May 1643: An Ordinance concerning the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, who by reason of many great and weighty businesses, cannot as yet be brought to his Tryall.

Pages 157-158

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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May 1643

[17 May, 1643.]

Benefices, etc., falling vacant before trial of Arch-Bishop not to be filled by him without consent of Parliament.; Arch Bishop to present persons appointed by Parliament to such Benefices, etc.; Persons presented by Arch-Bishop not to be instituted, etc., unless appointed by Parliament. Notice of every ecclosiastical vacancy in gift of Arch-Bishop to be given to Speaker of House of Lords within two months.

Whereas William Lawde Archbishop of Canterbury, standeth Impeached in this present Parliament for High Treason, and for divers other great offences and misdemeansours, and by reason of many great and weightie businesses he cannot yet bee brought to tryall for the said offences and misdemeanours, and he in respect of his said Archbishoprick of Canterbury, hath power to give and Collate fit Clerks divers Personages, Vicaridges, Prebends, and other Ecclesiasticall promotions and preferments, and if any of them should become voyd, and he left to preferre whom he please to the same, the same may prove very incon venient, he bestowing upon them unfit and unworthy persons; Be it therefore Ordered and Ordained, by the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament, that in case any of the foresaid Personages, Vicaridges, Prebends, or other Ecclesiasticall promotions or preferments now be, or shall hereafter and before the tryall of the said Lord Archbishop become void, that the said Lord Archbishop of Canterbury shall forbeare to present or Collate any person or persons thereunto, without the leave and Order of both Houses of Parliament: And it is further Ordered and Ordained, that the said Lord Archbishop shall from time to time untill his said tryall, present and Collate such fit person or persons, to every such Parsonage, Vicaridge, Prebend and other Ecclesiasticall preferment as aforesaid, which now are, or hereafter before his said tryall shall become voyd, as by both Houses of Parliament shall be nominated and appointed. And it is further Ordered by the said Lords and Commons in Parliament, that all Archdeacons, Registers and other Officers, Ministers, and persons whatsoever, shall forbeare to give or make any Admission, Institution, Collation, or Induction of any person or persons whatsoever, which by the said Archbishop shall be presented, in or to any such Parsonage, Vicaridge, Prebend, or other Ecclesiasticall preferment, other then such person and persons as shall be nominated and appointed by both Houses of Parliament as aforesaid. And it is lastly Ordered, that the said Lord Archbishop, and the Churchwardens of every Parish and other Officers of the Church, where any Parsonage, Vicaridge, Prebend, or other Ecclesiasticall promotions or preferments, in the Donaton or gift of the said Archbishop is, shall within two moneths after the respective avoydance thereof, give notice of such avoydance to the Lord Speaker of the House of Peers for the time being.