Shareholders in Covent Garden Theatre, 1733-8


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'Appendix: Shareholders in Covent Garden Theatre, 1733-8', Survey of London: volume 35: The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (1970), pp. 109-111. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Names of persons to whom Benjamin Hoare, Christopher Cock and John Rich assigned one fiftieth share in Covent Garden Theatre

Name of assigneeAddressStyleSignatory of Rich's 'Proposals'Paid into Hoare's Bank £Date of assignment of 1/50th shareM.L.R. referenceRemarks
Francis BedwellSt. Clement Danesironmongeryes3001 March 1732/31732/5/683Signed for one share: later bought another (see below).
Sir Thomas BrandSurbiton, Surreyknightyes300do.1733/2/209
James, Duke of Chandosyes300do.1733/1/421
Brigadier Hon. Charles ChurchillSt. George, Hanover Sq.esquireyes300do.1733/1/435
Jane FellowesRed Lyon Squarewidowyes300do.1732/5/681Proposals signed by Rupert Clarke for Martin Fellowes. Assignment to his widow, Jane.
Hon. Henry FinchSt. George, Hanover Sq.esquireyes300do.1733/4/172
William GenewHam, Surreyesquireyes300do.1734/1/291
Walter GreenwoodSt. George, Bloomsburyesquireyes200do.cited in 1735/5/253Signed for two shares, but also bought a third (see below).
Philip HubertSt. Martin in the Fieldsesquireyes300do.1732/5/682
Thomas MooreKensingtongentlemanyes300do.1732/5/684
Edward, 9th Duke of Norfolkyes300do.1733/1/359Thomas, 8th Duke, signed the proposals and died 23 Nov. 1732. Assignment to 9th Duke.
Richard PowellSt. James, Westminsterjoinerno100do.1733/3/107Also had two other shares (see below).
Sir William SaundersonEast Greenwich, Kentbaronetyes300do.1732/5/680Signed for two shares (see below).
William SharpeWarwick St., St. Jamesesquireyes300do.1733/1/422
Edward ShepherdSt. George, Hanover Sq.esquireyes300do.cited in 1741/2/287
Henry TalbotSt. George, Hanover Sq.esquireyes300do.1732/5/744
Edward WilsonMillbankesquireno100do.1732/5/745
Richard PowellSt. James, Westminsterjoinernosee above1 May 1733cited in 1735/4/481Also had two other shares (see above and below).
Rupert ClarkeLyons Innesquireyesnil15 June 17331733/2/61With Christopher Rich bought 17 shares in Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre.
Samuel ClarkeInner Templegentlemanyesnildo.1733/2/63
William Ann de GraveSt. James, Westminsteresquireyesnildo.1733/2/157
John HowardHampsteadgentlemanyesnildo.1733/2/156Proposals signed by Christopher Cock for Howard.
Walter GreenwoodSt. George, Bloomsburyesquireyesnil9 July 17331733/2/384Signed for two shares (see above). July 17331733/2/385His third share, unsigned for.
George CampbellSt. Martin in the Fieldsgoldsmithyesnil1 August 17331733/3/100
James de la CreuzeSt. Martin in the Fieldsgentlemanyesnildo.1733/3/102
Edward RavenellSt. Martin in the Fieldsesquireyesnildo.1733/3/101
Philip MercierBury Street, St. Jamesesquirenonil13 August 17331733/3/103
Charles FleetwoodSt. Maryleboneesquirenonil6 September 17331733/3/108
Christian Frederick ZinckeSt. Paul, Covent Gardengentlemanyesnil21 September 17331733/3/218
Sir William SaundersonEast Greenwich, Kentbaronetyesnil21 April 17341734/1/319Signed for two shares (see above).
Thomas HoltRochford Hall, Suffolkesquirenonil1 May 1734not foundAssignment in Bedford Office.
Jane WakefieldSt. James, Westminsterwidowyesnil28 May 17341734/1/466
Francis BedwellSt. Clement Danesironmongernonil8 June 17341734/2/75Also signed for another share (see above).
Richard PowellSt. James, Westminstercarpenter (sic)nonildo.1734/2/52Also had two other shares (see above).
Thomas WoodLittle Britain, Londonstationeryesnil4 September 17341734/4/274
Henry CollinsSt. James, Westminsteresquireyesnil- September 1734cited in 1746/1/543Also owned three shares in Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre. 1734cited in 1746/1/544
Hon. John CopeSt. George, Hanover Sq.esquirenonil26 September 17341734/4/293
Charles HaleSt. George the Martyresquireyesnildo.1737/4/108Signed for two shares, but probably bought only one. Also owned one share in Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre.
Charles, Duke of Richmond and Lennoxyesnildo.1735/3/465
William SamberLyons Inngentlemannonildo.1737/4/374Also owned two shares in Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre.
John Paul YvonnettSt. Anne, Westminsteresquireyesnildo.1734/5/63
William WorkmanSt. Andrew, Holborngentlemanyes300not knowncited in 1747/1/9Signed proposals, and owned a share 1744.
Stephen de la CreuzeSt. Martin's Lanegentlemannonil26 January 1737/81737/5/396Edward Shepherd was a consenting party to this assignment.
Robert KnightBarnells, Warwickshireesquireyes400not knownnot foundSigned for one share, but in 1744 owned two.