March, 1659/60: An Act for taking the Accompts, and Redressing of Grievances concerning the Tythes and Church-Livings in Wales; and for Advancement of Religion and Learning there.

Pages 1465-1467

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March, 1660.

[16 March, 1659/60.]

Council of State may take accounts of Commissioners named in Act of 22 Feb., 1649, for propagation of Gospel in Wales.; And of all other persons concerned in letting of Church livings, etc.; And may make all necessary examinations therein.

Be it Enacted and Ordained by this present Parliament, That the Council of State be, and are hereby Impowred by Letters, Commissions, or Instructions from them Directed, under the Seal of the Council, to Authorize and Appoint such person and persons as they shall think fit within the respective Counties of Wales and County of Monmouth, thereby Impowering them, or any three or more of them, to Take and Receive the Accompts of the Commissioners named in an Act of the two and twentieth day of February, One thousand six hundred forty-nine, Entituled, An Act for the better Propagation and Preaching of the Gospel in Wales, and to Take the Accompts of all other person and persons that have been Intrusted and Imployed, or have any wayes Intermeddled with the Letting, Setting, Receiving, Collecting, Sequestring or Disposing of all or any Church-livings with Care of Souls, Donatives, Rectories, Vicaridges, Impropriations, Rents reserved sine Curis, Colledge Pensions and Portions of Tythes, and other Ecclesiasticall Livings, Benefices, Procurations, Promoations, and Publique Revenues whatsoever, Sequestred or Sequestrable, or in the Disposal of the Parliament, or which did or do any ways belong or appertain to the Commonwealth within the said respective Counties of Wales and County of Monmouth ever since the two and twentieth day of February. One thousand six hundred forty nine: And to Examine and Certifie all Deceipts, Frauds, Undervaluations, Concealments, Misimployments and Breaches of Trust of any person or persons that have had the Letting, Setting, Collecting, Sequestring, Receiving or Disposing of the said Church-Livings, Rectories, Impropriations, and other the Premises, or have any ways Intermeddled therewith.

They may send for papers, witnesses, accounts, etc.,; and examine on oath.; What matters are to be examined into by Commissioners.; Commissioners to certify result of examination to Council of State.

And for the better discovery of the truth thereof, the said Commissioners or any three of them are hereby Impowred to send for Persons, Papers, Witnesses, Books and Accompts, and to Examine the Accomptants, and all such Witnesses as shall be produced before them on Oath which the said Commissioners or any three of them are hereby Impowred to Administer, and to use all other Lawful Ways and Means, and Execute all such further Powers as were heretofore given to any Committee or Commissioners, for taking the Accompts of the Kingdom, by any former Acts or Ordinances of Parliament, for the better performance and dis charge of the Service aforesaid. And the said Commissioners or any three of them are hereby further Authorized and Required to Examine and Certifie the true and real Valuations of the said Rectories, Vicarages, Impropriations, Tythes, Church-Livings, and other the Premisses within the said respective Counties, as the same were Farmed, Estimated, Received, or Accompted for, in the year One thousand six hundred forty nine, and so Communibus annis to this time. And how many Ministers and SchoolMasters have been at any time since the year aforesaid Ejected and Amoved, and how many of them are fit to be restored. What Churches, Vicaridges, Rectories and Places have since become voyd, and for how long time they so remained by the Death, Ejection, or Removall of the former Incumbents, Ministers and School-Masters; To whom the presentation and right of patronage to such vacant places did and doth belong. How the respective Churches and Parishes have been supplyed since the said two and twentieth day of February, One Thousand Six hundred Forty Nine; and by whom, and how, the persons are qualified that supplyed the same. And the said Commissioners or any Three or more of them, are hereby further Impowred and Required to Examine and Certifie, by whom the said Church-Livings, Rectories and Vicaridges, Impropriations, and other the Premisses since the time aforesaid, have been Sequestred, Farmed, Received, Collected or Disposed of. And to what real Value the same did and doth amount unto, and how accompted; And how much thereof doth remain in the hands of any Person or Persons within the said respective Counties, due and unaccompted for to the Commonwealth; And to certifie the same with all other their proceedings by Vertue of this Act. And the Commissions and Instructions aforesaid to the Council of State; and one other part thereof to the Court of Exchequer at Westminster, with a Schedule of the Debtors and Accomptants, Sum and Sums of Money due and payable from them and every of them to the Commonwealth, whereby the same may be proceeded upon according to the Course of Exchequer, against like Accomptants, to force the payment thereof without any further Commission, Inquiry or Inquisition thereupon to be had, which they are hereby enabled to do; Any former Act or Ordinance concerning the same to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

Council of State may give directions and allowances for above service.

And the Council of State from time to time are hereby enabled to give further Instructions and Directions for the carrying on of the Service aforesaid, and to give such allowances to the persons by them to be imployed therein as they shall think fit.

And are to supply presentations belonging to State.

And the Council of State are hereby further impowered and required, That in all cases where the Presentation doth or shall belong to the State either of mere right or by lapse, That they shall take speedy care for the supply of them.

All grants, etc., of parsonages since 22 Feb., 1649, to be void against next Incumbent.

And it is hereby Enacted and Declared, That all Grants or Leases of any Glebes, or Titles belonging to any Personage or Vicaridge with Cure of Souls within the Counties aforesaid, made by the Patron and Incumbent since the Two and twentieth day of February, One thousand six hundred fourty nine, to any person or persons whatsoever, shall be absolutely void to all intents and purposes against the Successor of such Incumbent, such Successor coming in upon Death, Cession, Sequestration, or otherwise.

Directions concerning profits of livings in hand.

And be it further Enacted, That where, upon the Certificates of the said Commissioners, there shall appear any profits of Livings within the Counties aforesaid, to be remaining in the hands of any person or persons, That the Council is further impowred to allow and dispose of the same to the present or succeeding Incumbent, allowing for the serving of the Cure during the vacancy, what they shall think fit.