November 1643: Air Ordinance for Defence of the Towne and Countie of Southampton.

Pages 345-346

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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November 1643

[22 November, 1643.]

Moneys raised in Southampton and Fawley by two former Ords. to be used for defence of Southampton.

Whereas the safeguard of the Towne and County of Southampton, is of great Consequence to the whole Kingdome; And whereas it appeareth to the Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled to be very necessarie for the security and defence of the said place that a great force should there be raised, and imployed in Watching, Warding, Suppressing Insurrections, Fortifying the said Towne and County and for doing all such other Acts and things, as they shall be thereunto directed and commanded by Authority of both Houses of Parliament. Be it now ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That towards the payment of all such Forces as are there raised or to be raised by Authority aforesaid and towards the paying and defraying of all such necessary Charges for the making and continuing of such Fortifications as are there made or to be made, for the security thereof all such summes of Money as are, or shall be raised in the said Towne and County of Southampton, by vertue of two late Ordinances of Parliament, or either of them, the one being an Ordinance for the levying of Money by way of Excize, or new Impost, the other an Ordinance for the sequestring of the Estates of Papists and notorious Delinquents: And also all summes of Money as shall be raised in the Division of Fawley, in the County of Southampton, by vertue of the said Ordinance for Excize may be issued forth and payd for the use aforesaid, upon any Warrant or Warrants in writing, under the hands of Richard Norton, Esquire; Thomas Mason, Major of Southampton; Captain Murford, Richard Major Esquires, Edward Hooper Esquire, George Gallopp, Edward Exton, Robert Wroth, and Henry Bracebridge Aldermen, or any two of them.

Treasurers and Receivers to pay out moneys upon Warrant.

And it is further ordained by the said Lords and Commons that all and every Receiver and Receivers, Treasurer or Treasurers of all summe and summes of money raised in the said Town and County, and division of Fawley aforesaid by vertue of the said Ordinances or either of them shall upon any warrant, Subscribe as aforesaid issue forth and pay the same according to the effect of the said warrant which shall be a good discharge for so much money as they shall make payment of accordingly.

Duplicate Warrants.

And it is further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, that a duplicate shall be made of all warrants directed to any of the said Receiver or Receivers, Treasurer or Treasurers, for the issuing forth of any summes of money upon which payment hath bin made accordinly by vertue of this present Ordinance, one part whereof shall be kept by the said Receiver or Treasurer, for his or their discharge, and the other part to be delivered in within one month of the issuing forth of each severall warrant, to the Speaker of the House of Commons; where the said Committee and the said Receiver and Receivers, Treasurer or Treasurers are to be accomptable for the same.


And be it lastly ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That all and every of the said Committee, Receivers, and Treasurers, shall be protected, defended and saved harmles in whatsoever they shall doe, in pursuance hereof by the power and authority of both Houses of Parliament.