May 1643: Order to redress the Abuses in taking Horses for Supply of the Army.

Pages 155-156

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May 1643

[10 May, 1643.]

The Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, being informed of the great Abuses in the several Counties of this Kingdom, by the Taking of Horses for the Service of the Parliament, by reason the Officers assigned for that Purpose can neither judge of the Affections nor Abilities of the People, not knowing what they have contributed, nor in what Proportion, to the Propositions; and that other Officers do suffer the Horses so taken to be sold again, and others likewise take Composition, and spare the Horses that are fit for Service; by all which Ways and Means the Countries are distasted, and discouraged, the Parliament injured contrary to their Intentions, and the Service much hindered and prejudiced: It is therefore Declared and Ordained, That every Captain, or other Officer or Soldier, that hath or shall have any Commission or Order to take any Horses, within any County, that he or they respectively repair to Two of the Deputy Lieutenants, or Two of the Committees for the Propositions for raising and bringing in of Horses, Plate, and Money, being and residing in those Parts or Limits where he or they intend to take such Horses; or, if no such Deputy Lieutenants be in that Part of the County, nor any of the Committees, then to the next Two Deputy Lieutenants or Committees dwelling nearest to the Place within the said County; and that neither he nor they do take any Horses without the Directions or Privity of the said Deputy Lieutenants or Committees as aforesaid; and that every Horse, so taken as aforesaid, be marked by the Deputy Lieutenants or Committees, or Two of them, and the Captain, or other Officer or Soldier; and a Duplicate to be made and signed respectively, under the Hands of the Deputy Lieutenants or Committees as aforesaid, and the said Officer and Soldier, so employed; and therein to be entered the Parties Name from whom the Horse is so taken, the Colour of every Horse, the Number taken within that Part of the County, and the Mark set upon them; One Part of the Duplicate to be sent to the Commissary Genera for the Horse belonging to the Army, wherein the Lord General may receive upon all Occasions an Account, the other to remain with the said Deputy Lieutenants, or Committees; and, if any Officer or Soldier shall do any Act in any County otherwise than is here expressed, the Deputy Lieutenants, or any One of them, shall then have Power to stay the said Horses otherwise taken, and also apprehend the Officer or Soldier, and bring them to the Parliament or the Lord General, that he or they may be proceeded against as Contemners of the Orders of Parliament, and Abusers of the Country, and Disturbers of the Peace thereof.