June 1643: An Ordinance for Addition of Committees in severall Counties for execution of severall Ordinances of Parliament.

Pages 168-171

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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June 1643

[1 June, 1643.]

Ord. 7 May, 1643.; Additional Committees appointed.

Whereas in the Ordinance of both Houses of Parliament lately passed for the speedy raising and levying of Money, for the maintenance of the Army raised by Parliament, by taxing such as have not contributed or lent at all towards the Maintenance of the said Army, or if they have, yet not in any reasonable measure answerable to their estates, divers persons therein appointed Committees are misnamed, and divers persons fit to further the Execution of the same Ordinance are omitted to be therein named to be Committees, whereby the service (if it be not remedied) is like to bee much retarded and hindred. It is therefore Ordered and Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, that the severall persons hereunder named, shall bee Committees for the executing of the said Ordinance, in the severall Counties, Cities, and places, for which they are hereby and herein nominated and appointed, viz.)

Their Names. Suffolk.

For the County of Suff. Sir Edmond Bacon, Sir William Playters, Knights and Baronets; Sir Butts Bacon, Sir William Springe, Baronets; Sir Roger North, Sir William Soame, Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, Sir Philip Parker, Sir John Wentworth, Sir Robert Brook, Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Knights; William Heveningham, Maurice Barrowe, Thomas Baker, Henry North, Sen. Brampton Gurdon, Henry North, Jun. Nicholas Bacon, Nathaniel Bacon of Freston, John Clench of Creating, Thomas Terrell, Robert Reynolds, Francis Bacon, William Cage, John Gurdon, Robert Brewster, Isack Appleton, Nathaniel Bacon of Ipswich, William Bloyse, Thomas Cole, Richard Pepis, William Ryvet of Bilson, John Clynch of Cullpho, Theophilus Vaughan, Edmond Harvy, Esquires; Francis Brewster, and John Base Gent.


For the Town of Ipswich, the Bayliffe of the Town for the time being, John Sicklemer, Richard Puplet, John Aldus, Gent. Nathaniel Bacon, Joseph Pemberton, Robert Duncombe, Jacob Caley, Gent.

Bury St. Edmonds.

For the Town of Bury, Saint Edmonds, the Alderman of the Town for the time being, Bright, Samuel Moody, and Thomas Chaplyn, Gent.


For the Town of Aldeburghe, the Bayliffs of the Town for the time being, Squire Bench, and Thomas Johnson, Gent.


For the County of Kent, Sir Richard Harders, Baronet; Sir VVilliam Springate, Sir Edmond Moninge, Baronet; sir Iames Oxenden, Thomas Bleechenden, John Boys of Wingham; Thomas Westrowe, Lambert Godfrey, Mark Dixwell, Thomas Brodnoxe, Tho. Blenchenden, Thomas Dike, Richard Beale, Esquires, added to the Cõmittee for sequestrations.


For the County of Bedford, Sir Beacham St. John, Knight; Sir Thomas Alston, Knight and Baronet; Sir John Burgoyn, Baronet; Sir Oliver Luke, Sir Samuel Luke, Sir Roger Burgoyne, Knights; Sir William Bryers, Knight; VVilliam Duncombe, Robert Stanton, Thomas Rolte, Samuel Browne, James Beverley, Thomas Sadler, Lewis Monnox, John Neale, Richard Cockayne, Richard Edwards, Humphrey Fish, John Vaxe, Edward Cater, Ralph Snagge, Francis Astrey, Esquires; Peter Neale, Ralph Mallory and Edmond Jones, Gent. Wells of Heathen Renth, Bradshaw of Basineade, Gent.

The Major of the Town of Bedford for the time being, Francis Banister, Doctor of Physicke; John Wells, John Sibley, John Smith, Peter Neale and John Nodes, Gent.


For Leicestershire, Arthur Stavely, Thomas Cotton, Francis Hacker, Jo. Goodman, Esq.


For the County of Nottingham, John Hutchinson, Gervas Piggot, Esquires.

Town of Nottingham Norwich.

For the Town of Nottingham, James Chadwick, Esquire.

For the City and County of the City of Norwich, John Thacker, Adrean Parmitor, Christopher Barret, Thomas Barker, Iohn Tooley, Esquires; Henry Wats, and Livewell Sherwood, Aldermen.


For Glocestershire, Sir John Seamer, Sir Robert Cooke, Knights; Edward Stephens, John Cotherington, John George, John Stephens, Samuel Cotherington, Silvanus Wood, and Henry Stephens, Esquires.

Glocester City.

For the City, and County of the City of Glocester, the Major the time being, Dennis Wise, William Singleton, Thomas Purge, Luke Nurse, Aldermen; Henry Stephens, Silvanus Wood, William Shephard, and William Sellwyn, Esquires.

Committees for the County of Glocester, for Sequestring Delinquents estates, William Ginse, William Sellwy, Esquires.

The Major for the time being of the City of Glocester, John Hanbury, John Fettiplace, Esquires; John Gifford, William Magawe, William Windowe, Robert Backhouse, Stephen Fowler, Grimbald Pauncefate, William Wilson, William Parrey, Gent.


For the County of Essex, Sir Harbottle Grimston, Knight and Baronet; Sir Thomas Cheek, Knight; William Massam, Henry Mildmay of Graves; Natha Bacon, Robert Smith, Thomas Cooke, Henry Far, Carye Mildemaye, Robert Wiseman of Mayland; Robert Bourne, John Meed, John Eden, John Pike, Tho. Clapton, Arthur Barnardiston, Isaack Allen of Haslye, William Atwood, Peter Whitcombe, Edward Berkhead, John Brooke, Henry Wiseman, John Eldred, Robert Young, John Watkins, Francis Stonhard, Esquires; John Sorrell, Jeremy Aylett, William Collard, Robert Crane, Robert Calthrope, John Alliston, William Harlackenden, Isaack Wyncoll, Samuel Plume, John Fennynge, George Thorogood, Thomas Aylett of Kelldon, Doctor Reade of Berchanger, Thomas Addams of Baxted, Richard Wiseman, William Turner of Wymbish, John Thurgood of Walden, Francis Williamson of Walden, and Thomas Cooke, Gent.


Committee added by the Lords and Commons to the Ordinance, for Sequestring of Delinquents Estates in the County of Essex, Henry Myldemay of Graces, Nathaniel Bacon, Henry Farr, Cary Mildmaye, Doctor Reade of Birdanger, John Eden, Thomas Clapton, Iohn Brook, Iohn Eldred, Iohn Pyke, Francis Stonenard, Iohn Watkins, George Thorogood, Esq. Tho. Cooke, Will. Turner of Wimbish, John Alliston, Will. Harlackenden, Tho. Addams of Thursted, Isaack Wincall, Samuel Plume, Iohn Fenninge, and Tho. Aylet of Kelden, Gent.


For the Town of Colchester, Harbottle Grimston, Esquire, Recorder there, Master John Langton, Master Robert Buxton, Gent. Master Ward Alderman, Thomas Johnson.


For the County of Middlesex, Sir Tho. Fowler, Baronet; Sir Robert Barkham Knight; John Huxlie, Thomas Swallow, sir Gyles Overbury, John Brown, Esq. Cler. Parliament.


For the County of Dorset, Richard Brodreppe, Richard Rose, John Henly, Esquires; Thomas Cheeke, and VVilliam Kerridge, Gent.


For the County of Berks, sir George Stonehouse, Baronet; Edmond Dunch, Esquires.


For the County of Somerset, Clement Walker, John Pyne, Henry Samford, John Ashe, Esquires.


For the parts of Holland in the County of Lincolne, Sir Thomas Trolope, Baronet; Morris Cave, Esquire; John Browne, Captain Escote, and Martin Johnson, Gent.


Committees for Sequestring of the Estates of Delinquents in the County of Hertford, Edward Atkins, Serjeant at Law; Iohn King, Doctor in Physick; Henry Mewtis, Senior; Thomas Tooke, Gabrell Barbor, Toby Combes, John Pemberton, Litton Fairecloth, Iohn Scrogg, Thomas Sadler, Esquires


The Major of Hertford for the time being, John Mash, Isaac Puller, Thomas Meade, William Carter of Offley Gent. John Humberston, Sen. Gent.

Committees for the County of Heref. for sequestring of Estates of Delinquents, Sir Iohn Kirle, Baronet; James Kirle, Edward Harley, Martin Husbands, Ambrose Elton, jun. Henry Jones of Maynson, in the Parish of Ledbury, Thomas Rawlins Esquires; Tho. Davis of Wigmore, Richard Nicholets, Francis Pember, Francis Hill, Samuel Trottman, Gent.

Committees for the County of Norfolke.


James Calthrop, Sheriffe of the County of Norfolke.

Thomas Lincolne of Thetford, Alderman; Sir Edward Barkham, Knight and Baronet; William Heveningham, Miles Corbet, John Gibbon, Philip Bedingfield, Sa. Smith, Tobias Fryar, James Scambler, Robert Wilton, Esquires; Henry King, John Bruster, Richard Harvye, Richard Harvye, Master Russell, Robert Gooch of Elham, Thomas Utber, William Coney, Master Witch, of Brodish, John Berkham, Sucklin Day, John Brown of Sparkes, Robert Shepheard, Thomas Johnson, John Jaye of Ersham, Richard Warner of little Brand; M. Walter of Deram, Robert Ket of Wicklewood, Robert Felsham, of Sculthrop; John Raymes, of Extron; Francis Shouldham of Fulmerston; Samuel Money, of Binnam; William Gasly of Holcan, John Swalter of Southcrcake, Collyns of Blackorne Abby, John Vincent, of Crinisham; Jeremy Blofield, of Alby; Robert Dagly, of Alsham, Clarke of Gaywood, Thomas Springall of St. Marys, Robert Wood of Brooke.

The Major of Norwich, pro tempore, William Symonds, of Norwich, Linewell Sherwood of Norwich, Aldermen.

These Persons herein named shall be Committees for the severall Counties, and places abovesaid, and shall have the same power and authority in the respective Counties and places, for which they are nominated as the other Counties named in the said Ordinance are hereby to have.