October 1643: An Ordinance for the better prevention of Spies and Intelligencers.

Pages 327-328

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October 1643

[31 October, 1643.]

All intercourse with King and Queen and persons with them, without consent of Parliament, forbidden.; Persons that disobey to have their estates sequestered and be accounted Rebels.; Reward for discovery of offenders.; Punishment for concealing offenders

Whereas by the frequent Intercourse of Persons and Intelligence (contrary to the use and custome of War) between the cities of London and Westminster, and other parts of the Kingdome, and the persons of the King and Queen, and Forces raised by the King against the Parliament and Kingdome; oppertunity hath been given for the plotting and contriving the late treacherous and horrid Designe and in case the said Intercourse and Intelligence should continue, the same way will still be open for any other of the like nature in time to come: As also for the frequent conveying of Monies, and other Provisions for the supporting of this unnaturall War: For the preventing whereof, be it Declared and Ordained by the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, That no Person or Persons, whatsoever, shall from henceforth repair or go from the said cities of London and Westminster, or from any other parts of the Kingdome, unto the person of the King or Queen, or Lords of Councell, abiding with him or her, to any person or persons within any of the Kings quarters, Leaguers or Garrisons or that are within any of the Armies raised by the King; nor shall give or hold any Intelligence by Letters, Messages, or otherwise, with the persons of the King and Queen, or other persons aforesaid without consent of both Houses of Parliament, or Warrant from the Lord Generall of the Forces raised by the two Houses, or from the respective Officers, that shall command in chief any of the Forces. And the said Lords and Commons do further declare, That the person or persons who shall do to the contrary hereof, shall be proceeded against, as those within the Ordinances for Sequestration. And shall be further accounted, as persons that do adhere unto those that have leavied War against the Parliament and Kingdome, and be liable to the same punishment. And be it further declared and ordained, for the better and more effectuall execution of the premises, That the person or persons that shall discover any of the offences, and persons offending as aforesaid, shall have one Fifth part of all such benefits and profits that shall acrue, or grow, by reason of the seizing and sequestring of their Estates according to the true intent and meaning of this Ordinance, and of the said Ordinance of Sequestration. And in case any person or persons after the last of Iune, having knowledge of the said offenders and offences, shall not within convenient time reveale the same unto the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament, or to the Lord Generall, or other Officers commanding in chief the said person or persons shall incur the like penalties and forfeitures as are herein provided, against the said principall offenders.