Vatican Regesta 579


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J. A. Twemlow (editor)

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'Vatican Regesta 579: 1476', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 13: 1471-1484 (1955), pp. 56. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DLXXIX.

Bullarum Communium Lib. XXIX. Tom. XXXIV.

6 Sixtus IV.

Kal. Dec.
(1 Dec.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 56r.)
To Henry de Burgo, treasurer of Kilmacduagh (Duacen.). Grant etc., as below. The pope lately ordered provision to be made to him of the rectory of the parish church of Furanmor in the diocese of Annaghdown, of lay patronage, void because Maurice Machillavanach held it for more than a year without being ordained priest and without dispensation. His recent petition contained that with the consent of the patrons he got collation and provision made to him thereof, and has held possession for more than a year, but that he fears that the said letters of provision are less profitable to him (fn. 1) because they do not mention the said patronage. It also contained that the treasurership of Kilmacduagh is void by the death of John Ydoncho at the apostolic see, and is consequently ipso facto reserved. The pope, therefore, hereby grants that the said letters and collation and provision etc. shall hold good from the date of these presents, as if they had mentioned that the said rectory, value 12 marks sterling, was of lay patronage, etc. The pope moreover makes him collation and provision of the said treasurership, a non-major dignity with cure, value 5 marks sterling; with dispensation to hold for life both rectory and treasurership, or any other two benefices with cure or otherwise incompatible, and to resign or exchange them, and not to be bound to be ordained deacon or priest for seven years, whilst studying in those parts, provided that he be meanwhile ordained subdeacon. Vite ac morum.
Concurrent mandate to the dean of Annaghdown, and Richard Yoy and John Yoy, canons of the same. Hodie dilecto filio. (Gratis pro deo. In the margin: Decembris.) [6½ pp.]


1 dubites litteras ipsas tibi minus fructuosas existere.