March, 1659/60: An Act giveing power to the Council of State during the Intervall in order to publique safety

Pages 1464-1465

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March 1660

[15 March 1659–60]

Whereas the lord General Monke and others in and by one Act made this Parliament bearing date the 25th of Feb: 1659 are appointed a Councell of State. Bee it Enacted that they or any nine of them in Councill assembled be further Authorized to send for and examine any person or persons by them suspected to be dangerous to the publique peace or safety of these Nations, and to prison or secure him or them by bond or otherwise if that they or any nine of them shall in their Judgements think that the same be fit and requisite to be done for the said peace and safety. And it is further Enacted That the said Councill Acting therein or otherwise in pursuance of Instructions given by Parliament in order to the publique safety dureing the Intervall of Parliament shall be Indempnified therein, And the Judgement thereof is reserved only to the Parliament.

Be it enacted by the present Parliament and the authority thereof That in case there shall fall out to be any Obstruction in the levying and rayseing of Moneyes intended to be leavyed and raysed by an Act intituled an Act for an Assessment of 100000li by the Month upon England Scotland and Ireland for six Months beareing date January 26 1659 not sufficiently provided for by the said Act, That it shall and may be lawfull to and for the Councell of State appointed by Parliament either by nameing New Commissioners out of such as are Commissioners for the Militia or removeing such Commissioners as they find shall obstruct the leavying or payment of the same, or by such other ways and meanes in pursuance of the said Act as they judge best for the advantage of the Commonwealth to remove the said Obstructions, And all orders by them made In pursuance thereof shalbe as good and effectuall in the Law to all intents and purposes as if the same had been expressly provided for in the Act aforesaid Any Law Statute or Ordnance to the Contrary in any wise Notwithstanding.
[12 March 1659–60]

Mr. Annesly reports from the Councell of State That power may be giuen to the Councell of State to issue their Warrants to the Commissioners for the great Seale for the authorizeing them to passe under the great Seale such Commissioners or plenipotencies as the Councell shall find necessary for forraigne Ministers imployed from this Comonwealth and perticularly for those imployed to Sweden—which was read.

Resolued &c. That this further power be granted to the Councell of State.
[17 March 1659–60]

Resolved &c.

That the Parliament doth agree with the Councell of State that this further Instruction be giuen to the Counsell of State That the Councell of State Doe authorize all Justices of the peace in the seuerall Sheriffdomes of Scotland and such others as the Commissioners for manageing and Governeing of the affaires of Scotland shall appoint to be Commissioners for the present Assessment there, and that such others named for Commissioners being named in the Commissions of the peace and shall not act as Justices of the peace, Doe not intermeddle as Commissioners for the Assessments in any case.