July 1643: Ordinance appointing Commissioners to receive Subscriptions in Holland for Ireland.

Pages 220-221

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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July 1643

[29 July, 1643.]

Whereas Adam Laurence, Derrick Hoast, Maurice Thompson and Nicholas Cursellis, of London, Merchants, are appointed by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, to repair to the High and Mighty Lords The States General of the United Provinces, the Great Lords The Provincial States, the Burgomasters of the several Cities, and to all other well-affected People to the Protestant Cause there, to negotiate for the Relief of Ireland: The said Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament have Ordained and Declared, That the said Adam Laurence, Derrick Hoast, Maurice Thompson, and Nicholas Cursellis, be Commissioners for, act, and do, all Things whatsoever that concerneth this Affair there, in taking Subscriptions for Lands in Ireland, receiving of Money, Victuals, Arms, and Ammunition, upon Loans and Contributions, transporting of them to any Parts and Places in Ireland, for the Service aforesaid, as they shall from Time tô Time be thereunto Ordered and Directed: And the said Lords and Commons have appointed and authorized Thomas Came, Charles Loeton, William Watson, and Jonas Abbells, of Amsterdam, Merchants, to be Treasurers there, for receiving of all such Monies and other Things as shall come in upon the Ways and Means aforesaid, in the said City of Amsterdam, and Places thereabouts; and Bouden Courteene, Jeronimo Williamson, Ashman John de Derper Corner, and John Vanhorne, of Middleborough, Merchants, to be Receivers there, for the Purposes aforesaid, in the City of Middleborough; and that the said Adam Laurence, Derrick Hoast, Maurice Thompson, and Nicholas Cursellis, or any Two of them, shall and may, by Force hereof, substitute and appoint such other Receivers and Officers as they shall think fit, in all other Cities, Parts, and Places of the said United Provinces, for the better Proceeding and Welfare of this Business, as in their best Judgements they shall think fit, and the Acquittance and Acquittances under the Hands of the said Commissioners, or of any Two of them, or of the said Treasurers before named, of Amsterdam and Middleborough, in the Cities aforesaid, or any Two of them respectively, or an Acquittance under the Hand and Hands of any Two other Receivers in any other Parts and Places of the said Provinces, by the said Commissioners to be named and appointed, shall be sufficient and effectual to enable the said Subscribers, and every of them, their Heirs and Assigns, to demand, have, and enjoy, their full Fruit and Benefit of the said Subscriptions; and shall be a good and sufficient Discharge for the Receipt of all and every such other Payments, Sum and Sums of Money as shall be made and brought in, by and upon any other Ways and Means, for the Relief and Maintenance of the said Army; and to have and receive back again, according to the Ordinance, in that Case, such Monies as shall be raised by Way of Loan upon the Public Faith of the Kingdom of England.