145 Crosse v Moore

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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John Crosse of Brotherton or Liverpool, co. Lancaster, esq v Edward Moore of Bank Hall, co. Lancaster, esq

No date


Crosse complained that Moore, in the presence of several people, had said that Crosse 'lyed in his throate', for which he struck Moore with 'a small cudgel'. Moore now sued Crosse for striking him, and Crosse petitioned that Moore be brought to answer before the Earl Marshal for starting the quarrel. No further proceedings survive.

Initial proceedings

EM282, Petition

'Upon conference between your petitioner and one Edward Moore, esquior, Mr Moore (without any occasion given on your petitioner's part) reviled your petitioner with evill language, and in disgracefull sort, in the presence of divers persons, told your petitioner that he lyed in his throate, whereupon your petitioner conceiving himself much wronged in his reputation by soe fowle an affront, having a small cudgel in his hand, stroke Mr Moore therewith: for which he now sueth your petitioner, endeavoring to putt him to excessive charges, albeit Mr Moore himselfe gave the first occasion of the difference.'

Petitioned that Moore be brought to answer.

No date.


The mayor, aldermen and bailiffs of Liverpool complained that when they had demanded 40 shillings in ship money from John Cross, he refused to pay, 'being an obstinate convicted recusant and powerful within the town.' Cross was sent in custody to Lancaster for his refusal to pay.

CSP Dom. 1636-7 , pp. 207-8.

John Crosse of Brotherton, co. Lancaster died in December 1640, leaving his son an orphan and his estates in wardship.

CSP Dom. 1640-1641 , p. 228.

Edward Moore may have been Captain Edward Moore of Bank Hall, co. Lancaster, son of the regicide Colonel John Moore, governor of Liverpool from 1644.

B. G. Blackwood, The Lancashire Gentry and the Great Rebellion, 1640-1660 (Chetham Society, 25, 1978), pp. 97, 108, 145; Captain Stewart's MS , HMC 10th Report, part 4 (London, 1885), pp. 66, 99.

Around 1600 the Crosse family of Liverpool held lands in Walton on the Hill, in the West Derby Hundred of Lancashire.

VCH Lancashire (London, 1907), vol. 3.


  • Initial proceedings
    • Petition: EM282 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Crosse, John, esq
  • Howard, Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey
  • Moore, Edward, esq

Places mentioned in the case

  • Lancashire
    • Brotherton
    • Walton on the Hill
    • West Derby

Topics of the case

  • assault
  • giving the lie
  • Roman Catholic
  • ship money
  • taxation
  • weapon