March 1654: An Ordinance for the Suspending the proceedings of the Judges named in the Act, Intituled An Act for the Relief of Creditors and poor Prisoners.

Pages 860-861

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March, 1654

[31 March, 1654.]

Act of 5 Oct., 1653.; Suspension of above Act till 20 April next.; All things done under said Act meanwhile to be void.; Save recommittal to gaol of prisoners on bail.

Whereas upon perusal and serious consideration had of one Act of Parliament, Intituled An Act for the Relief of Creditors and poor Prisoners; many doubts and difficulties do appear, which must necessarily occasion an Explanation of the said Act, for the better inabling the Judges in the said Act named and authorised for sale of such Estates as are to bee sold by the said Act, for satisfaction of Creditors, which cannot in short time be effected, and without such Explanation and further direction to bee given to the several and respective Judges, authorised in and by the said Act, several inconveniences and mischiefs would grow, not only to the said Creditors and Prisoners, but to divers other Persons, not meant or intended to be included within the said Act, and will occasion many troubles, and suits in Law and Equitie; For the preventing whereof due care is likewise to bee had: And whereas many of the said Prisoners have offered really to endeavour the satisfaction of the said Creditors, if som further time may be given for that purpose; Bee it therefore Ordained by His Highness the Lord Protector, by and with the consent of his Council, That the said several and respective Judges mentioned in the said Act, or any of them shall not proceed to the sale or disposition of any the Estates, Real or Personal, of any of the said Prisoners, or of any other person or persons whatsoever, mentioned or intended in or by the said Act; nor shall otherwise intermeddle in the execution of the said Act, or of any the powers or authorities given by the same, until the 20th day of April next. And be it further ordained by the Authoritie aforesaid, That all Acts or things to bee don by the said several and respective Judges, or any of them, by virtue, color, or pretence of the said Act, from henceforth, and before the said 20th day of April, shall bee utterly void, null, and of none effect, saving onely that it shall and may bee lawful for the said several and respective Judges that have bailed or let out any Prisoners upon Sureties or otherwise, out of Prison (which Prisoners are to appear again at a certain day before the said Judges, and are not absolutely discharged by any Order of the said Judges) to sit onely for the remanding and re-committing of the said Prisoners into their former Prisons and Gaols, where they formerly were detained in Prison, there to remain in safe custodie, and to continue and bee in the same condition as formerly they were at the time of their Bailing or letting out as aforesaid.