August 1649: An Act for admitting the Purchasers of Bishops Lands to pay their Whole Purchase-moneys by Weavers-Hall Bills.

Pages 237-238

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August, 1649

[28 August, 1649.]

What money has been raised by sale of Bishops Lands to 25 July, 1649.; Purchase moneys may be paid by Weavershall Bills.

The Parliament of England now assembled, finding upon due examination, that from the beginning of the sitting of the Contractors for the sale of Bishops Lands, to the Five and twentieth of July, One thousand six hundred forty nine, exclusively there is paid and to be paid in ready money and Goldsmiths-hall Bills, upon the several Contracts for Bishops Lands made by them within the time aforesaid, the full sum of Four hundred twenty three thousand seven hundred sixty six pounds fourteen shillings and ten pence: And being fully satisfied, that the said sum, together with the additional Security of the Excise in course (as it now stands charged) is a visible and sufficient Security to the Lenders of the first Four hundred thousand pounds, for whatsoever sum or sums of money can remain due unto them or any of them, together with the growing Interest due for the same; And being deeply sensible, how slowly the Bishops Lands are now bought off, whereby a great Debt, with its growing Interest and great Charge is continued upon the Commonwealth in regard that the Purchasers of the said Lands are not admitted to pay their whole Purchase-moneys by Weavers-Hall Bills, as is now most just and reasonable: Therefore be it Enacted and Ordained, and it is hereby Enacted and Ordained by this present Parliament, That all persons who have made, or shall make from and after the Twenty fourth day of July, One thousand six hundred forty and nine inclusively, any Contract for Bishops Lands, shall be admitted to pay all or any part of their PurchaseMoneys, due or to be due upon such Contracts, either in ready Money, Goldsmiths-Hall Bills, or Weavers-Hall Bills, as well for the Four hundred thousand pounds charged by Ordinance of the Thirteenth of May, One thousand six hundred forty seven, as the Eighty four thousand pounds charged by Ordinance of the Third of June, One thousand six hundred forty seven, as the respective Purchasers shall think fit: And the Trustees, Contractors and Treasurers for Bishops Lands, and all other Officers and persons whatsoever concerned herein, are required to take notice hereof, and to act accordingly.