Cecil Papers
November 1585


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'Cecil Papers: November 1585', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 3: 1583-1589 (1889), pp. 114-115. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=111484 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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November 1585

208. Sir Philip Sidney to the Queen.
[1585], Nov. 10.“Most gratious Sovereign,—This rude piece of paper shall presume, becaws of your Majestie's commandement, most humbly to present such a cypher as little leysure wold afoord me. If there come any matter to my knowledge, the importance whereof shall deserve to be so masked, I will not fail (since your pleasure is my onely boldness) to your own handes to recommend it. In the mean tyme I beseech your Majestie will vouchsafe legibly to read my haite in the course of my life, and, though itself bee but of a mean worth, yet to esteem it lyke a poor hows well sett. I most lowly kiss your handes, and prai to God your enemies mai then onely have peace when thei are weery of knowing your force.—At Gravesend, this 10th of November.
Your Majestie's most humble servant,
Ph. Sidnei.”
Holograph. 1 p.
209. R. Anderson to Archibald Douglas.
1585, Nov. 13.Trusting to receive the little provision promised him, has ordered certain necessaries, and now, for want thereof, stands ashamed before his creditors. Begs him to remedy this default, seeing that the services he has rendered deserve better treatment.—London, 13 November 1585.
French. 1 p.
210. Victuals for the Low Countries.
1585, Nov. 16.Warrant under the Privy Signet for the exportation of victuals, &c., to the Low Countries.—Richmond, 16 November 1585.
1 p.
211. The Tax on Alum.
1585, Nov. 17.Warrant under the Privy Signet, revoking an impost of 3s. 6d. on every hundredweight of alum.—Richmond, 17 November 1585.
1 p.
212. Sandwich.
1585, Nov.An account of the corn and other victuals transported from the port of Sandwich during the month of November, 1585.
4 pp.