Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician)
Period of medical practice 1532-1563
Date of birth c.1505
Date of death 23 Jul 1563
Address Port of Grace (Newhaven) 1563
Other notes Anti-Galenist & thus in trouble with College 1559-60. Recanted. FRCP 1560.

College membership

Date of BA 1526
Date of MA 1529
Medical education (university) Oxford
Medical education (years) 6
Date of license to practise 1532
MB 1532
Date of MD 1535
Date became Fellow 15/11/1560
Date of Fellowship 1560-1563
Date elected censor 1561-1563
Date made Elect 1562
In trouble before membership Yes
Other notes Anti-Galen 1559. Recanted 1560. MD Oxon 1535.
Date of birth c.1505
Date of death 23 Jul 1563

Censorial hearings

22 Dec 1559
Entry 'John Geynes, that influential and not unwise man, was ordered to show the College within one month all the written evidence justifying his claim to all, learned and otherwise, that Galen had erred on certain points: this he was to do in the presence of everyone in the College gathered in the regular Comitia, for he was not ashamed to indict the man. This action was taken on the same day, the twenty second.'
Action taken To appear at a full Comitia and prove his assertions.
Number of crimes 1
30 Oct 1560
Entry 'In December of the previous year, John Geynes, a physician, had been summoned to appear because he had been accustomed to declare in public that Galen had erred: ... But since he refused to come ' sensibly, he was constrained by the sheriffs of London ... to appear or else be committed to jail.' So he appeared with 22 counts in writing against Galen. 'these discussions lasted three days, namely the thirtieth of October and fourth and fifth of November this year.'
Action taken G was engaged in public debate on the merits of Galen. See next.
4 Nov 1560
Entry Second day of public debate.
Action taken G was engaged in public debate on the merits of Galen. See next.
5 Nov 1560
Entry Third day of public debate. 'During these days of the discussion in the defence of Galen, the Fellows could find no evidence in the points brought forward by Geynes that Galen had committed any errors. However as Geynes was unable to justify his claims, he made a public declaration that Galen was not at fault ... He confirmed these points by signing the following statement: I, John Geynes, do acknowledge that Galen has not made any mistakes in those matters which I brought against him. The writing of Geynes himself in his own hand appears most distinctly on the forty second folio of the record book. Having made this submission and reconciliation, and seeing the danger of improving too far ... he was admitted a Fellow on 15 November of the present year 1560.'
Action taken G lost the debate, publicly recanted and was later made FRCP.
Verdict guilty
Sentence To recant in public and become College member