September 1643: An Ordinance concerning the associating of the County of Hertford with the City of London, and such other Towns and Parishes in the neighbour Counties of Middlesex, Essex, and Buckingham.

Pages 289-291

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September 1643

[19 September, 1643.]

Whereas the Inhabitants of the Town of Watford having shewed themselves forward and zealous to expresse their affections for defence of Parliament and Kingdom, were authorized by Ordinance of the 11 of November last to make Assessements, and tax themselves and the rest of the Parish, according to the quantity of their estates and abilities, for provision of competent men, Arms and Ammunition, for defence of the same Town and Parish, and to associate with such other Towns and Parishes in the County of Hertford, & in the neighbour Counties of Middlesex, Essex, and Buckingham, as would confederate and joyn their strength with them, for the mutuall safety such of other; and to Trayn, Exercise, and draw forth their forces joyntly or severally for their best defence & preservation, as by the said Ordinance appeareth: And whereas in pursuance of that Ordinance, by the care and industry of divers well-affected persons of the said Town of Watford and the Neighbourhood thereof, one Regiment of Foot is already raised, and good hopes given of raising more, if a convenient supply of power may be had for doing of the same, in such a way and manner as may probably bring the same to a speedy and good effect:

Names of Committee for Volunteers.; Instructions for Committee; To take subscriptions.; To enlist and train persons.; Persons enlisted may be used to suppress rebellions.; Power to tax County of Hertford.; To grant Warrants for distress of goods of those that refuse to pay; Sequestration.

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, taking the Premises into their serious consideration, do hereby Order and Ordain, That Sir John Garret Knight, Sir John Wittewrong Knight, William Leman Esquire, Richard Porter Esquire, Captain John Marsh, Captain Nathaniel Haws, Mr. Gabriel Barber, Mr. Adam Washington, William Carter, Captain Daniel Field, Thomas Mitchell, William Finch, Nathaniel Manisty, Christopher Looffees, Zachary King, Henry King, John Gates, Francis Clerk, John Gale, William Baylie, Randall Nicholl, Daniel Nicholl, John Grub, Henry Marsh, William Smith, Robert Warren, William Aileward, Nicholas Coleborn, and William Hickman; All of them Inhabitants of the said County of Hertford, shall be, and are hereby appointed to be a Committee for Voluntiers for the said County; And that the said Committee, or any seven or more of them shall and may with all convenient speed Summon to appear in some convenient places within the said County, the Freeholders, and other the Inhabitants of the Towns, Parishes, and Townships within the said County of Hertford who are able to bear or finde Arms, or to contribute towards the same, and there propound unto them what present and imminent danger and necessity the whole Kingdom is now reduced unto by the wicked and traiterous Advice and Councell, Attempts and Conspiracies of Papists, and other persons about His Majesty; And to take the Voluntary Subscriptions for Men, Arms, Horse, and Monies, of such wellaffected persons as please to contribute, and come into this imployment, and convert such contributions of Money and Arms for the use of the same; And to List, Train, Exercise, and put into readinesse aswell without the Liberties as within the County aforesaid, such persons as shall be so subscribed for; And them after their abilities and faculties well and sufficiently from time to time to cause to be arrayed and armed, and to take the Musters of them in places most fit for that purpose; And to have Commissions granted in usuall form to such Commanders, Collonels, Captains, and other Officers and Ministers for the said Forces, as they shall present to the Right Honorable the Earl of Manchester, appointed Sergeant Major Generall of the said County of Hertford, and other associated Counties; And shall have power by their Commanders and Officers, to Lead, Conduct, and Imploy the persons aforesaid, arrayed and weaponed, for suppression of all rebellious Insurrections and Invasions that may happen within the said County, and for doing all things else needfull thereto for the preservation, safety, and peace of the said County of Hertford, and Counties adjacent. And for the better raising of Monies for the maintenance of the great charges incident to a work of this nature, It is further Ordained and Declared, That the said Committee, or any seven or more of them shall have power to assesse and Tax, or cause to be assessed and taxed upon the said County of Hertford, according to the most usuall proportion of Rates in the late weekly Assessments there, such summe or summes as shall by them be judged convenient and necessary for the Arming, Trayning, and Disciplining of the said Forces, so that it exceed not the summe of 2001. by the week, and so as especially respect be had of easing such as according to their ability do voluntarily list men & Arms, or otherwise voluntarily contribute to the employment aforesaid: And to grant Warrants under their Hands and Seals in writing, to any Constables, or other Officers whatsoever, to raise and leavie the said Summe and Summes to be assessed and taxed as aforesaid, upon all such persons upon whom any Summe shall be so assessed and set, who do refuse or neglect to pay the same, by way of distresse, and sale of the goods of the person so refusing and neglecting to pay the same; And in case no distresse is or may be found, then to sequester the Rents and other estates of such person and persons so neglecting and refusing to pay the same, taking an exact Inventory thereof and selling so much as may satisfie the Assessement, and restoring the remainder and over-plus of the said estate to the owner and owners respectively. And further, the said Committee are required to certifie the names in writing to the Committee of Lords and Commons for the safety of the Kingdome, of all such inconformable and wilfull persons who refuse to comply or contribute as aforesaid, that such further course may be taken, as shall be thought fit; and that their Arms may be taken and seized by the said Committee and their agents, for the use and furtherance of the said service.

To appoint Sub-Committees.

And the said Committee for Voluntiers, & the major part of them, are hereby authorised to adde to themselves such other trusty persōs to be of their Cōmittee, as shal be approved of by both Houses of Parliament; and to make such sub-Committee, or sub-Committees as to them shall seeme expedient; every of which sub-Committees shall and may exercise and execute such power and authority as shall be delegated by the said Committee, or the major part of them, for the better execution of the premises.

Power to Inhabitants of Hertford to associate themselves with London, etc.

And it is lastly Ordained and Declared, That the Inhabitants of the said County of Hertford, shall and may associate themselves with the City of London, or with any other Hundreds, Towns, Parishes, or places in the Neighbour-hood, in the County of Middlesex, Buckingham, and Essex, as will associate with them, for the mutuall defence and preservation of themselves, and of the said associated places, against Papists, Malignants and others the common enemies of the Parliament and Kingdom: And to admit into their Committee aforesaid, such persons of the said City, Hundreds, or Towns, as shall desire to associate, with the approbation of both Houses of Parliament.

Lord Cranborne to command Forces in Hertfordshire.

Provided alwayes, That so long as the said Forces which by vertue of this Ordinance are to be raised, shall be or remain in the County of Hertford, they shall be Ordered, Governed, and Exercised by the aforesaid Committee, under the Command of the Lord Viscount Cranborne, immediately by himselfe.