October 1643: An Ordinance That all Sellers of Wines who shall pay the Excise, shall and may take for all Spanish Wines sold, for every Quart fourteen pence; and for all French Wines, eight pence a Quart, and so proportionably after that rate.

Pages 305-306

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October 1643

[9 October, 1643.]

Sellers of Wine that pay Excise may take 14d. per quart for Spanish wines, and 8d. per quart for French wines.

Whereas by a late Ordinance of both Houses of Parliament for a charge of Excise or new Impost to be set upon the Commodities in a Schedule thereunto annexed, contained, for the supply of the great Affaires of this Kingdome, whereby it is amongst other things provided, That the sellers of Wine, who are chargeable with the Excise, shall be allowed the same in the price thereof upon the sale; but for that no certaine price is set downe in the said Ordinance for Wines to be sold at, Be it now declared and ordained by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the Sellers of Wines who shall pay the Excise, shall or may take for all Spanish Wines sold for every quart fourteene pence; and for all French Wines sold eight pence for every quart and so proportionably after that rate. Which said prices shall or may be taken without incurring the penalties of any Law or Statute, so as the due Measures and Assizes be otherwise kept and observed, as by the Law is provided, and the Wines to be good and wholesome, and merchantable.

Alderman Langham, Commissioner, discharged.; Powers to Commissioners of Excise.

And be it further Declared and Ordained, That Master Alderman Langham, who was named a Commissioner in the said former Ordinance, in respect of his other great and necessary occasions, shall be wholly discharged of the said service, and the other seven Commissioners shall have power to execute the said Ordinance, as if the said Alderman Langham, had not beene named therein. And further, That the respective Commissioners of Excize, or the major part of them, shall have power to call before them any person or persons whom they shall thinke fit, being subject to the said Ordinance for any matter touching the same, or that can testifie or informe any thing materiall to the said service: And shall have power to grant their Warrants for the bringing in of such persons as shall wilfully refuse or neglect to come before them upon warning, and to punish such persons for their contempt or disobedience in that behalfe by Fine or Amercement, to be levied, and employed in such manner as is appointed for the other penalties by the said Ordinance, so as the same doe not exceed five pounds for any one offence.