Cecil Papers
March 1601


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'Cecil Papers: March 1601', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 14: Addenda (1923), pp. 173-174. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=112110 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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March 1601

Cavaliere Vinta to Sir Robert Cecil.
1600–1, Mar. 2/12.Letter of introduction in favour of Henrico Salvet.—Pisa, 12 March, 1601. Italian. Holograph.
Seal. 1 p. (204. 136.)
Sir Carew Reynell to Sir Robert Cecil.
[1601? before March 12,]Being a prisoner and my horses seized upon I do most humbly entreat your honour with the rest that if anybody have accused me as privy or an actor in these rebellious actions that I may be examined and brought face to face to answer the same for the better proof of my innocency. Although I did love my Lord of Essex in his dutiful and honest courses yet did I ever prefer my duty and allegiance unto her Majesty before my love to any person whosoever.— Undated.
Note at foot of letter, "May it please your honor I am herewithal acquainted. Thomas Stydolphe."
p. (205. 99.)
Thomas, Lord Burghley to Sir Robert Cecil.
[1600–1, March ?]I see all things are "proloigned" away, and therefore I thought to speak in time. I am desirous to have a couple of horses that were my Lord of Southampton's; the one a bay horse and the other a black mare. I pray you let me have a warrant from you and from the Lord Admiral for the seizing of them. Your brother.
Endorsed:— "1600."
Holograph. ¼ p. (181. 55.)
Anne Ingleby, daughter of the Earl of Westmorland to the Privy Council.
[1601, March ?]Has remained this fourteen weeks upon the Council's command, at the house of John Poulter, a poor bricklayer, to whom she is now indebted. Prays for competent relief.
Note by Cecil that the petitioner must resort to Mr. Secretary Herbert. ½ p. (1793.)