September 1643: An Ordinance to enable the Right Honorable, Edward Earl of Manchester, to put in execution all former Ordinances for sequestring Delinquents estates: Weekly Assessments: the Fift and Twentieth parts: contribution for Ireland: And other Ordinances for raising of monies within the Associated counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertford, Cambridge, Huntington, Isle of Ely, and City of Norwich.

Pages 309-310

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October 1643.

[11 October, 1643.]

Edward Earl of Manchester to put in execution Ordinances for sequestration of Delinquents Estates.; To appoint fresh Committees, etc. in cases of negligence

Whereas the associated counties of Lincoln, Norffolke, Suffolk, Essex, Hertford, Cambridge, Huntington, the Isle of Ely, and Citie of Norwich, have beene at great and excessive charges, in maintaining severall forces both of Horse and Foot, in preserving the said Counties, and in withstanding resisting and repelling, the severall attempts, hostilities and outrages done and committed by the Popish Army, now under the command of the Earle of Newcastle. And whereas severall Ordinances of both Houses of Parliament, for the seising and sequestring of the estates of Delinquents, the weekly assessement; the assessing raising, and levying, the fifth and twentieth parts, contributions for Ireland, and other Ordinances for raising of monies within the associated Counties, have not been put in that due and speedy execution as the necessity and urgencie of the present affaires doe require. It is Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled; That Edward Earle of Manchester, Major Generall of the said associated Counties, do forthwith take some effectuall and speedy course for the better and present execution of the said Ordinances. And in case where the Deputy-Lievtenants and Committees, or any of them, in any of the said Counties are, or have been negligent and remisse in the due execution of the said Ordinances; that in such Counties, Cities, Townes, and Divisions, within the said associated Counties: the said Earle of Manchester shall and may nominate and appoint such person and persons within the said counties respectively, as his Lordship shall hold fitting, who shall and may assesse, collect, and levie, the severall summes of money to be raised within the said severall counties, by vertue of the said Ordinances, as in the said Ordinances is mentioned and declared; and such person and persons so to be nominated, by the said Earle of Manchester, to have the same power to all intent and purposes as the Committees mentioned in the said Ordinances now have.

Two Parts of moneys raised to be sent to Treasurers at Guildhall.; The third Part to be used to maintain Forces in Associated Counties.

And it is further ordered, that two parts of the summe of summes of money to be levied, had and received of any person, by vertue of the said Ordinance, for the sequestring of Delinquents estates, raised or to be raised, by any Warrant or Order, or Direction from the said Earle of Manchester, shall be forthwith after the levying and payment thereof, sent up and paid to the Treasurers at Guildhall London, for such use and uses as by the said Ordinances is appointed. And the third part of every such sum or sums, to be paid to such Treasurer and Treasurers within the said severall and respective Counties, as his Lordship shall nominate and appoint: and to be employed for the maintaining of such Forces as are raised, or to be raised in the said Associated Counties, and are in actuall service in such Garrison and places, as by his Lordship the said Earle of Manchester, within the said Associated Counties, or elsewhere is or shall be appointed. And all other sums of money to be raised by vertue of the said other Ordinances, to be employed, as in the Ordinance is limited and declared.

Charges for distress of goods.; Money to be paid to Treasurers at London.

And it is further Ordered, that in case where any distresse of any goods is had, levyed, and made, for the raising of any summe by vertue of the said Ordinances, that the Collector, Officer, and other Persons for taking such distresse, shall and may from time to time receive such summe and summes of money, not exceeding twelve pence in the pound, as the said Earle of Manchester shall appoint, for and towards charges, in levying the sum, to be paid and levyed by the said person and persons, by way of distresse and sale of goods, upon whom such distresse is had and taken, over and above the summe assessed upon them, and to be paid by them. And further, that the said Earle of Manchester, or such as his Lordship shall appoint, shall and may take account of all Treasurers, Collectors, chiefe Constables, and others, in whose hands any money now is raised by vertue of the said Ordinances, of the Bill of 400000 pounds: And that all such summe and summes of money be forthwith paid unto such Treasurers at London or elsewhere, as by the said severall Ordinances and Act of Parliament is limited and declared.

Treasurers to account for moneys received and disbursed.

And lastly, it is ordered that the Treasurers to be appointed by the said Earl of Manchester do from time to time, upon notice to them given, give account of all monies by them received and disbursed, to such person and persons as from time to time shall be nominated and appointed by the Committee of Lords and Commons for Sequestrations.