September 1643: An Ordinance for the releife of the distressed Clergie of Ireland.

Pages 285-287

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September 1643

[18 September, 1643.]

Whereas it appeareth by an humble Petition this day read that the distressed Clergy of the Kingdom of Ireland, were at the beginning of that Rebellion there, dispoyled of there Personall Estates, and have beene ever since deprived of their respective livings, By the Barbarous Rebells, and are now ready to perish, with their wives and Children, for want of present livelyhood. The Lords and Commons now Assembled in Parliament, having taken the same into their Charitable Considerations, doe thinke fit, that there shall be a Collection made in, and throughout the Cities of London, and Westminster, and the severall Counties of Midlesex, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Hertford for their reliefe.

Collection to be made.; in all Parishes in London, and within the adjoining Counties or distressed Clergy in Ireland.; Moneys collected within 10 miles of London to be paid to Receivers.

Be it therefore Ordained by the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament Assembled, That all and every the Church Wardens and Over-Seers of the Poore within all and every the Severall Places, and Parishes of the Cities of London, and Westminster and Bourough of Southwarke, and of the Severall Counties of Midlesex, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Hertford, aforesaid, shall and may forthwith, and before the twenty-sixth day of November next, within their respective Parishes and Places aforesaid, aske, take, receive, and gather the severall Gifts, and Charitable Benevolences of all and every person, and persons to, and for the Reliefe of the said distressed Clergy, their Wives, and Children; And the same so received, and gathered in each severall Place, or Parish which shall be within the distance or Tenn Miles of the City of London, to set downe in a note in writing, in words at large, and not in figures, The same to be subscribed by the Minister, Parson, Viccar, or Curate of the said Place or Parish; And by the said Church-Wardens, or one of them; And to be paid, and delivered unto Doctor William Goudge Minister of Black-friars London, Doctor Josua Hoyle, Minister of Stepeny, Doctor Thomas Temple, Minister of Battersey, Mr. Joseph Carrell Preacher at Lincolns Inne, Master William Price Minister of Mildreds Bredstreet, Mr. Herle, Mr. Cheynell, Mr. Wilkinson junior; or any three of them, who by this Ordinance are appointed Receivers, and Treasurers of the same, Or to such deputy Receivers as they shall appoint at Doctor Goudges House in Black-friers, aforesaid: at or before the thirtieth day of November aforesaid.

Receivers to give Acquittances.; Money collected in places above 10 miles distant.

Which said Receivers or one of them, or their Deputy Receivers, are to give severall Acquittances for the same, And the summes so received and gathered in each severall Place, and Parish, which shall be above Tenne Miles distant from the City of London, to be kept in the hands of the Church-Wardens, till they be demanded of them by such a person as shall be designed by the aforesaid Ministers, and that designation made knowne under the hands of the Knights and Burgesses which serve for the said Counties, or any seven of them, from whom they shall receive Acquittances for their discharge.

Moneys how to be disposed of.

Be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, that the said Receivers or any two of them Imediatly after the Receipt of the severall sumes of mony from the Church-Wardens of the Respective Places or Parishes within the severall Cities and Counties aforesaid, shall call to their Assistance William Newman and Griffith Peirce, Ministers and agents for the said distressed Clergy, or one of them who are to advise concerning the sending over the said Moneys (the necessary Charges of the said Agents and of such others as shall bee necessarily Imployed in the execution of this Ordinance, being first discharged unto faithfull and trusty Persons in Dublin, and other places of Ireland; to bee by them disposed of to such of the Clergy there as are in distresse, according to their Merrit, and proportionable to the exigencies of them and their families.

Ministers to publish this; Ord. in their Churches and Chapels.; Ministers or others neglecting their duty accountable to Parliament.

Be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the Ministers, Parsons, Viccars, and Curates, of all, and every the Cities of London, and Westminster, and Counties aforesaid, shall Publish this Ordinance in their severall Parish-Churches and Chappells respectively, upon any Lords day after the same shall come to their hands within the aforesaid time Limited, And shall use their best endeavours to move and perswade their Parishioners liberally to Contribute to so good a worke; And that if any Minister, Parson, Viccar, Curate, Church-Warden, or Over-Seer of the Poore within the severall Places or Parishes of the Cities, Boroughs, and Counties aforesaid, or any of them, shall neglect his or their duty in the due execution of the Premises, that he or they shall be accomptable in Parliament for such his or their neglect.

No Collections to be made after Nov. 30.

Provided alwayes that this Ordinance shall not be put in execution touching any such Collections as aforesaid, longer then or from or after the thirtieth day of November next.