SWAINE, Robert

Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2004.

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Gender Male
Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon. BSC 1600-9.)
Period of medical practice 1584-1619
Place of birth England (Stowmarket, Suffolk)
Address Horsey Downe 1604. Southwark 1609
Other notes Accused 1599, 1604-9. Warned, fined, imprisoned. Archbishop of Canterbury's L for surgery, 1584.

Known London address

Tower Street
Ward Tower (Street)
Date 1599
Horsey Downe
Date 1604
Ward Bridge Without
Date 1609

Censorial hearings

2 Nov 1599
Entry Thomas Jackson, baker, of Tower Street, filed a complaint against S for treating an ulcer on his leg (unsuccessfully) and charging 22s.
Initiator of the complaint patient
Action taken ?
Verdict case not completed
Number of crimes 1
22 Dec 1604
Entry S, of Horsey Downe, confessed to practising with Whitehead of Cumberland - his patient Tilsden had died in 4 days after many purges, e.g. Diaphenicon and similar. S had undertaken to cure T for £10 and had taken £5 in advance. But because of his 'extreme poverty and indigence' he was not punished. He informed on BLUNT (94, qv) as a well-known practitioner.
Action taken Forbidden to practise but not punished.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Forbidden to practise but not punished
Number of crimes 1
4 Dec 1606
Entry Dr Dove sent a letter saying that S had given Mary Walker a medicine which caused abortion on the following day. This was confirmed by Dale and the Widow Pinshurst of Bishops Gate. S was absent.
Initiator of the complaint other medical practitioner
Second initiator of the complaint person unconnected with the patient or the case
Third initiator of the complaint person unconnected with the patient or the case
Attitude of the accused absent
Action taken Fined £5 and to be arrested and imprisoned.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Fined £5 and to be imprisoned
Number of crimes 1
22 Dec 1606
Entry S appeared, but his case was deferred till the next meeting.
Action taken Deferred. See next.
Number of crimes 1
9 Jan 1607
Entry S, a 'shameless imposter', was imprisoned.
Action taken Imprisoned.
Number of crimes 1
7 Aug 1607
Entry S was accused of practice on a boy in his house who had died. The College had decided to fine him £5 and to imprison him, but S claimed that the boy had died of plague.
Attitude of the accused denied
Action taken Punishment (£5 fine and prison) deferred.
Number of crimes 1
4 Dec 1607
Entry S repeated his excuse.
Attitude of the accused denied
Action taken To reappear at next meeting.
Number of crimes 1
8 Jan 1608
Entry The College found that S had not abstained from practice. He was imprisoned and fined £5. He paid 40s. and was released, complaining of harsh treatment, for a law suit in the Exchequer pending against him. This had been brought by Browne and Rouse, informers, and concerned money S had (allegedly) received from a Scot.
Action taken Imprisoned, fined £5. 40s. paid, released for law suit.
Verdict guilty
Sentence Imprisoned and fined £5. Paid 40s. Released for law suit
Number of crimes 2