May 1643: An Ordinance concerning Colonel James Mauleverer.

Pages 156-157

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May 1643

[10 May, 1643.]

Colonel Mauleverer and others lending Money, Horse or Arms for raising Regiment to be repaid on Public Faith.

Whereas his Excellency the Earle of Essex, hath granted his commission under his hand, and seale, bearing date the eleventh day of March, 1642. thereby authorizing Iames Mauleverer Collonel to levy, and raise a Regiment of Harquebusiers in the County of Yorke, or elsewhere, to bee imployed for the defence of the Northerne parts; And whereas the said Collonel Mauleverer is now according to his Commission raising the said Regiment consisting of eight Troopes, viz. sixtie three horse to every Troope, which according to the rate of ten pounds for every Horse, will amount unto six hundred thirty five pounds a Troope, in all five thousand fortie pounds, besides two thousand nine hundred foureteen pounds for advance monies, and two thousand five hundred twenty pounds for Armes; In toto, ten thousand foure hundred seventy foure pounds: And for the better and more speedy effecting thereof, hee the said Collonel, doth humbly desire hee may have an ordinance of both Houses of Parliament, and that hee may have allowances of pay for all his Officers of every Troope, from the first of this instant May, and also for every Troope of Horse after they shall respectively have mustered forty Horses of every Troope, to be viewed by any such Commissary as by both Houses of Parliament shall bee appointed; together with foure shillings eightpence per diem to every Captaine, for his Waggon; and that by the said Ordinance hee may bee armed with power for compleating of the said Regiment to take Horses and Armes from any Papists or other Malignant, as the House of Commons or deputie Lieutenants, or any two of them residing in their respective Counties, or corporation Townes shall declare so to bee: for which Horse and Armes so to bee taken, hee will bee accomptable to both, or one of the Houses of Parliament by way of defalcation; Whereupon it is ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, That the said Collonel Mauleverer, his Executors, Administrators or Assignes, and all and every other person or persons whatsoever, that shall lend or disburse any summe or summes of mony part of the aforesaid summes, or advance any Horse or Armes towards the raising and compleating of the said Regiment of Horse, shall have the publique faith of the Kingdome for the repayment of all and every such summe or summes of money, so by him or them, or any of them disbursed, or to bee disbursed, and laid forth for the service aforesaid, with interest for the same: hee making a just account of all the said monies, Horse, Armes, and other goods so disbursed and received in and about this publike service unto the House of Commons; or unto such person or persons as they shall appoint to receive and take the said account.