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May 04 2010, 03:12:54 The Liberty of the Close 1851

On the 1851 census my Great Great Grandfather and his family are listed here James Hussey(1807-1881) his occupation being listed as M A J P for Wilts Sand & Fund Holder.
The census lists him, his wife Henrietta and 6 children.
Can anyone help me as to what he was and for how long the family may have lived there? Thanking you for your help.



May 22, 2010 22:50:19

I think your ancestor had a Master of Arts degree. This was often awarded automatically some years after a Bachelor degree.
'JP' stands for Justice of the Peace and means he was a magistrate in South Wiltshire.
'Fund Holder' indicates he received income from investments.
He sounds like a wealthy and respected member of the community.

Kate BH

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