Pugh, Thomas Ellis Gent.


For the County of Cardigan, Thomas Wogan, James Lewis, Jenkin Lloyd, Thomas Lewis, Abel Griffith, David Morgan, John Lloyd, Esqs; Sir Richard Price, Baronet.


For the County of Carmarthen, John Hagget, John Lloyd, David Morgan, Thomas Lloyd, George Jones, Jenkin Lloyd, Rowland Gwyn, Thomas Morgan, John Williams, Walter Thomas, John Hughes, Richard Gwyn, Thomas Howels, William Bevans, David Morgan of Cledy, John Powel junior, Esqs.


For the County of Pembrook, and Town and County of Haverfordwest, Sir Erasmus Philips, Roger Lort, Thomas Wogan, Herbert Perret, Sampson Lort, John Ellyot senior, John Lort, Walter Coney, Isaac Lloyd, Roger White, Rowland Wogan, Richard Castle, Henry White, Griffith Downes, Thomas Knowles, Esqs.

Commissioners' powers.; Officers for Militia.

And the said Commissioners or any three or more of them, in the several Counties, Cities, Towns and Places respectively, for which they are hereby nominated and Constituted Commissioners, shall have Power and are hereby Authorized to assemble and call together all and every such well-affected person and persons, within their several Counties, Cities, Towns and Places respectively for which they are appointed Commissioners as are meet and fit to bear Arms, and them well and sufficiently from time to time to cause to be Armed, Arrayed and Weaponed, and to form into Companies, Troops and Regiments, and to Lead, Conduct and Imploy, or cause to be Led, Conducted and Imployed, as well within the said several Counties, Cities, and Places for which they are Commissioners respectively, as within and into any other Places of this Commonwealth, for suppressing of all Insurrections, Rebellions and Invasions that may happen to be, according as they shall from time to time receive Directions from the Parliament, or Councel of State by the Parliament appointed or to be appointed; And that the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them, shall have Power and Authority to present to the Parliament, sitting the Parliament, or in the Intervals of Parliament, to the Councel of State, for their Approbation, the Names of such Person or Persons having respect to the Qualifications Declared by the Parliament the ninth day of May, One thousand six hundred fifty nine) as they shall think fit, to be Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Captains and other Commission-Officers of the said persons so to be Armed, Arrayed and Weaponed, which persons so presented and approved by the Parliament or Councel of State as aforesaid, shall have Commissions signed by the Speaker of the Parliament, as the Officers of the Army have: And being so Commissionated, shall have power to Train, Exercise and put in readiness, and also to Lead and Conduct the persons so to be Armed, Arrayed, and Weaponed, by the directions and to the intents and purposes aforesaid.

Commissioners may charge fit persons with horse, arms, etc.; What persons chargeable with horse and arms:; With Dragoon horse and arms.; Foot-arms.; Several persons may be charged jointly.

And for the providing of Horse and Arms, and Furniture thereunto belonging, for the Arming and Weaponing the persons aforesaid, and also for defraying and paying the necessary Charges thereunto belonging, Be it further Enacted, That the said Commissioners or any five or more of them within the several Counties, Cities and Places for which they are nominated Commissioners respectively, hereby have full Power and Authority to charge any person with Horse and Arms in the same County, Shire, City or Town Corporate, where his, her or their Estate lieth, having respect unto, and not exceeding the Limitations and Proportions hereafter mentioned, (That is to say) No person shall be charged with Horse and Arms, unless such person or persons have the yearly Revenue of Three hundred pounds by the year, or have an Estate of Four thousand pounds in Goods or Moneys or other Estates equivalent thereunto, and so proportionately as the Commissioners in their discretion shall see cause, and think reasonable; nor shall any person be charged with a Dragoon Horse and Arms, unless such person have the yearly Revenue of Two hundred pounds by the year, or Three thousand pounds, or other personal Estate equivalent thereunto. And the said Commissioners are not to charge any person with finding of a Foot-Arms, that hath not a yearly Revenue of Twenty pounds, or a personal Estate of Three hundred pounds in Goods or Moneys. And after the aforesaid Rate proportionably, for a greater or lesser Revenue or Estate, it shall be lawful to and for the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, to Impose the finding and Providing of Horse and Arms as aforesaid, by joyning two, three or more together in the Charge, as to their judge ments shall appear most conduceable to the Service of the Commonwealth.

What persons may contribute to foot-arms. What persons to horse or Dragoon with arms. Commissioners may examine complaints on oath and give redress.

Provided, That no person who hath not Ten pounds a year in Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Lease-hold, or Copy-hold, or a personal Estate worth Two hundred pounds, shall be compellable to Contribute in finding Foot-Arms as aforesaid: And that no person who hath not One hundred pounds per Annum in Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, Lease-hold or Copy-hold, shall be compellable to contribute in finding a Horse with Arms, or a Dragoon; And the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, have Power to hear and examine Complaints upon Oath (which Oath they have hereby Power to Administer) and to give redress as there shall be cause.

Persons charged to make allowance to horse and foot soldiers during absence on muster, etc.; Commissioners may impose rate for drums, colours, ammunition etc.; In case of exigency, persons charged to provide soldier with pay up to one month.; Loans to be repaid from Public Treasury.

And be it further Enacted, That the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them in their several Counties and Places respectively, shall require and direct all persons so charged as aforesaid, with Horse and Arms, to allow Two shillings a day to the Troopers and Dragoons that serve with their Horse and Arms, for the Maintenance of the Man and Horse, and twelve pence a day to their foot Soldiers, for so many days as they shall be absent from their Dwellings and Callings, by occasion of Muster or Exercise, And for furnishing Drums, Colours, Trophees, Ammunition and other Emergencies, the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them (whereof none shall be Commission Officers) shall have Power to lay a fitting Rate upon their respective Counties, not exceeding in the whole the proportion of one Moneths Assessment in each County, after the Rate of Thirty five thousand pounds per mensem, charged for pay of the Army, which Moneys are to be Assessed, Collected and paid according to such directions as shall be given from time to time by the Parliament, or Councel of State, unto the Collectors and Treasurers by the said Commissioners to be appointed, under the penalties, and by the ways and means in the Act prescribed, for the thirty five thousand pounds per mensem. And in case of sudden Exigence for resisting or Suppressing of Invasions or Insurrections, whereby occasion will be to draw out such Soldiers into Actual Service, the persons so charged as aforesaid, shall provide each their Soldier respectively with pay in hand, not exceeding one Moneths pay, as shall be in that behalf directed by the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them; for repayment of which said Moneys, and for satisfaction of the Commanders and Officers for their Pay during such time, not exceeding one Moneth as aforesaid, as they shall be with their Soldiers in such said Actual Service, The Parliament doth hereby Declare, That provision shall be made for the same forth of the publique Treasury, and like Course taken for Pay, and encouragement both of Officers and Soldiers if they shall be Continued upon longer Actual Service, as is provided for the Forces of the established Army.

Commissioners may charge carts, etc., for transport.; And punish mutineers and others.; On active service to be subject to Lieut.-General's instructions for regulating army. Penalty for such as refuse to provide horse and arms or pay sum assessed.

And be it Enacted, That the said Commissioners, or any three of them, may charge Carts, Wagons, Waynes, and Horses for the carrying of Powder, Match, Bullet, and other Materials, allowing four pence a mile outward onely to every such Cart, Wagon and Wayne, so taken upon the Marching of any Regiment, Company or Troop upon occasion of Invasion, and shall and may Imprison Mutineers, and disordered persons, and such as do not their Duties as Common Soldiers, at the day of their Musters and Trainings, shall and may be by them punished for every such Offence, five shillings, or twenty days Imprisonment, without Bayl or Mainprize; and when drawn out upon Actual Service, occasioned by any Insurrection or Rebellion, or Invasion, then to be subject during that time to the Rules, Orders and Instructions, mentioned in the Lieutenant Generals Instructions for Regulating the Army instructions under his Command by Authority of Parliament.

And be it further Enacted, That if any person or persons so to be Assessed or charged by the said Commissioners, shall refuse or neglect, by the time to be appointed by the said Commissioners, to provide and furnish such sufficient Horse, Horses, Arms and other Furniture, or to pay such sum or sums of Money towards the providing and furnishing as aforesaid, that then it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, to inflict a penalty upon such person and persons, not exceeding Twenty pounds, and also by Warrant under their hands and seals, to commit such person or persons so refusing or neglecting, to Prison, there to remain without Bail or Mainprize, till he or they shall conform thereunto, and pay such Penalty so inflicted, as aforesaid, or else by like Warrant to Levy such sum or sums of Money, or the value of such Horse or Horses, Arms and Furniture, and such Penalty inflicted, by Distress and Sale of the Goods of the person or persons so neglecting or refusing, rendring the over-plus to the party so Distrained, (all necessary Charges in Levying thereof, being first deducted.)

Penalty for persons entrusted with horse, arms, etc., that detain or embezzle the same.; And for neglect to appear on summons.; Commissioners may examine on oath.

And be it further Enacted, That if any person or persons so to be Armed, Arrayed and Weaponed, shall detain or imbezle his horse, Arms, or other Furniture, wherewith he shall be intrusted, that it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Commissioners or any three or more of them, to imprison such person and persons till he or they have made satisfaction for the Horse, Arms or other Furniture so by him detained or imbezelled; And also that if any person so to be Armed, Horsed or Weaponed as aforesaid, shall not appear and serve compleatly furnished with the Horse, Arms, and other Furniture wherewith he is intrusted, at the beat of Drum, sound of Trumpet or other Summons, that then and so often it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Commissioners, or any three of them, if the default be in the person or persons so intrusted, to imprison such person or persons for the space of five days without Bayl or Mainprize, or to inflict the penalty if a Horseman, not exceeding twenty shillings, and if a footman, not exceeding ten shillings, to be paid down without delay or forbearance: and if any person or persons so assessed or charged as aforesaid, shall refuse or neglect to deliver his Horse, Arms, or other Furniture upon such Summons or other notice as aforesaid, that then and so often it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them, to inflict a penalty not exceeding five pounds, to be levied by distress and sale of the Goods of such person or persons so refusing as aforesaid, rendring the overplus to the party Distrained (necessary Charges for Levying being first deducted.) And for the better discovery of the ability of the persons to be Assessed and Charged, and of all Misdemeanors tending to the hinderance of the Service aforesaid, the said Commissioners or any three or more of them, are hereby enabled to examine upon Oath such person or persons, as they shall judge necessary and convenient.

General meetings.; Treasurers.

And for the better and more speedy execution of the Premises, Be it further Enacted, and the said Commissioners are hereby required to appoint such, and so often Meetings of themselves as they think fit, and at such General Meetings to appoint one or more Treasurer or Treasurers, Check or Checks, for receiving and paying such Moneys as shall be Levied by Vertue hereof: of all which Receipts and Disbursements thereof, the said Treasurers and Receivers, Check and Checks, are every Six Moneths to give their Accompts in Writing to the Commissioners in their respective Counties.

Commissioners may call Treasurers of former Committees to account for money, arms, etc., in hand.; Penalty for non-payment or delivery of the same.

And be it further Enacted, That the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them, shall and may summon all and every Treasurer and Treasurers of any Committee, or Commissioners for the Militia within the Precincts aforesaid, or any person or persons who by Vertue of any Authority of Parliament or other wise are possest of any sum or sums of Money, Arms or Ammunition relating to the said Militia, and to require them forthwith to pay and deliver every such sum and sums of Money, Arms, Ammunition remaining in their hands, as aforesaid, to such person or persons as the said Commissioners appointed by this Act, or any three of them shall appoint; and in case of non-payment, to Levy the same by Imprisonment of the person, or by Distress and Sale, rendring the over-plus; All which Moneys so Levied and Received, are to be imployed for carrying on of the said Service: And at such General Meeting, the said Commissioners are to divide themselves in such proportions and numbers as they shall judge convenient, and into such Precincts and Divisions as may most tend to the speedy and effectual advancement of the Service.

Commissioners may cause horses and arms of Papists and delinquents to be seized.; And employ them for use of Commonwealth.

And for the better securing the Peace of the Commonwealth, Be it further Enacted and Ordained, And the said Commissioners or any three or more of them, are hereby Enabled and Authorized from time to time, by Warrant under their Hands and Seals, to imploy such well-affected person or persons as they shall think fit, of which the Constable or his Deputy for the time being, within his respective Precinct to be one, in the day time to Search for, and Seize all Arms, in the Custody and Possession of any Popish Recusant, or other person that hath been in Arms against the Parliament, or that have adhered to the enemies thereof, or any other person whom the Commissioners shall judge dangerous to the Peace of this Commonwealth, and with such Arms to Arm such well-affected persons as they shall think fit, or otherwise to secure such Arms for the use of the Commonwealth: To which purpose the persons so imployed, are hereby authorized and requirde to enter into the House or Lodging of any such person as aforesaid, and there to search for, Seize and take away such Arms as they shall finde, and thereof from time to time to give accompt to the said Commissioners.

Assistance.; Indemnity.

And be it Enacted, That all High-Constables, Petty Constables, and other Officers and Ministers within the said Counties, Cities, Parishes and Places aforesaid, be, and are hereby required to be aiding and assisting to the said Commissioners in Execution of the Premises, and that all and every person and persons who shall Act or Do anything in execution thereof, shall be saved harmless, and Indempnified by Authority of Parliament.

Proceedings for enforcing charge where landowner non-resident, etc.

And be it further Enacted and Ordained, That where any person or persons shall be Charged by Virtue of this Act, or any other Act now in force for Setling the Militia in this Nation, to finde a Horse, Horses and Arms in such County, City or Place, where he or they do not reside or inhabit, That then, and in all such Cases, the Commissioners for the Militia shall send notice of every such Charge, if such person have any Land in his own occupation, to such person as he doth imploy as his Servant in Managing the same; and in case all his Lands or other Estate be Demised, and to Farm let, then to such Tenant and Tenants who have the same in their occupation, who are hereby required forthwith, with all convenient speed, to convey the same to their Master or Landlord respectively, and within such time as the Commissioners shall appoint, bring an accompt of their Master or Landlords answer to the Commissioners of the Militia; and upon neglect or refusal of the Landlord to provide such Horse, Horses and Arms as is Charged upon him, within the time limited by the Commissioners aforesaid, That then the said Tenant or Tenants shall provide and do as the Landlord in that behalf ought to have done; And if the said Tenant or Tenants shall refuse or neglect to provide such Horse, Horses and Arms as are charged upon his or their Landlord, within the time limited by the Commissioners aforesaid, That then and upon every such default it shall and may be lawful, to and for the Commissioners, or any five of them, by Warrant under their Hands and Seals, to Levy all such Penalties as are appointed by this Act, by Distress and Sale of the Offenders Goods.

Tenants may defalk out of rent moneys paid hereunder.

And it is hereby Ordained and Enacted, That it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Tenant or Tenants, to Defalk out of such Rent as shall be next due to his or their Landlord, all such Moneys as the said Tenant or Tenants shall lay out or expend in providing such Horse, Horses and Arms, as are Charged upon his or their Landlord, or shall pay or be Levied upon him or them by Distress, for any Default in maner aforesaid, any Condition, Reservation, Covenant or Contract to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding; and for so doing, the said Tenant and Tenants shall be Indempnified by Authority of Parliament, unless the Landlord or Landlords shall make it appear within one Moneth after Levying such Penalties, before the Commissioner of the Militia, that the Default and Penalty was occasioned by the wilful neglect of the said Tenant or Tenants.

Persons may compound at the rate of 10l. for every horse and arms.

Provided always, and it is hereby Enacted and Ordained, Where any person or persons shall be Charged with Horse, Horses and Arms, and not be allowed by the Commissioners of the Militia to put Riders upon them, or who shall desire to pay Moneys rather then to finde Horse and Arms, or shall not have his or their usual Residence in such County, Place or City, where he or they are Charged; That then, and in every such case, the said person or persons charged as aforesaid, paying within fourteen days after notice left, in maner, and at the place aforesaid, the sum of Ten pounds for every Horse and Arms Charged upon him or them respectively, to the Commissioners for the Militia in the respective Counties respectively, or any three of them, or to such persons as they shall appoint to receive the same; That then, and from thenceforth, every such person and persons, is hereby discharged from being further Charged by vertue of this Act, to finde any Horse, Horses and Arms, or Foot-soldier: And the said Com missioners are hereby required from time to time to give an Accompt to the Parliament or Councel of State, of all such sum or sums of money as shall be received by them accordingly.

Commissioners to make this declaration

Provided always, That no person nominated a Commissioner in this Act, or which shall be nominated to any Office or Trust by vertue of the same, do exercise or put in execution any of the Powers mentioned therein, until such person in the presence of Two or more of the said Commissioners respectively, hath made and subscribed this Declaration, That is to say,

I — do declare, That through the gracious assistance of Almighty God, I will be true, faithful and constant to this Commonwealth, without a Single Person, King-ship or House of Peers.

Commissioners under the several Militia Acts of 7 and 14 July, 1659 to make same declaration.

And be it further Enacted, That no person nominated a Commissioner in one Act of this present Parliament, Entituled, An Act for setling the Militia of the City of Westminster and Liberties thereof, and places adjacent: As also no person nominated a Commissioner in one other Act of this present Parliament, Entituled, An Act for Setling the Militia for the City of London and Liberties thereof: As also no person nominated in one other Act, Entituled, An Act for setling the Militia for the Borough of Southwark, and parts adjacent: As also no person nominated in one other Act, Entituled, An Act for Setling the Militia within the Hamblets of the Tower of London; or which is or shall be nominated to any Office or Trust by vertue of the said Acts or either of them respectively, do from and after the One and thirtieth day of July, One thousand six hundred fifty nine, exercise or put in execution, any of the Powers or Trusts mentioned in the said Acts, or either of them respectively, until every such person hath in like maner made and Subscribed the aforesaid Declaration.

Continuance of Act

Provided that this Act shall continue in force until the First day of March, One thousand six hundred fifty nine, and no longer.