September 1643: An Ordinance for raising Money by way of Loane at Ipswich for the Navy.

Pages 284-285

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September 1643

[13 September, 1643.]

Whereas M. William Cage, a Member of the House of Commons is desired and Imployed by the said House of Commons, to procure from the Inhabitants of the Towne of Ipswich, or others, a Loane of such a summe of Mony as he can, to bee speedily lent, paid, and delivered either to the Committee of the house of Commons for the Navy; or to Sir Henry Vane the younger, Knight, Treasurer for the Navy, or to his Deputy.

Moneys raised by Loan in Ipswich by Mr. Cage to be repaid from sequestration or Excise Money

It is this day Ordered and Ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That what summe or summes of mony, the said William Cage, shall disburse, pay, and deliver or procure to bee disbursed paid, or delivered by any of the Inhabitants of the said Towne of Ipswich, for the use of the Navy, unto such person and persons, as Mr. Green shall by Warrant under his hand appoint the same to be paid, Or to the said Sir Henry Vane the younger, Treasurer for the Navy, or to His Deputy, & taking a Receipt for the same That all and every the same summe and summes of Mony shall be repaid to the said Mr. Cage, and to such partie and parties as shall so disburse and lend the same, to any of the persons herein appointed to receive the same, out of the Moneys to bee raised in the County of Suffolke, upon the two Ordinances of Sequestration, or either of them, by the Receivers or Treasurers of the same Money, or in default thereof out of the Money raised or to bee raised within the said County, upon the Ordinance for the Excize or New Impost, By the Commissioners and Treasurers appointed for the same, with Consideration for the same, after the Rate of eight pound per Cent. for all such Moneys from the time of the disbursing of the same, unto the time of repayment thereof.

Warrant to Treasurer.

And it is further Ordered and Ordained, That the shewing forth of this present Ordinance, with a Receipt under the hand of the Party that is hereby appointed to receive the same from the Lenders, Testifying that the same was so by him received to the use of the Navy, shall bee sufficient Warrant to the Treasurers and Commissioners aforesaid, and to every of them to repay and satisfie the same Moneys with the Consideration to the parties that lent the same, without any other or further Order or Warrant from both Houses of Parliament or either of them.