February 1555


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'Venice: February 1555', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 6: 1555-1558 (1877), pp. 14. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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February 1555

Feb. 2. Lettere dei Capi Conso. X. File No. 39. 20. The Chiefs of the Ten to the Ancients and Gonfalonier for Justice (Vexillifero Justitiœ) of the People and Community of Lucca.
Their letters were presented by the Reverend Ambassador [Peter Vannes] of the King of England resident with them on the 15th ulto. He made the statement, enjoined him in their name, and most warmly urged their suit, which although the Signory greatly wishes to oblige them, nevertheless the great scarcity of grain from which they are now suffering, and the yet greater need which they apprehend hereafter, have compelled them to excuse themselves, being obliged to make use of their own ships for the need of Venice, and of the other places in the Venetian territory, which are many, and suffer greatly, as represented by them more in detail to the aforesaid ambassador, who will give particular account of the whole. The Signory feels certain they will admit that the nature of the present times, and the need in which they find themselves, are the cause of their inability to satisfy them, as they would wish by reason of their great good will and affection for them.
Lectae Collegio.