August 1643: An Ordinance for naming a Committee for the Associated Counties, of Norfolke, Suffolke, Essex, Cambridge, Hertford, and Huntington.

Pages 242-245

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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August 1643

[10 August, 1643.]

Names of Persons appointed as Committee for Associated Counties of Norfolk, etc.

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, taking into their serious consideration the great danger of the Protestant Religion, and the advancement of Popery by a Popish Army, and the daily Rapines, Pillagings, Burnings and spoylings of His Majesties good subjects in many parts of this Kingdome, by severall Armies of Horse and foot raised, consisting for the most part of bloody minded Papists, Irish Rebels, Atheists, Forreigners, and of the Prelaticall Party; And especially seeing that the Earle of Newcastle, with his whole Army, since the late surrendring of Gainsborough unto him, is marching towards, and ready to fall upon the Associated counties of Norfolke, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge, Hertford and Huntingdon: Therefore the said Lords and Commons have thought it most necessary, and do hereby Ordain, nominate and appoint, Sir Iohn Hobart Knight and Baronet, Sir Iohn Palgrave Knight and Baronet, Sir Miles Hobart, Sir Thomas Hoogan, Sir Thomas Gaudy, Sir Isaac Ashley, Sir Edward Ashley, Knights, Thomas Windham, Iohn Spilman, Iohn Cooke, Gregory Gausall, Francis Iermy, Robert Woods, Robert Wilton, William Cooke, Thomas Weight, Martin Sidly, Thomas Sotherton, Iohn Brewster, and Thomas Russell of Basham, Esquires, for the said County of Norfolke. Sir Edmund Bacon, Sir William Spring, Knights and Baronets, Sir Thomas Barnardiston Knight, Sir William Soame, Theophilus Vaughan, Maurice Barrow, Thomas Baker, Nathaniell Bacon of Friston, Nathaniell Bacon of Ipswich, Robert Brewster, Francis Bacon, Edmund Harvey, Isaac Appleton, Thomas Tirrill of Gippin, Iames Hobart, Gibson Lucas, Thomas Cole of Haverill, William Bloyse and William Laurence, Esquires for the said County of Suffolk; Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir William Roe, Sir Henry Holcroft, Sir Richard Everard, Knights, Iohn Sayer, Arthur Barnardiston, Iohn Weight, Richard Harlarkinden, Edward Palmer, Timothy Middleton, Deane Tindall, William Humfrevile, Iohn Eldred, Iohn Eliston of Gesthorp, Robert Galthrop, William Atwood of Weightbridge, Iohn Atwood of Mushwaltham Esquires. [..] Read, Doctor of Physick, Iohn Young and Iohn Sorrell, Gent for the said County of Essex. Sir Iohn Cuts, Sir Thomas Martin, Knights, Oliver Cromwell, Francis Russell, Thomas Cooke, William March, Iames Tompson, Thomas Ducket, Robert Castle, Robert Clerke, Edward Clench, Dudly Pope, Thomas Bendish, Iohn Welbore, Richard Foxton, Esquires, and Samuell Spaulding Gent. for the said County of Cambridge. Sir Iohn Garret Baronet, Sir Iohn Witteroung Knight, Sir Iohn Read Baronet. Iohn Heydon, Ralph Freeman, William Leaman, William Pristly, Gabriel Barber of Hertford, Iohn Robotham, Henry Mewtis, Ralph Pemberton, Captain Richard Porter, Adam Washington, Iohn Scrogs, Alexander Wilde, Thomas Tooke, Iohn King, Esquires, for the said County of Hertford. Sir Miles Sandys junior Knight, Iohn Hubert, Humberston March, Esquires, and Thomas Castle, Gent. for the said Isle of Ely. Iohn Thacker Major, Adrian Parmiter, Iohn Tooly, Edmund Burnam, Matthew Peckover, Henry Wats, Matthew Lindsey, William Symonds, Aldermen of the City of Norwich, Iohn Greenwood Sheriff of the same, Samuell Smith Esquire, for the said County of the City of Norwich. Onslow Winche, Torrell Iocelyne, Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Templer, Iohn Castle, Abraham Burwell and Edward Mountague, Esquires, Robert Vintner, Robert Harvey, and Garvall Fullwood, Gent. for the said County of Huntington; or any seven or more of them, three whereof to be Deputy-Lieutenants, and the whole seven to consist of one out of every the said counties respectively, and one out of the City of Norwich, to be a standing and constant Committee, who shall have power to order the Affairs of the said Associated counties, according to their Instructions hereafter specified.

Seven or more of Committee to reside at Cambridge or other Frontier Town of Association; To relieve each other every fortnight..

And for the better effecting of the premises, the said Committee, or any seven or more of them as aforesaid, shall be resident at Cambridge, or at some other of the Frontier Townes of the association, or some other convenient place within the said Counties, and shall have power to adjourne themselves, from time to time, and from place to place, as they shall thinke fitting. And the said Lords and Commons in Parliament, do nereby nominate and command, Thomas Sotherton and Martin Sidley, Esquires for the county of Norfolke; Edmund Harvey and Thomas Cole, Esquires for the County of Suffolk; Sir William Roe Knight, and Timothy Middleton Esquire, for the County of Essex; Thomas Ducket and Thomas Castle, for the County of Cambridge; Henry Mewtis and Ralph Freeman, Esquires for the County of Hertford; Onslow Winche and Abraham Burwell, Esquires for the County of Huntington; and Samuell Smith, Esquire for the County of the City of Norwich, presently to attend this service. And after they (or more of the said Commissioners) shall have sat foureteen dayes, then the Minor halfe of the said Committee to be free, and they to send for so many others in their stead, out of every the said respective Counties and City of Norwich, and the Major halfe there still to remain other Fourteen daies, and then they also are free; and they then to send for seven others, one out of every the said Counties and City of Norwich as aforesaid; and to change the Committee by halfe at once successively during these troubles, or till further order be taken, giving notice from time to time, to them which are to succeed, the six daies before they are to make their appearance at the appointed place; also if seven or more of the Commissioners before named, shall be present in this service, three whereof or more to be DeputyLieutenants of the severall and respective Counties, the whole number shall have power to Vote, and the Major part to rule the Vote.

Instructions for the Committee of the Associated Counties.

Instructions for Committee.

Inprimis, that the said first Committee so appointed as aforesaid, and all other the said Commissioners before named, are hereby strictly required to make their appearance according to the manner of the appointment by this present Ordinance, and in these times of eminent danger, to use all diligence to promote the service they are intrusted withall.

2. That they have a speciall care that all the Frontiers, and the Isle of Ely be supplyed with fitting Forces to resist all suddain surprises, or invasions; and shall from time to time send out Scouts to discover how, and in what manner, any enemy approcheth neere to the Frontiers, that thereby they may have, and give timely notice of any approaching danger; & this is to be done at the generall charge of the Association.

3. That the said Committee shall order and dispose of all the Associated Forces sent to them by the said Counties in such sort and manner as they shall thinke fit, and best for the safety of the said Associated Counties; And if at any time they shall finde occasion of more Forces fit to be raised by the Associated Counties, they shall give notice thereof to the Deputy Lieutenants that fitting supplies may be made thereof, and that every County may see their forces paid.

4. That all Forces raised before this ordinance in the Associated Counties, shall be paid their Arreares if any be unpaid, by mony raised out of the six Associated Counties, and City of Norwich, according to their proportions.

5. That the said Committee shall take a speciall care that an accomptant be appointed to Register all the Warrants and directions of the said Committee, and that they may require the said Accomptant or Register to make and keepe a perfect accompt how all monies are paid in there by any of the associated Counties, and how the same be issued out, and shall give them such reasonable allowance for their pains.

6. That they have a speciall care, that no stranger shall come in, or inhabit within the towne of Cambridge or the Isle of Ely, without the approbation of the said Committee, upon certificate of his or their good affections to the King and Parliament; and also that they bring a certificate under foure of the Deputy-Lieutenants hands of the county from whence they come.

7. That all Souldiers that run away, shall be remanded back to the colours, or sent to the Gaole, & all those that harbour them, are to be fined & imprisoned, they knowing them to be run away, and to be further punished, as my Lord Generall, and the Deputy-Lieutenants of their respective counties, or any two of them shall thinke fit, the fine not exceeding five pounds every offence.

8. That the Commissioners for Sequestration in the aforesaid counties respectively, do presently execute the Ordinances of Parliament for Sequestrations, or else to be certified by the said Committee to the Houses of Parliament, to be proceeded against for their neglect; And the said Committe shall have power to put in execution all Ordinances of Parliament where there is any neglect.

9. That every Member of the House of Commons, and the Governours of Cambridge that are inhabitants of the six counties, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertford, Huntingdon and Cambridge, and of the City of Norwich, shall be of the said Committee.