Cecil Papers
February 1576


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'Cecil Papers: February 1576', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 2: 1572-1582. (1888), pp. 126-127. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=109855 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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February 1576

359. Ambassadors' Diets.
1575/6, Feb. 19.Note of sums paid since October 4, 1574, to the following :—
Lord North, France1,161711
Sir Henry Cobham, Spain1,046124
Valentyne Dale, France2,64500
Dr. Wilson, Low Countries714127
Henry Killigrew, Scotland40770
John Hastings, Low Countries11600
Robt. Corbett, do.6000
Endorsed by Burghley :—“Payments to the Lord North and other ambassadors.”
1 p.
360. Hollanders and Zealanders to [the Privy Council].
1575/6, Feb. 26.Urge objections to the proposal for a pacification. Though nothing could be more wished for than peace, yet their adversaries' religion, nature, pursuits, and all their past actions make them fearful.
Signed :—Ph. Marnixius, Paulus Buys, Fran. Maelsonius.
Endorsed :—“Oratores Holandiæ et Zelandiæ.”
Latin. 2¼ pp.
361. Sir Wm. Cordell, Master of the Rolls, and Sir Thos. Bromley Solicitor General, to the Privy Council.
1575/6, Feb. 26.The consideration of a suit and petition exhibited by the Clothworkers Company against the Merchant Adventurers touching the exportation of cloths having been referred to them by their lordships, they have now, after sundry conferences between the said parties, in a certain instrument herewith enclosed (subscribed by themselves and the chiefs of both the said companies), set down in writing such an order as they trust, being duly executed, will remove all occasions of further trouble and complaints. If the said agreement should meet with their lordships' approval they think it expedient that it should be ratified by indentures under the common seals of the two companies, and that order should be given to all customers, searchers, and other officers of the several ports within the realm to observe the same so far as it relates to their respective offices.—26 Feb. 1575.
(Signed) :—Willm. Cordell. Tho. Bromley.
1 p.
Enclosure :
A copy of the Order between the Clothworkers and the Merchant Adventurers of the City of London subscribed by the Master of the Rolls and the Solicitor General, the 26th of Feb. 1575, and sent to the Privy Council.
4 pp.