March, 1659/60: An Act for Explanation of certain Clauses and Provisos in an Act of this present Parliament, Entituled, An Act for the Continuance of the Customs and Excise, from the last of February, 1659. untill the twenty fourth day of June, 1660.

Pages 1423-1424

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March, 1660

[7 March, 1659/60.]

Explanation of clause concerning woollen stuffs, etc., in Act of 25 Feb., 1659, for continuance of Excise.; Proviso.

Whereas sundry Doubts and Questions have arisen, concerning a Proviso made in an Act, Entituled, An Act for the Continuance of the Customs and Excise, from the last day of February, 1659, until the twenty-fourth day of June, 1660. Passed the twenty fifth of February, 1659. Which Proviso followeth in these Words, viz. Provided alwaies, That this Act, or anything therein contained, do not extend, or be construed to extend to any of the Old or New Woollen Draperies, being the Manufacture of England, but that the same be free from all Customes, Excise, Subsidies, Tax, Tallage, or other Impositions whatsoever, the old Customs and Duties setled by former Parliaments, only excepted. Which the Parliament have taken into consideration: And to the end all Persons Concerned, as well in paying, as Collecting the Duties of Customs, may have a certain Rule, It is therefore Enacted and Declared, and be it hereby Enacted and Declared by this present Parliament and the Authority thereof, That by and under the Name of Old and New Woollen Draperies, are Comprehended and to be understood, Long and Short Clothes, Kerseys, Dozens, Cottens, Bayes, Serges, Perpetuanos, Sayes, and all other Stuffs, Caps, Stockings, Woollen Apparel, and all other Commodities of what kind or nature soever, made of Wooll, or part Wooll, wrought or manufactured within this Nation: Provided nevertheless, That if any of the Clothes, Stuffs or Manufactures aforesaid, shall be shipped, or put into any Boate or other Vessel, with intent to be Shipped or Transported into the parts beyond the Seas, before due Entry thereof be first made in the Custom-house of the Respective Ports, where the said Clothes, Stuffs or Manufactures are to be Laden, and Cocquets or other Warrants in usual form and manner passed for the same, that then all and every the aforesaid Clothes, Stuffs and Manufactures, or the value thereof, shall be forfeited and lost, the one Moyety thereof to be to the Use of the Commonwealth, and the other Moyety to him or them that shall seize and sue for the same.

And whereas also by the said Act it is provided and Enacted, That Captain John Stone, Master Robert Scowen, and Jervace Bennet, Esquires; be and are Constituted and Appointed Commissioners for Appeales in the places of Captain Adam Baynes, Luke Robinson and Doctor William Parker, as by the said Act more at large it doth and may appear.

Explanation of powers given by said Act to Commissioners of Appeal.; Their Salaries.

Now for the better Explanation of the Authorities and Powers thereby given and intended to be given to the said John Stone, Robert Scowen, and Gervas Bennet, It is hereby Enacted and Declared, That they the said John Stone, Robert Scowen, Gervas Bennet, Colonel William White, and John Jackson Esquire, or any three or more of them shall and may, and are hereby Authorized and Impowred to exercise and put in execution all and every the Acts, Ordinances, Orders, Declarations, Authorities and Powers whatsoever, which the said Colonel William White, Luke Robinson, Adam Baynes, Doctor William Parker, and John Jackson, or any three or more of them, were or are by one Act of this Parliament (Entituled, An Act for further Continuance of the Customes and Excise) Authorized or Impowred to do, or by the same might have done to all intents and purposes whatsoever, and shall have and receive for their pains the Salary by the said last mentioned Act appointed for the said Colonel William White, Luke Robinson, Adam Baynes, and John Jackson, and in such manner as the same by the said Act is appointed.