ENT, Sir George

Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Sir George ENT


Name Sir George ENT (ENTH)
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Author. Scholar. Anatomist. Pres RCP. FRS 1663)
Period of medical practice 1631-1689
Place of birth England (Sandwich, Kent (of Belgian extraction: son of John Ent))
Date of birth 6 Nov 1604
Date of death 13 Oct 1689
Address St Giles in the Fields 1689
Other notes Ca 1624 BA 1627 MA 1631 MD Padua 1636 incorp Ox 1638. Summoned 1638. CRCP 1639 FRCP 1639. Kn 1665. Bloom & James. Birken. [Son in Innes-Smith.]

Known London address

St Giles in the Fields
Date 1689

College membership

Date of BA 1627
Date of MA 1631
Medical education (university) Italy (Padua, Bologna, Ferrara, Venice)
Medical education (years) 5
Date of MD 1636
Degree incorporated into Oxford University Yes
Date became Candidate 08/04/1639
Date became Fellow 25/06/1639
Date of Candidacy 1639-1639
Date of Fellowship 1639-1689
Date elected censor 1645-1669
Date made Elect 1657
Date elected Registrar 1655-1670
Date elected Consiliarius 1667-1686
Date elected President 1670-1684
Lectureship Anatomy Lecturer 1664
Offices held Co 1667-9,76-86 (NB: 1676 disp. 1677 ?disp). P 1670-5,1682,1684
In trouble before membership Yes
Other notes Ca 1624.MD Padua. Birken & B&J
Date of birth 6 Nov 1604
Date of death 13 Oct 1689

Censorial hearings

22 Dec 1638
Entry E appeared and was admonished to conform to the College (as was FRAZIER 292 on the same day).
Action taken Admonished to conform (i.e. join).
Verdict guilty
Sentence Admonished to conform, i.e. become a College member
1 March 1639
Entry E was examined for the first time.
Action taken ?Presumably passed.
5 April 1639
Entry E showed his MD certificate from Padua (dated April 28, 1636).
Action taken See next.
8 April 1639
Entry E was examined a third time and approved by the Censors. Then he appeared again and was examined by the President, Prujean, Hamey & Goddard. Then he was unanimously elected Candidate, and after taking the oath he was admitted CRCP.
Action taken CRCP.
25 June 1639
Entry Dr E, of Kent, was nominated by the President for a Fellow: it went to the vote and he was unanimously elected. He took the oath and was admitted. He took his place and paid the College and the officers the fees due according to custom.
Action taken FRCP.