Lateran Regesta 191


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'Lateran Regesta 191: 1417-1419', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 7: 1417-1431 (1906), pp. 65-69. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CXCI (fn. 1)

De Diversis Formis

1 Martin V

10 Kal. April.
(f. 7.)
To the prior of Bernewelle in the diocese of Ely. Mandate to absolve John Macworth, dean of Lincoln, enjoining a penance, from the oath which he, in common with the other members of the chapter took when they assembled for the election of a dean, namely that he who should be elected would renounce all bulls or papal letters, definitive sentences etc. obtained by the late John Schepeye, dean, against the chapter or their rights etc., the said oath being prejudicial to the deanery. Circa fidelium.

2 Martin V

14 Kal. June.
(f. 13.)
To Stephen Overton, rector of St. Mary's, Weston Colvyle, in the diocese of Ely, licentiate of canon and civil law. Dispensation to hold for three years with the above church, value not exceeding 20 marks, one other benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible; with the usual condition of exchanging during the said period, or of afterwards resigning. Litterarum etc. (Subscribed: Franciscus. xviii. de Agello. The letter is cancelled, with note in the margin partly cut off by the binder: Cassata et alibi de nouo reg [istrata], Franciscus de Agello, protter (sic)ignoranciam scrip [toris].)

1 Martin V

13 Kal. Sept.
(f. 36.)
To Henry, archbishop of York. Indult for three years, he being old and feeble, to visit his city and diocese by deputy, and to receive the procurations in ready money. Deuocionis tue probita sinceritas.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Lichfield, the abbot of St. Mary's without the walls of York, and the treasurer of York. Deuocionis venerabilis fratris.
11 Kal. Oct.
(f. 37.)
Confirmation, at the petition of Adam, bishop of Cork and Cloyne, of John XXII's union of the said two sees (whereof Cork scarcely exceeded in value 60l. a year), the letters of which pope [dated at Avignon, 3 Kal. Aug. anno 10,i.e. 1326] were [at Avignon, 4 Id. Sept.anno 6, i.e. 1376] exemplified from the register of the said pope by Gregory XI [Theiner, Vet.Mon. Hibern. et Scot. Hist. illust. p. 357]. Ad perp. rei mem.In supreme dignitatis.
4 Non. Feb.
(f. 41.)
To George Polword, perpetual vicar of Bolden in the diocese of Glasgow. Grant to him (to whom the pope has this day [above, p. 19] ordered the official of Glasgow to reserve and to collate and assign a benefice wont to be assigned to secular clerks, with or without cure, value not exceeding 25 or 15 marks accordingly, in the gift of the abbot and convent of Kelkow, O.S.B., in the diocese of St. Andrews) that, inasmuch as the pope has learned that the benefices in the said gift for the most part exceed the above values, the official may carry out the pope's mandate even in the case of a benefice whose value does not exceed 35 or 25 marks respectively. Vite etc. (Antonius. xx. Octauo Id. Aprilis Anno Ponto.)
14 Kal. July.
(f. 41d.)
To William Croyser, canon of Dunkeld, M.A. Grant that the mandate which the pope has made this day, to collate and assign to him the perpetual vicarage (ef.below, p. 73) of the parish church of Enverlythan in the diocese of St. Andrews, void by the death of James Walteri, shall hold good notwithstanding that 'st. Andrews’ has been put by error for ‘Glasgow.’ Litterarum etc. (Antonius.xvi. Tercio Non. Maii Anno Secundo. de Ponto.)
2 Non. May.
(f. 102.)
To Lewis, bishop of Bangor. Dispensation to him (who lately received papal provision of the said see, and had possession for some time, but has it no longer) to hold in commendam, until he recovers possession or gets provision and possession of another see, any two benefices with or without cure, value not exceeding 300 marks. Personam tuam. (Antonius. Gratis de mandato domini nostri pape. de Ponto.) [See below, f. 161.]
4 Id. Dec.
(f. 103.)
To the dean of Armagh. Mandate to rehabilitate, after temporary suspension, Murianus Macgilladuib, priest, of the diocese of Armagh, who simoniacally gave money to Malachy Maceada, in order to induce him to resign in his favour the rectory of Termonncomayn in the said diocese to the late Nicholas, archbishop of Armagh, who, perhaps in ignorance of the transaction, made collation and provision of it to Murianus. Murianus is to resign. Sedes apostolica, pia mater.
Ibid. To the same. Mandate, recapitulating the preceding, to collate and assign to Murianus, upon his resignation, the above rectory, value not exceeding 8 marks. Hodie siquidem pro parte. (Antonius. xxii. Secundo Kal. Septembris Anno Secundo. de Ponto.)
2 Non. June.
Freiburg. (fn. 2)
(f. 119d.)
To William Croyser, canon of Dunkeld, M.A. Grant as below. The pope has this day (by other letters making mention of an earlier grant to him by the pope of provision of a benefice with or without cure in the gift of the bishop and chapter of Aberdeen) ordered collation and provision to be made to him of the canonry and prebend in Glasgow and the archdeaconry of Teviotdale (Thevidalie) in that church, which became void by the death of James Walteri [below,p. 93]. Seeing that the pope had made to him, not the said grant, but another grant of two benefices, with or without cure, wont to be assigned to secular clerks, in the gift of the bishops and chapters of Aberdeen and St. Andrews, and dispensed him to hold together for life such two incompatible benefices, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, and hold instead two other incompatible benefices, lest the said letters ordering the provision to him of the above canonry and prebend and archdeaconry be attacked as surreptitious, the pope hereby grants that they shall hold good, and that the executors thereof may and shall proceed in virtue alike of them and of these presents, as if they contained full and express mention of the above second grant and dispensation. Litterarum etc. (Antonius. xvi. Decimo septimo Kal. Jan. Anno Tercio. de Ponto.)
13 Kal. March.
(f. 135.)
To the same. Grant as below. Peter de Luna, called Benedict XIII, granted to him in commendam the parish church of Kyrkgun [z]en in the diocese of Glasgow, value not exceeding 20 marks of old sterlings, united to the Cistercian monastery of Volme in the diocese of Carlisle, for his life and as long as the said monastery should remain without the obedience of the said pope. At his petition, setting forth that he has held the said church for some years and that the said union, if such exist, will be of little profit to the said monastery on account of the wars between England and Scotland, the pope renews to him the said grant in commendam until a lasting peace be made. He is a student of theology, holds a canonry and prebend in Dunkeld, value not exceeding 6 marks, is litigating about the parish church of Torbalton in the diocese of Glasgow, value not exceeding 40 marks, of which he has not got possession, and the present pope has granted him provision of a canonry and prebend and the precentorship, which is a dignity with cure, in Moray, value not exceeding 50 marks (cf.p. 92), and of a benefice with or without cure in the gift of the bishop and chapter of Aberdeen, and has dispensed him to hold together for three years Torbalton and the said precentorship [below, pp. 92, 93]. Litterarum etc.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Oloron, the abbot of Melros in the diocese of Glasgow and the archdeacon of Lothian (Laudonie) in St. Andrews. Litterarum etc. (Subscribed: Antonius. xiiiior. xvi. Sexto Kal. Junii Anno Secundo. de Ponto. (The letter is cancelled, with note in the margin: Correcta de mandato domini vicecancellarii, sed propter eius nimiam correcturam cassata et alibi registrata, Ja. de Cerretanis.)
12 Kal. July.
(f. 151.)
To Donatus Olucheran, priest, of the diocese of Armagh. Rehabilitation on account of the following. Formerly, after having received papal dispensation, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all, even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, he obtained the rectory of Achadluuga in the above diocese, which, after receiving a portion of the fruits, he resigned upon another claiming it under a papal provision. He also obtained, without further dispensation on account of the said defect, the rectory of Arigaldacherog in the same diocese by collation of the ordinary, which he held for more than a year without having himself ordained priest and without obtaining dispensation super hoe, and which he has also resigned. Sedes apostolica, pia mater. [See above, pp. 43, 44.]
7 Kal. Feb.
(f. 161.)
To Lewis, bishop of Bangor. Reservation, to be held in commendam (he having not, and not being likely soon to have, possession of the temporalities of Bangor), of one, two, three or more benefices with or without cure, value not exceeding 200 gold florins of the camera, in the city and diocese of Bologna, until he recovers the said possession or obtains provision and possession of another see. Decet ex benigno sedis apostolice. [See above, f. 102.]
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Condom, and the abbots of San Stefano and San Procolo, Bologna. Decet etc. (Franciseus. Gratis de mandato. Decimo Kal. Aprilis Anno Tercio. de Agello.)

De Regularibus

14 Kal. March.
(f. 187d.)
To Robert Foston, Friar Minor, S.T.P. Dispensation, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be appointed to the see of Elphin, of which the pope intends this day to make provision to him, and to be consecrated etc. Solet apostolice sedis. [See Eubel, Bullarium Francisecanum, VII, p. 501.]
Id. Jan.
(f. 199.)
To Thomasina Warde alias Saret, nun of Burnham, O.S.A., in the diocese of Lincoln. Dispensation, as the daughter of a priest and an Augustinian nun, to hold any dignities etc. wont to be held by nuns of Burnham, short of the dignity of abbess. Religionis etc.
16 Kal. Aug.
(f. 219.)
To the abbot of St. Mary's without the walls of York. Mandate (at the petition of the master and brethren of the poor hospital of St. Leonard, York, living under the rule of St. Augustine, which was founded for a master and thirteen brethren) to confirm the ordinance made about forty years ago by Richard Ravenser, sometime master, prescribing uniformity of habit within and without the hospital, namely linen rochet, white woollen tunic and black cappa and hood (rocheto lineo necnon tunica alba lanea ac capa et capucio nigri coloris), after the manner of canons regular of the order of St. Augustine. Vacantibus sub religionis.
4 Kal. Feb.
(f. 230d.)
To the abbot of Newbotil in the diocese of St. Andrews. Mandate, at the petition of John de Benyng, canon of Holyrood, Edynnbrugh, O.S.A., and of Archibald, earl of Douglas, warden (magni gardiani) of the Marches of Scotland, whose chaplain John is, to reserve for collation to the said John, who has studied at Paris for many years in the faculty of arts, a benefice with or without cure, value not exceeding 25 or 18 marks accordingly, in the gift of the abbot and convent of Holyrood, even if a priory, not conventual, administration or office, wont to be held by canons thereof. Dignum arbitramur. (Franciscus. xx. Non. Octobris Anno Secundo. de Agello.)
13 Kal. March.
(f. 255.)
To James de Haldenstoun, prior of St. Andrews, O.S.A., S.T.M. Grant as below. The pope has to-day made collation and provision to him, who says he is of a noble family, of the above priory, an elective major dignity with cure, previously reserved, without making mention of its value. At his petition (containing that the prior has no revenue apart from the capitular mensa, but that all the goods belong to the prior and chapter in common, and that he desires the mention of his being of noble family to be suppressed in the letters of collation, as being likely to give rise to difficulty) the pope grants that the said letters shall hold good, and that the executors thereof may and shall proceed as if the value of the priory were fully expressed according to the common valuation, and as if the said mention were not made. Religionis etc. [See above, p. 63.]
4 Kal. Feb.
(f. 303.) (fn. 3)
To the bishop of Dunblane. Mandate to reserve, for collation to Patrick de Lorne, canon of Camyskenan, O.S.A., in the diocese of St. Andrews, a kinsman of Finlay, bishop of Argyll, a benefice with or without cure, value not exceeding 30 marks, wont to be held by canons of Holyrood, Edinburgh, O.S.A., in the gift of the abbot and convent of the same. Dignum arbitramur. (Antonius.xvi. Secundo Id. Marcii Anno Tercio. de Ponto.)
6 Kal. July.
(f. 309d.)
To William Edenham, Cistercian monk of St. Mary's, Vaudey (de Valledei), in the diocese of Lincoln. Dispensation to him (who formerly received papal dispensation, being unable to remain with a good conscience in Vaudey, to serve a parish church or another benefice wont to be served by secular clerks, and to reside therein, after which he served a number of benefices in the said diocese, having also licence from the diocesan; and who has for some time studied in the faculty of theology) to receive and hold any parish church or perpetual vicarage, wont to be governed by secular clerks. Religionis etc.


1 On the back is Anno 1, Lib. 1. On the flyleaf is Lib. IVfoliorum 322, and Liber Primus de diuersis formis de regularibus anno primo Martini pape V.
2 Datum Friburgi Lausanensis diocesis.
3 On f. 307 is a reservation for John Hode, a monk of Cluny.