Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Name John HARRIS
Gender Male
Primary occupation medical physician (Practitioner of physic. `Norman sorcerer' (?))
Period of medical practice 1564-1596
Place of birth of Normandy
Other notes Summoned 1586 after 22 years' practice in England. Imprisoned but freed by French ambassador's help.

Censorial hearings

18 March 1586
Entry H, of Normandy, had practised illegally for 22 years in England. He was ordered to desist because he was ignorant.
Attitude of the accused confessed
Action taken Ordered to desist.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Ordered to desist ?and imprisoned
20 July 1586
Entry H was freed from prison by the intervention of the French ambassador, who promised that the 'Norman sorcerer' would never again practise medicine.
Pressure applied by College yes
Action taken Released from prison on promise of future abstention.