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Oct 17 2010, 17:00:11 Cantelowes House, Camden, London, NW1

Can anyone please tell me anything about Cantelowes House? My family lived there in the 1950's (and I believe I did too as a small child) before moving into a new block of flats that were built in Bayham Street called Westerham House I think in the early 60's. I attended the infants class at Richard Cobden school in approx 1957 and went on to Starcross School in Gower Street that was then moved to Risinghill Street in Islington opposite the market.

I have just been reading a book called Camden Town and Primrose Hill Past by John Richardson, and Cantelowes Manor House was mentioned...hence my memory being jogged!

I vaguely recall as a small child climbing lots of stairs to a dwelling at the top of the building that was dimly lit. If I were to see a photograph, it may become clearer.
Many thanks.


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