FRIER, Thomas (Jun)

Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Thomas (Jun) FRIER


Name Thomas (Jun) FRIER (FRYER)
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician)
Period of medical practice 1610-1640
Date of birth c.1580
Date of death after 1640
Address Aldersgate Ward St Botolph without the Gate 1640
Other notes Son of 300 & brother of 299. Rejected as CRCP 1622-3 (religion?). Trouble 17 Nov 1634.

Known London address

St Botolph without the gate, Aldersgate ward
Parish St Botolph without Aldersgate
Ward Aldersgate (Within & Without)
Date 1640

Censorial hearings

10 Nov 1615
Entry F, MD Padua of 19 March 1614, was examined and approved for the first time.
Action taken Approved on first examination.
6 Dec 1622
Entry F was examined and approved for the second time. He sought to become a member of the College, 'ut avus, pater, frater'.
Action taken Approved on second examination.
19 Dec 1622
Entry Examined and approved for the third time.
Action taken Approved on third examination.
22 Dec 1622
Entry F was proposed by the President for admission as CRCP. However, he was rejected by a majority in the ballot, 'fidelitatis tamen erga Regem deposcens juramentum suscipit 30 Jan'ii sequent.'
Action taken Refused admission as CRCP on religious grounds.
30 Jan 1623
Entry F was again proposed by the President for admission as CRCP, and was again rejected by 11 votes (beans), 'sed juramentum fidelitatis sponte suscipit'.
Action taken Rejected as CRCP.
29 March 1626
Entry Listed as suspected Papist doctor.
Verdict case not completed
17 Nov 1634
Entry 'Dr. Oxenbridge reporteth that hee being called to one Mr. Langerishe in the Strand, hee found hee had bine lett blood by Dr. Thomas Friar'; smallpox developed & so did some professional double-dealing.
Initiator of the complaint college member
Action taken ?
Verdict case not completed